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British Fibroid Trust is set up for women with fibroids. We aim to:
  • Inform you what fibroids are and all available treatment options with the possible side effects so that you together with your gynaecologist can make informed choice on your suitable & appropriate treatment.
  • Be a venue/platform where women with fibroids can ease their anxiety by exchanging their experiences and discussing their concerns with each other.
  • Campaign for more research into the understanding of the cause(s), early detection and diagnosis and better treatments.
British Fibroid Trust is a UK based voluntary not-for-profit organisation which is run by volunteers. We provide balanced information, independent of health care provider's interests.
We Do NOT promote private or commercial practices of gynaecologists or interventional radiologists.
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Target 10000 why is it that men just want to perform a hysterectomy when there are so many alternatives - i have just found another specialist who will do what I WANT - not what he wants [D, Torfaen]
I feel very strongly about improving research and treatment of fibroids. I recently had a myomectomy and there were complictions which resulted in me losing 4.5 litres of blood (approx. 75%); this meant that I nearly died and had to have several blood transfusions. Due to the surgeons having to work quikly, my right fallopian tube was damaged during the operation, which will affect my fertility. I have not yet had children and would like to in the near future, but my fertility has been compromised due to lack of funding, research etc. Please move this towards the top of the health agenda. Lavinia [L.K, Bristol]
Fibroids need to be top priority for research and male doctors need to be reeducated and to learn, listen and help regarding the pain and suffering that fibroids can cause. [M.D.E.F, London]
We, the undersigned, demand that the leaders of our government to put fibroids in the top of agenda for research fundings for better scheme for early detection and non-invasive treatments. [C.H, Abertillery]
. [V.B, amlwch]
I believe this is an area which needs much more research. [C, Cupar]
more research should be done [F.W, Ratho]
Enact legislation to require the medical establishment to disclose all options available to women for treating fibroids. Provide sources for information to patients to learn more about each option including discussion boards on the internet wherein fellow-sufferers discuss their experiences in an open and candid forum. [M.C, Bowie, MD USA]
i saw a professional and all he wanted to do was a hysterectomy - i saw someone else and has a resectin a week ago and feel fab - i am back in work - some of these men are butchers! [D.B, PONTYPOOL]
There is definitely a need for more research and better training for GPs, obgyns and consultant gynaes in this area. it took nearly 13 years from my first symptoms before I finaly found out I had a fibroid - I had started to pass clots and had slight back pain to start and my cycle became shorter and periods heavier over this period of time but was told that this was to be expected!I had UAE in October 2007 and although because of the size of my fibroid it took a while for things to get better it is the best thing I have ever done and I am glad i spent the time to search out a good gynae and interventional radiologist - it took about 18 months and vistst o 5 gynaes and 4 hospitals [S.M, HAVERFORDWEST]
I feel strongly about improving research, care and training on fibroid. [O.A, london]
I have just cancelled my hysterectomy that was due to take place next week. My gynaecologist wanted to 'whip' out everything including my ovaries even though I have only just turned 43. I have heard of good results in the US where Mifepriston or RU-486 has been used to treat fibroids. I want to take part in trials of this drug here as it sounds amazing. Is any research going on in the UK on the effectiveness of this drug in treating fibroids? [B.S, Borehamwood]
Just because it's not cancer doesn't mean it's not worth treating. Surely quality of life needs to move higher up the agenda. [J.E, Bingley]
I certainly agree with the view that Fibroids have not received as much attention as it should, considering its prevalence and effects on women. I will be happy to see that more is done towards research and education in the UK. [U.E, Chadwell St Mary]
I was diagnosed with fibroids over 10 years ago and had they been treated then I would not now be put in a position where I have to consider an hysterectomy at the age of 43! [R.N, Bradford]
Yes indeed more research! on solutions and reduction of risks. [C.A, Worcester]
Having recently undergone a myomectomy I know how miserable having a fibroid makes you and affects your day to day life. As much research as possible should bedone in to the cuases of this condition. [C.D, Leeds]
Every woman should be fully informed of all options . A young member of our family was fortunate to receive this in London. [M..M, Leeds]
I fully support research into this condition and would like to add my name to the campaign to raise more awareness of the condition which causes much suffering to so many women. [P.W, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex]
More guidance needs to be given for women who wish to remain fertile and need treatment for their firbriods [L, Carshalton]
I have resisted surgery in the hope that an alternative to the current options will come to light. I'm still waiting [M.L.W, Islington]
Living in the North of England the only option here to be completely free of fibroids is to have a total hysterctomy. I don't think anyone truly understands the misery of fibroids,both physically and mentally, unless they have suffered themselves. I have had some relief in the last 12 months with Zoladex. However, there is only 1 GP in our practice who can administer this, and it is almost impossible to get an appointment with him! There should be more research,training,and treatments available to all women in this country. [D.S, Wigton]
