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Fibroid Relevant Medical Publications
The following articles/papers are available to down load or be read as pdf files.

Category Publication Info Provided
Adhesion Successful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby after endometrial biopsy treatment in an in vitro fertilization patient with severe Asherman syndrome. (2009). 
Amihai Barash, Irit Granot, Sheila Fieldust and Yuval Or,
Fertility & Sterility; 91: 1956e1-1956e3
A case report where the procedure of endometrial biopsy was used in a case of severe Asherman syndrome as a possible treatment to increase uterine receptivity in IVF.
Adhesion Treatment of Severe Asherman Syndrome by Hysteroscopy. (2008). 
Sahly NN, Hassanain F, Rouzi AA
Abstracts / Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology; 15: S122
To evaluate the outcome of hysteroscopic treatment of women with severe Asherman syndrome.
Adhesion Asherman’s Syndrome with Cervical Adhesions Treated Hysteroscopically (2008). 
Zapardiel I, DelaFuente-Valero J, Salazar FJ, Bueno B, Perez-Medina T
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology; 15: S124
a case report of Asherman´s syndrome with cervical occlusion, solved by means of hysteroscopy guided by abdominal sonography.
Adhesion Investigation of Prevention of Adhesion of Post-Operation of Transcervical Resection of Septa. (2008). 
Zheng J.
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology; 15: S124
To investigate the efficacy of different treatments applied to infertility patients with uterine septa undergoing transcervical resection of septa to prevent the post-operation adhesion.
Adhesion Asherman’s Syndrome: Women at Risk and Their Post-Treatment Reproductive Outcome (2008). 
Mackenzie RCF, Fefelova E, Nevin A, Singh SS, Leyland NA
Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology; 15: S126
To examine the surgical and obstetrical history of women with Asherman’s Syndrome, and to assess their reproductive outcome after hysteroscopic treatment.
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