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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.

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Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2443.  M.R.L Cambridge I am suffering with one fibroid in the left side of my womb. Two NHS hospitals in my area refuse to remove it. I am in a lot of pain and discomfort. More research and help for women needs to be done.
2442.  D Dagenham Struggling with fibriods for over 20 years can\\\'t work can\\\'t go out for 7 days during my period.
2441.  J.C.M WIRRAL We need more research and counselling into this debilitating condition. It effects such large numbers of women and ruins their lives and possibly their fertility. Why isn't more being done to eliviate this misery and possible infertility through early detection and less invasive treatments.
2440.  M.Y Solihull I am a Certified Nutrition Practitioner and I provide therapy for clients with uterine fibroids and I have successfully provided therapy that works - taking them off the conveyor belt for surgery. Its about time PHE supports research in this area. With successful case studies like mine treatment protocols can be changed. Not only will they save government millions of pounds it will also result in healthier, happier women who dont want to have surgery or hysterectomies.
2439.  L.M Brighton I have fibroids. I want more support and all I have been offered is invasive surgery. I do not want this and I do not have 3 months to take off work after, to recover. Why is this the main solution that is being offered.
2438.  F.G Clitheroe
2436.  S.B Hurstpierpoint
2435.  E.O Salford L think its very important .l've been bed bound living with fibroids
2434.  H.W Bristol This is just NOT treated seriously by gps esp if you are deemed pre or peri ie mid forties. Not all people are Worried about fertility but loosing their uterus / ovaries to stop the problems is a big decision. Not enough knowledge known or communicated without personal research. Additionally the impact of ostrogen / protrestegen (increase or decrease & HRT) commonly associated to breast & ovarian cancer & osteoporosis but what about cardiovascular issues... thatís my family trait! There are Some alternative procedures could be done or provided earlier - but as this is all too easily normalised and advised it will get better once you reached menopause. Itís dismissed as another female thing to get used to . So for My submuscal fibroid had become so large it was nearly impossible to do a smear test before I was listened too / referred to gyno. Symtoms: heavy bleeding, Back, bladder and bowl presssure. Out one laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery undertaken 1 year later after taking ulipristal to reduce size before surgery (yucky miserable drug to be on but better than the other) . That said even after taking for 6 mths my uterus was the size of 14 weeks pregnancy. Not normal and I wasnít menopausal just carrying a oestrogen fed fibroid that just kept on growing despite efforts otherwise! Please please can more information and research be put into this. They may benine but they ruin day to day lives of so many. We should not need to have such operations that quite frankly have been done for centuries. But to identify alternatives needs investment and time. No-one wants to automatically loose these organs inc ovaries for possible cancer reasons . More thoughts and preventative approaches are needed including hormone management that might prevent or inhibit the growths Becoming so troublesome.
2433.  G.P Frome I have just been diagnosed with a very large pedunculated uterine fibroid, and face a possible hysterectomy this year. The more research I do, the more shocked I am at how many women are affected by fibroids and how little research has gone into it. I also feel it is very important that girls and young women are taught about fibroids as part of their biology and sex education lessons, so that they do not carry on walking around for years putting up with symptoms that are dismissed as "women's problems", and/or losing their wombs.
2432.  G.M Watlington
2431.  H.M Swindon I have a large fibroid which is now causing major damage to my bladder bowel and have to have total abdominal hysterectomy. Yet i am still being made to wait for surgery
2430.  C.D Cambridge
2429.  J.B Reading
2428.  J.R High Legh
2427.  W.C Bottesford
2426.  M.B Cannock
2425.  B.A London
2424.  N..S.L East ham It has been hard finding a consultant who treatment for fibroids is not diverse, open to discussions and simply tells me my only option is hysterectomy. From discussions with black women, hysterectomy is the norm and choice is not explored and rarely offered.
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