Also need research into how effective current treatment is. From experience everyone is offered a Mirena regardless of whether this is the best option. Side effects are dismissed as trivial and women are supposed to put up with them as long as there is some decrease in bleeding [H.A, emsworth]
Doctors need to be more sympathetic to how it affects womens quality of life, not one person has asked me this question, to which my reply would be i havent got one. more women need to keep going back to gp and complaining. [T.N, Portsmouth]
My periods are a nightmare as i have 5 fibroids.Im getting womb ablation in 2 weeks, this being an alternative to a hysterectomy.Hope it works. [S.O, cairneyhill]
more reseach also needs to be done on why so many black women have fibriods. [G.H, london]
I have just been diagnosed with 3 different types of Fibroids at the age of 40 after years of symptoms which have progressively worsened. I cant accept hysterectomy as the only complete solution when I am yet to have my first child. I dont want to compromise my fertility. More research needs to be made into other options to help sufferers make an educated choice. I live in Dubai where most doctors are British or follow British medical practice. [M.G, Dubai]
I am astounded that such the NHS is still offering such invasive surgery as the ONLY option to thousands of women. There are alternative treatments out there that should be readily available to every patient. Either some of the medical profession is ignorant to what is available or there simpy isn't enough funding to make alternative treatments available. However wouldn't it far more cost effective if the NHS only had a patient take up a bed for 2 days( with UAE) as a opposed to 2 weeks ( myomectomy)? It doesn't make sense. [C.L, London]
Having had fibroids for at least the past 10 years at the age of 54 they are still growing. I am battling with the medical opinions and this afternoon have an appointment when I will be insisting on a referal to at least talk to a radioligist who performs embolization to then be able to evaluate for myself another option available, apart from hysterectomy which I have been resisting for the past year. Waiting for referals seems such a waste of time. I am now on my third gynaecolgist as they are so narrow minded. [A.J, Brighton]
I have recently recovered from a myomectomy, after years off misery and ill health, which was misdiagnosed as "its your age" (hb of 6 by final diagnose of fibroids).I then had the misfortune of being referred to a consultant who only overs hysterectomies!!! Not accepting this i requested a second opinion and finally found a consultant who was willing to give me a myomectomy to retain by uterus!!! Am now recovering but feel more support and research is needed in this area - I fought for my treatment but how many women actually question the their treatment. Many times I did think how my treatment might have differed if I was paying for my treatment! Fibroids effect millions of women, resulting in time off work, depression and fatigue - most of these women carry on because they are working women, mothers, keeping the family home going and do not have time to moan -they just cope!!! I also ponder on how different it would all be - if men had uterine fibroids!! Sorry to be cynical but 3 years of fighting for my treatment on the nhs (as a very high taxpayer) has taken its toll. My advice would be to "step away from the table and get a second opinion". [L.W, leicester]
Treatment options need to be made available to the patients throughout their treatment - we would not be looking at these websites if we felt we were being given all our options with their side effects discussed honestly throughout. [G.G, Sale]
i first had a ovarian cyst in 2005 op and still not pregnant and low and behold i now have Fibroids but i still trying before it's too late. [K.(.J, Ashton-under-Lyne]
As a long term sufferer of fibroid, I fully support that more effort be put in the research for the fibroid and a permanent cure found. [M..O, Gillingham - Kent]
My large fibroids are making my life hell and after causing me such intense pain that caused contractions and a late miscarriage, I want to know when I will ever feel normal again. Any research that can support prevention or non-surgical cure I fully support. [G.A, London]
Having been diagnosed with fibroids since 2006, I am still trying to decide on my options and believe better guidance and more research should be done [N.K, Edinburgh]
i am in the process of having a myomectiomy open surgery. i am 27 yrs old and previusly had no idea about this condition and all the research i have done and what the doctors told me is that this is an older persons illness. i think youger people need to have ultrasound testing so that they dont have to have such an invasive surgery especially before having children as it can potentially effect you.there is also the possibility of having to have hysterectomy which is very upsetting for a young woman. i found it stressful as i have no children. [M.H, leeds]
It is about time the NHS looked into more non-invasive treatments for fibroids.1. It is cost effective, cheaper than hysterectomy. 2. Reduces the misery suffered by thousands of women.My Gp in Kent was fantastic the same cannot be said for my experiences in London when I was a Nurse. [T.J.W, DEAL]
Please consider that women need access to early detection and non-invasive treatments when it comes to fibroids. I have been lucky that I have been referred within a month, however many aren't. [A.A, Accrington]
I believe that gyneacologists must be more forthcoming with their patients regarding all the treatment options for fibroids.Too often surgery is sold as the only option.This needs to change. [S.H, London]
I don't suffer with fibroids, but a good friend of mine does. It's another one of those conditions that we know very little about unless we're suffering from it. More awareness would be good. [P.K, Mount Vernon, Glasgow]
Please do something to educate and improve the attiude of the male AND FEMALE surgeons and Drs. advising and treating women today. Barbaric and primitive hysterectomy should be AVOIDED at all costs not the first option presented, it's not even cost effective. Get some research going into the cause, prevention and safe cure of one the most debilitating of illnesses that should no longer be ignored. [E.S, London]
