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Fibroid Relevant Medical Publications
The following articles/papers are available to down load or be read as pdf files.

Category Publication Info Provided
Adhesion Uterine synechiae after bipolar hysteroscopic resection of submucosal myomas in patients with infertility. (2008). 
Cyril Touboul, Herve Fernandez, Xavier Deffieux, Richard Berry, Rene Frydman, and Amelie Gervaise.
Fertil Steril 2008; In Press
The incidence of uterine scar formation after bipolar hysteroscopic resection of fibroids and its comparison with monopolar energy . hysteroscopic myomectomy.
Adhesion Fertility after treatment of Asherman’s syndrome stage 3 and 4 (2006). 
Hervé Fernandez, Fadheela Al-Najjar, Aurélia Chauveaud-Lambling, René Frydman,, and Amélie Gervaise
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology (2006) 13, 398–402
Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis for severe adhesions stage 3 and 4 and subsequent fertility.
Adhesion Intrauterine Adhesions (2008). 
Jay M Berman
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine 2008; 26: 349-355
Asherman's Syndrome history, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes.
Adhesion Asherman syndrome—one century later (2008). 
Dan Yu, Yat-May Wong, Ying Cheong, Enlan Xia and Tin-Chiu Li.
Fertility & Sterility; 89:759-779.
To provide an update on the current knowledge of Asherman syndrome.
Adhesion Factors affecting reproductive outcome of hysteroscopic adhesiolysis for Asherman’s syndrome (2008). 
Dan Yu, Tin-Chiu Li, Enlan Xia, Xiaowu Huang, Yuhuan Liu, and Xuebing Peng
Fertility & Sterility; 89:715-722.
To evaluate the outcome of hysteroscopic adhesiolysis in women with Asherman’s syndrome.
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