I would like to support this petition as the mother of a sufferer (about whom the entire family has been anxious for too long).There is an obvious and urgent need for more energetic research and action. [H.S, Urbino]
My doctor suspected Fibroids, 2 months ago, after my visit about painful period. She send me for ultra sound and virginal screening yesterday. From chatting with the nurses, I am sure I've got Fibriods. I don't know the type yet because I am yet to see my doctor, but I am frighten and confuse. I started researching, and found this website. Any help would be appreciated. [R.A, Adel, Leeds]
Detection and management of fibroids appears to be hit and miss! More research has to be funded to avoid misdiagnosis and to prevent prolonging the misery for sufferers. [S.C, Oakham]
I am due to have a Hysterectomy next week due to fibroids I am in that much discomfort that I can't wait. I hoped to keep my womb but this was the only option offered and I can no longer put up with feeling this bad. [K.P, Dudley]
I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids at a private clinic. I am shocked at the lack of advice and information i have been given. I'm having to study and research myself. This subject needs to be taken more seriously and the medical approach by some doctors really needs to be re-addressed. [F.L, Birstall, Leicester]
I was only diagnosed with fibroids in February but since I've noticed that's there's so little known about this (I didn't even know they exist, let alone that they affect so many women) I want to see more research done and more education for young people. [P.M, Wimbledon, London]
I was disappointed that nothing could be done about my fibroid symptoms and pain in the UK. I had private Uterine Fibroid Embolisation treatment in Australia and have not suffered the same extreme pain as a result. The treatment has also allowed me to carry my son full term and have a normal pregnancy. I do not think I would have been able to have a child had I not had the procedure. More research needs to be carried out so that more women like myself are able to reduce or stop the symptoms of fibroids, as well as have the opportunity to have a normal healthy pregancy. [C.L, London]
I think it is important for the government to fund research into this condition. I have suffered with this and underwent an operation in 2004. The condition has returned and I am facing further surgery again. [G.N, London]
Please put more money into research this problem affects many women and leads to many lost working days and possible job loss because of problems associated with fibroids please help. [J.C, London]
As a sufferer of fibriods it would benefit all women and also help employers who have employees who suffer from this condition. A lack of understanding and exposure of the condition means that colleagues, managers do not appreciate what you go through and the affect it has on your lifestyle. [C.H, greenford]
I was diagnosed with Fibroids 5 years ago,have had a myomectomy and am appalled at how little advice and support that has been offered to me. My next option is a hysterectomy!I'm determined to do my own research as I'm only 34.We need more research and less ignorance! [L.H, Arbroath]
I under went UAE treatment 2 days ago. We need more research into treatment options. [M, Whitstable]
More education in Europe on fibroids and training for gynos to look at alternative solutions to hysterectomy. [J.H, London]
I Have 2 small Fibroids but i dont know much about them or the long term effects of them, This should be a concern to the goverment as a lot of women in England suffer withthis problem, [J.T, middlewich]
i am 28 years old and never heard of fibroids, i now have a very large one blocking my cervix and may have to have a hysterectomy, further education and research is needed as i had my symptoms put down to just having a heavy period!!!! [S.B, Barnoldswick]
Research needs to be done. It makes my life unbearable and resulted in an extremeley difficult pregnancy [C.R, Northampton]
There needs to be a routine check on all ethnic women, because some people do not know they have it. [T, london]
A better understanding of fibroids is required, including their causes and effective treatments. After almost two years of period misery (up to one week of pain severe enough to interfere with normal day to day life and up to two weeks of heavy bleeding), I was diagnosed with fibroids. The (female) docctor I am now working with is excellent and has given me several options on treatment. However, the only reason I was assigned to her was because I stood my ground and refused to see the male doctor I had originally been assigned. Suffice it to say that he had no empathy for my situation; treated me as though I did not have a brain (dismissing my questions about the procedure he wanted to do - no choice offered and no full explanation of the process offered). The only way I can described his examination was that it was not dissimilar to the way the vet used to examine cows on my father's farm. There is clearly a need for more female doctors in this area and/or for more empathtic male doctors as this is a highly sensitive issue: you are already worried and feeling vulnerable; the last thing you need is for somebody to dismiss your concerns about future fertility as trivial. If you have similar issues, I'd recommend standing your ground until you get the doctor and choices you deserve as a customer of the NHS. [J.L, Farnborough]
just been told that have fibroids more test to undergo very scared at the moment [A.B, liverpool]
My mother is suffering from fibroids but she is so scared to speak with doctors and do something about it. I want to find an alternative method of reducing the fibroids and would like more campaigns to be done for women to have fibroids investigated at the earliest opportunity [R.H, London]
Yes - more research needed. [M.G, Grantham]
i found the only way to access information about fibroids is from the internet itself.i would also like to know what other treatments there are for women with fibroids. [J.H, Streatham, London,]
We need more research as there is only western women who are able to obtain the information on the subject. If research was widend and more money put into it this may help some of the women in the rest of the world. I am sure ohters feel that there is nothing that can be done but with research they may just be able to stop the Fibroids in the first place, and stop sufferes world wide. [J.V, Crumpsall]
My fibroid was dismissed by various bodies for 2-3 years and through my persistence was removed last week- wth near tragic results. It had gotten so big it was a major op and then I had internal bleding and and had tobe re-operated on. [M.S.K, Bury]
I have been told by telephone that I require a hysterectomy for a 'possible' fibroid! How arrogant can members of the medical profession be to break serious news in such a manner? My so-called consultant has not even explored all other areas for possible diagnosis or alternative treatment with me. I am getting a second opinion. I am angry and I advise other women to get angry and demand quality treatment to suit you and refuse to undertake any treatment until you are absolutely certain is is right for you. The medical profession must stop experimenting with women's bodies now! [N.S, Bristol]
I was told I have 4 this morning, after having pressure on my bladder for several months, and heavy periods and pain for most of my adult life. (which I actualy thought was normal till reading this site)Plus the accompanying anemia. I will find out my options in a week, its been good to read there are other options than hysterectomy, though I have children it seems a bit severe [R.Y, Sheerness]
Hysterectomy is major surgery in every sense and surely should be considered only after all other options have been explored.It's sad to know that years after our mothers suffered unnecessarily the situation doesn't seem to have changed. [J.C, Parkstone, Poole]
do believe not enough info or research and advice availbale [J.T, ruislip]
Please do this so that my old pal Lynda can get her life back again (and stop being so grumpy). [V.G, Northolt]
There is a real lack of support, sympathy and information from doctors and the the government for women with fibroids. We need more research to be carried out on this condition, so that women have more options and the condition can be treated properly. So far there only seems to be temporary fixes for women who still want and can have children. This issue needs to be addressed. [A.E, London]
more research is needed [N, london]
More research is necessary and a greater priority should be given to research and development to find the causes and treatment for fibroid disorder, which affect so many women. [D.O, New York, NY]
I find it shocking how common this problem is, yet how little information or research has been invested into it. I am currently trying to get second opinions, whilst in pain, there is so much ambiguity and it really is time to do more [U.N, beckenham]
I think everything should be done to try and reduce the impact of fibroids [O.O, London]
we need to look further into what causes them as it all seems to be a bit vague to me. [W.A, newport]
no choice given for non-invasive treatment. [S, hayes middlesex]
There are alot of women dying in silence as a result of Fibroid, especially in Africa.I have witessed one and saw the misery they pass through. [G.O, Northampton]
after being diagnosed with fibroid, i tried to find infomation about this but found it really hard to find. information should be readily acceptable [J.H, Sompting, Lancing]
I am in support for there to be more research carried out on Fibroid. I do not mind being part of it if necessaruy because i love research and i have carried some research, including qualitative research in the past on other areas of health.Thank you [N, wolverhampton]
I had a large fibroid from the age of 22 and they only discovered it 4 years later, even though I had a laparoscopy! It would be very benefitial for suffers to have more research done [M.M, Lockerbie]
After suffering years of heavy and painful periods which have recently got worse, I went to my doctors. Only after seeing a female doctor did I actually get sent for a scan. Scan showed I have a fibroid, thus why I am still in pain several weeks after the last horrendous period (which seems to have been made worse by the contraceptive pill). However, due to dr\'s low level of understanding of this condition I was told should not be giving me all this pain as it is \'only small\'. Sorry, but small or no, there is still something in my womb that shouldn\'t be there. I have been given no treatment or any further details and was dismissed as just being rundown!!More research is definately needed. [C.B, Yate]
I'm livid that an incompetent arrogant, ignorant and utterly insensitive NHS consultant took it upon himself to terrify my already deeply distressed daughter. Yes, more research is needed, but also more educating of these so called professionals. [L.L, Sturminster Newton]
Totally depressing problem [J.R, Ely]
Just discovered I have fibroids and am now preparing for a battle on the basis of what I am reading. [R.S, Batley]
it needs to be addressed [J.S, west malling]
A lot more research needs to be done into this condition which is so debilitating for so many women. Many women also find it embarrassing to talk about this but I think it is better to have open and honest conversations about the condition because I am sometimes unable to work due to the pain and menorrahagia or can arrange flexible working from home while dosed up on painkillers. Although the majority of fibroids are benign, the problems that they cause warrant a lot more work being done on determining the causes as well as improving the currently available non surgical and surgical treatments. [K.T, Swindon]
Not enough is done to find a less evasive action to fibroids. In this day and age its ridiculour. I think if this was something men had to go through a better resolve would have been found by now. [D.F, ABERDEEN]
Question everything and do your own research into your fibroid condition and the natural alternatives. Health professionals are only people and sometimes like all of us they can get it wrong. I under went unnecessary surgery due to a misdiagnosis from an ultra scan. Everything I went through could have been avoided if I had been sent for a MRI scan. The total disregard for womenís \"bits\", has to change please. [C.B, llandeilo]
hi l had my operation 12 years ago but l had myomectomy its makes me very unhappy but its comes back again its really upset me nobody don`t understand how l feel. we are trying for family but the doctors say no and no help me at all. l try to change my diets and everything.can you help me please thank you. [S.L, dallington northampton]
awaiting hysterectomy on 27 Sept feeling o.k. re op. but at 65 would like to know why fibroid hasnt shrunk.Only Knew in July that I had this condition Because of a slight bleed. Generally in very good health.Yes, Im over weight but very active! [L.T, Sleaford ,Lincs]
I must say I am very disappointed with the medical specialist in the UK. My first diognises of fibriods, there was only one growth but now it has multiplied to five different sizes but yet I've been told that there is nothing that can be done to help me. [B.I, Gillingham]
i am from africa and i know that fibroid affect most women in my country. i think it is important to fund research in order to find the cause of this condition. i am a student nurse and i am very intersted in this subject and i have been reading a lot about fibroid and i am giving you all my support and i think this is brilliant idea. [F.D, london]
research for women who are suffering fibroid are necessary. [S.K, Birmingham]
It is one of the most common complaints in women so why is this not a better supported problem? [A.F, Helmsdale]
I would like to see more research into fibroids. [P.B, Norfolk]
I'm 22 and have been suffering from constant bleeding for over 3 years - in these 3 years i've also had 2 misscarriages with no apparent reason behind them. I have only just been diagnosed with fibroids literaly today and am furious that my docotrs couldnt have diagnosed this since! Me & my partner have been suffering together for these past few years with no help whatsoever - even when I complained to the doctor of bleeding/pain etc. More HAS to be done in the terms of research and sympathy as I don't want any woman to have to go through this, GP's just don't understand, let alone listen! [D.C, London]
Early detection as vital as late detection can cause months of suffering and involve much more use of NHS resources and sickness benefits and mean people are unable to work. Those over over the age of 35 should be prioritised for screening. Treatment should be as non- invasive as possible. I have known people to be spoken to about hysterectomies when other treatments were still possible. This is completely unacceptable. [A.K, London]
This would help many [K.F, Croydon]
I have just recently had a fibroid removed and believe there should be much more information made available. I also had to suffer terrible periods for over a year before my GP would refer me. [C.M, Dartford]
More research is definitely necessary regarding fibroids as is the availabilty of general information regarding the condition. Having had an abdominal myomectomy 8 weeks ago performed by a fertility surgeon, I was very fortunate (hysterectomy was never mentioned). However, I have never been given any decent information on the surgery, and found that if it wasn't for the fibroid trust website I wouldn't have known what to expect. If you have a hysterectomy, there is a whole lot more info out there. So let's get more info and research into this the sooner the better. [D.B, Eaton Tarporley]
I have regrown fibroids. I feel money/Budgets come first before patients in the eyes of the doctors i have seen. [E.C, London]
I had a Mirena coil fitted nearly two years ago it looks like it has failed. If i had been told about the side effect i most likely would not have had it fitted. [F.T, MILLPORT ISLE OF CUMBRAE]
I have recently been through a lot of trauma due to having a large uterine fibroid. In brief: loss of baby, nearly dying myself due to blood loss, 12 blood transfusions, a big operation and four months bed rest and the possibility of not being able to have children. If more research is required to prevent other women and their partners, families and friends from experiencing such trauma then please do provide funding into this area. [J.B, Sheffield]
need recherches about this problem [N, algeria]
There definitely needs to be more research undertaken regarding fibroids and alternative methods and medication. Like a lot of women, I too had a male surgeon who was only interested in removing my hysterectomy and that was after my first visit to his surgery! Because of that I vowed that I would keep my uterus as long as I possibly can despite the heavy bleeding and longer periods. Yes we must petition for more research to be carried out as to why fibroids exist and how they could be eradicated at an earlier stage. [D.F, London]
more research and support - more access to specialists - less being automatically labelled wilth IBS [S.G, Eastleigh]
jbg [F.A, London]
I am at the mercy of my own biology and feel really quite desolate sometimes. Treatment has not come far enough, because research is underfunded and this is treated as an unmentionable taboo [A, High Wycombe]
When I use my search engine to look for blogs to read yours has come up several times on different categories. That just made me want to read it more, I can see why. It is excellent. Keep up the awesome work and I will continue reading. Jose - [N.E, ]
This is such an important issue- there is very little knowledge about the causes of fibroids and because these are not cancerous growths, I believe they are not always given the priority for research. The impact on womens lives of fibroids is huge- and they can affect young women as well as old. [H.S, Sheffield]
My girlfriend and I have suffered much trauma due to her fibroid and its removal. More funding, awareness and research is certainly needed. [B, Sheffield]
I simply didn\'t realise how many women are affected by this condition. Despite knowing about this condition for so long, so little research and funding has been put towards it that I would love to hear this petition makes a difference. Thanks and love to all who are affected by fibriods. x [S.I, Sheffield]
Please help women to get rid of fibroids, especially those who want to conceive and want their family life. Please [S, Plymouth]
I was diagnosed with fibroids when pregnant with my second child in 1988,I have since had 5 other children so fertility not affected.I try not to complain despite severe symptoms as GP will push for the obvious solution,which at 43 I have no intention of loosing my womb! [A.H, BRISTOL]
More research needs to be done [D.F, Sheffield]
I have been very impressed with the Uterine Fibroid Embolisation treatment I recently received. More GPs need to be made aware of this so that they can inform patients that hysterectomy and myomectomy are not the sole options. I support this petition to lobby for increased research into this common condition. [A.P, Bristol]
I recently underwent a hysterectomy and whilst care was good and I am recovering well it seems to me that there should be a better answer than to have this invasive operation. thousands of women go through this every year and it is time funding was stepped up to investigate new options for us. [H.K, romford]
Research into why fibroids occur to avoid the huge cost of surgeries [K.M, Bishops Stortford]
I am pleased to be supporting this campaign. Having had fibroids for over seven years and until recently being told "they will shrink when you hit the menopause" i am now investigating my options. My consultant radiologist recommended this site. [C.S, Minster on Sea]
i would like my fibriods removed as i have a lot of problems with them, also i would like another child with my partner and feel that the doctor might think i am to old at 48 in a month time is to old. i feel lost and dont know how to approach my doctor as she might think i am to old. it would help. [C.F, Tottenham, London]
I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids and for something that is so common in women, I also do not feel that there is not enough coverage and information on fibroids. Especially as they can cause miscarriage and premature birth etc. All women should be made aware of fibroids. [A.S, Farnham]
I was diagnosed with a large fibroid January 2010, not impressed with the information supplied. You have to find information out yourself. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my fibroid to be removed but in the meantime suffering from all the symptoms that go with it, very heavy periods and incontinence, at the age of 34 its very distressing [S.E, Chichester]
Isn't part of the reason that there is little interest in this subject, the dearth of female gynaecologists at consultant level. [S.W, London]
I was diagnosed with 3 Fibroids 2 years ago after I was hospitalised for suspected Apendicitis. I then developed a lump the other side my body,they found three more larger fibroids on stalks on outside of womb, one was 10cm by 6cm. Also Polyps found inside Uterus. Had digestive problems for years along with very heavy periods and pain. I had been to the GP for years and was always given pill to help, never referred to see Gynaecologist from GP. We need far more research done into Fibroids and how we can treat them without a Hysterctomy being perfomed. [A.S, Johnstown, Carmarthen]
More research and awareness needs to be done for Fibroids. [K.R, Northolt]
2011 and we still do not have a clear idea of causes of fibroids how are we going to prevent and effectively treat our daughters? End unnecessary suffering for women, more funding and incentive to research now!! [C.B, London]
I support this campaign. The well be of our women should be a priority for government. Help women and you are halfway helping the whole society. [A, Epsom]
Doctors do not take you seriously until you need a major life changing operation. Suffered for 7 years being treated by male doctors who did not take my pain seriously. Saw a female doctor who at last even took a feel of my abdomen and refered straight away but have had to have an open myomectomy with salpingoophorectomy. Now forced to have a surgically induced menopause. Not happy at all. Fibroids had grown to the size of a 24 week foetus [A.J, Lewisham, London]
Why is it that in the USA Resectoscopic Myomectomy is accepted practice, while it is not generally accepted here? A woman who consents to a hysterectomy cannot guarantee she will wake up with her ovaries still in place. [S.S, Lyme Regis]
Need more research on fibroids and miscarriages [J.R, London]
Too many consultants and GP's suggest a total hysterectomy as the only answer. [W.W, Bishops Stortford]
I\'ve been told that my unique option to a large fibroid is hysterectomy, no alternative. I feel confused and scared about not having others options available. We need to be completely involved in whole process it\'s too risky to leave those decisions to doctors, it\'s our bodies we\'re dealing with. More research in this field it\'s needed. [A.A, London]
There has to be better treatment that hormones or hysterectomy. [S.B, High Wycombe]
Reading the stories about the suffering caused by fibroids is bittersweet. bitter because of the lack of information despite the amount of people affected by this parasite but also the lack of care and commitment required to help eleviate and cure this ailment.I happened to come acoss this site by accident dureing the numerous attempts to reserch the topic.I was touched and relieved to find women who could identify with the ordeal i am experiancing. It is good to know that so many women are realising that they can and should seek other opions,and that it is their right to have a voice in the methods used to cure them.It is very sad to see that in this day and age we are still in the dark about this ailment and even sadder that their is not enough effort, awareness and fundding needed which is vitial for its cure. [R.O, london]
fibroids have awful effects on daily life much more research must be done to find the cause.Help must be found for the next generation of women [L.G, harrogate]
No one seems to have a clue about the causes of this very common problem, a solution needs to be found. [M.B, Brighton]
more research is needed. i also have fibroids , i have been to my gynaecologist and he only gave me two options. hormone injections for 6mnths or hysterectomy. i went for the jabs but they only shrunk my fibroids by half, the biggest being 5cms. therefore i have to go back and see what else can be done. i am 39 yrs old. [J.B, STRANRAER]
I've just descoverd I've got fibroids, by mistake (i was scanned for other reasons) and I'm quite horrifided that because I'm over 40 most Doctors (male and female) seem to think it's a simple answer to whip your womb out. of course it means that they dont have to put much effort and time in to look for what might be best for thier patients, typical of today's money grabbing attitude. [D.E, Denbigh]
why do all doctors think that removing a womans womb is the answer to everything?? it's an archaic attitude,Doctors need to be re-educated in this matter. [T.E, Denbigh]
I support this peition as I was forced in to an unwanted hysterectomy at the age of 43, whilst a single parent of a 3yr old who still needed lifting. The impact of this was devastating for myself and my child. I was given a re-section which failed, making my symptoms much much worse, which then left me requiring a hystrectomy. At no time was I told of alternative treatments such as myomectomy, tailored ablation, or uterine artery embolisation. The NHS HAS TO STOP PRESSURING WOMEN IN TO HYSTERECTOMY as a treatment for fibroids. [A.C, Bournemouth]
As I have been suffering with very large fibroids for over 30 years I fully support this campaign to raise awareness and campaign for further fibroid research in this area. [A.J, Enfield]
Gynaecologists should be given definitive guidelines/or legislation should be made, to ensure that treatment options are discussed at time of diagnosis. All NHS Trusts should ensure they have the qualified personnel to deliver all treatment options locally, especially embolisation. [V.D, Darlington]
For ladies who have not had children, there needs to be more options than a hysterectomy. I have this condition as well as Stage 4 Endometriosis - it is debilatating. [J.G, Glasgow]
I think it is important to get enough researh into fibroids that help us understand and treat this condition better for the benefit of all. [M.A.M, Llantrisant]
I have suffered from fibriods twice and the effects of heavy periods & the pain they cause is frustrating, emabarrassing & debilitating. As a professional woman living with the anxiety of this condition each month, getting effective treatments can transform your life and make it normal again. [C.H, Surbiton]
I have just been diagnosed with fibroids so any improvement in R&D for this miserable problem would be fantastic. [L.C, WATFORD]
I am shocked by the lack of adequate research into cause of fibroids, treatments available and the number of hyterectomies performed due to fibroids. [C.L, Bath]
whilst reading your stories, I realise that I have been very lucky with the doctors and treatment I have so far received, good luck to the ladies who are still undergoing treatment. [W.R, Thorpe Bay]
I have suffered with fibroids since 1997. I had a very difficult pregnancy in 2002/2003 when one fibroid reached 16cm in diameter. It then went into red degeneration. Thankfully my daughter was born in perfect health at 41wks. But the pregnancy was a very anxious one. [N.S, Ashford, Middlesex]
In 2004 I was offered a hysterectomy to remove my fibroids but was not ready to accept I may never have children, so am hopeful that there are alternatives soon that might help me. I see their are a number of us in a similar mind set. Hang in there sisters xxxx [Y, Warrington]
It is very concerning to me, having been newly diagnosed today, that there is such a sense of inadequate funding for research, and a poor sense of the treatments and the access to them for women with this condition. [J.W, Chorlton]
i have several fibroids the size of oranges which have recently been found. I am told that i need not take any further action.(unless i want a hysterectomy) However i have many symptoms described, such as bloating, frequently wanting the loo, heavy periods. The doctors seem to have brushed me aside without any real alternatives. It seems that these things dont exist similar to the case of when doctors didnt seem to believe period pain, or pmt existed so i welcome this chance to sign this petition. [J.B, cradley heath]
Please increase funding for better research. [P.D, Colnbrook]
I was diagnosed with fibroids 3 weeks ago. I had an ultrasound scan due to having a coil fitted in December 2010 and subsequently bleeding continuously for 5 months. The bleeding and other symptoms are very slowly improving, but at times feel that the nurse who I have been seeing, who is female by the way, isn\'t really listening to me with my concerns. Quality of life needs to be maintained and more research carried out. [M.P, Slough]
. [A.F, Reading]
I have had severe pain in my right side of my back for 6 months now & my consultants assumed it was kidney pain. After ruling all that out, they said it could be my ovaries / uterus. After having a scan today it shows some fibroids. So I don't know what happens next. [J.H, Lichfield]
Just had a scan told I have fibroids so in the process of researching the condition. [A.P, Newborough]
with so many women sufferign with such a common issue funding and proper treatment and care shoudl be available for all women sufferign from this condiion of fibroids. I have n't been able to work for years as a result. [H.S.P, Leicester]
I really can't believe that women have to suffer so much and that there are not very many options that don't involve pumping yourself with hormones. Please do something to help us. [L.H, Norwich]
I'm staggered at the cavalier attitude that some gynaecologists adopt when approached for help. It appears to me that even the 'experts' aren't as knowledgable as they would have us think, so perhaps if the UK followed the USA's example with government funding, more credence would be given to this debilitating condition. [K, Croydon]
hysterectomy should be last choice not first! [M.W, CROYDON]
I support this campaign [S.B, Essex]
my opinion is to help to find a way which they can check on every single woman starting form teenagers. [T.V.Y, romford, essex]
Women should be given an internal exam when having cervical test. I went to my 3 year test without fail and never knew I had fibroids until I went to the UAE and was told during a routine exam. More women need to know sooner.....more funding for NHS to do internal exams as routine! [H.O, London]
It's a disgrace that women's health is so overlooked. MORE RESEARCH is desperately needed to help more women. [R.B, Brighton]
I would love more research into fibroids; I am having a myomectomy next week and think that the more that is known about fibroids the better. [K.P, Rothersthorpe]
Living with fibroids is not living, its surviving as best you can. There is so little information about non-invasive treatments that often GPs will only consider surgery. We deserve better. There should be more awareness in fibroid research so we can make informed decisions about our treatment. [J.C, New Cross London]
I was diagnosed with a 5cm fibroid ten years ago and told there was no need to do anything. I am 34 and currently bedridden with a 11cm fibroid that needs to be removed by myomectomy. I am in abject pain, the fibroid is petruding and I cannot work. I feel the 'watch and wait'method is absurd, do we wait until things are this bad? I can't help wondering if they would watch and wait for a benign tumour to get to this size in a man's body. [G.C, London]
Just had very painful hysterectomy due to fibroids. Told one was the size of a 22 week old baby. [K.M, horsham]
Please help as I have suffered for the last few years and I am still suffering. [M.D, Glazebury]
More research needed into the root causes of fibroids, so prevention can be better [S.H, London]
I wish there was an organisation composed of all experts called Women First where treating us with respect and creating proper options/researching every angle rather than brutal operations that often create more problems. I am 59 with ovarian cysts and fibroids.The last recommendation was to have ovaries out and take HRT which obviously feeds the fibroids. This was at the Portland Hospital for Women. [L.J, London]
Fibroids affect so many women and is a recurring illness. Providing funding for research into the cause of fibroids will help to detect the exact cause and apporpriate treatment which will bring much needed relief and better health for affected women. It will also be cost effective and save the NHS millions, and leave women better able to contribute more effectively to the economy [E.D, London]
Very frustrating. Its not talked about. The treatment options are limited. Non invasive options and \"alternative\" options are ignored. Health insurance providers don\'t understand it, and the impact it has on women\'s daily lives and their ability to function is ignored at large. It can be incredibly debilitating and take over your life - it has mine. I\'ve not been able to work, I doubt whether I can claim on my insurance (I need help here), I\'m in lots of debt - but I refuse to be carved open. I\'m addressing the root causes, which I have spent years getting to grips with, as there is no clear official information on this or on alternative courses of action - I\'ve had to go through a painful journey to find this out myself. Fibroids may not be life threatening, they may not be cancer, but that does not mean the impact they have is not profound or turn your world completely upside down. It effects everything: work, life, money, relationships, just the ability to have a normal life. I could go on and on... [S.B, Sheffield]
I would like to give my support as I have suffered for many years now.We need more research please. [D.L, High Halstow Rochester Kent]
T.M. London [T.M, London]
I had a myomectomy in 2009 and now I'm faced with the same issue in 2011! I really need more credible options than hysterectomy. There needs to be more research into the causes especially as it's so common. There would be plenty of participants to study. I support this fight to get more research done. [S.T, Smethwick]
At the age of 64 I had a transvaginal scan yesterday. I have fibroids. after the scan I went to get my clothes on, the consultant radiologist had gone. I have had no advice or further information of my options. Further reserch needs to be done, also education for the medical proffession. [M.A.W.B, burton on trent]
I have had two operations. First in 2003 and then again in 2006 and the fibroids are back which means I now face yet another operation. Please please please can you put more into research. This would save the NHS money as giving so many women endless operations and hysterctomies becomes a bottomless pit. Not to mention the relief to millions of woman. [E.B, Greenford]
Tomorrow I am facing a myomectomy, which I don't want but due to lack of support and Information i feel forced into this option. More Research is needed so more treatment options are available to women [S.H, Harrow]
I was diagnosed with fibroids in 2000 and is a condition that is excrutiatingly painful that hinders the quality of life. More research is needed now! [T.S, London]
research absolutely essential by dr/gaenocologist who should encourage patient participation & help lobby govt. [S.L, Rotherhithe]
I am 51, this condition began a year ago and it is becoming increasing more pain and uncomfortable. It comes and goes I attend both British Doctors and the USA doctors. I started menopause at47 and my UK doctor says no HRT I only have one more year to go??? So why now with fibroids. I used to get Bio identical Hormones treatment in the USA 33 bottles of bloods taken for a full account of my body and the Bio creams made in Dallas TX, This was requested by a Dr Parker in Virgina Beach VA. BIO IDENTICAL treatment is class as going to a with doctor in the USA they are not proven. The best books around are the Susan Summers books for info. More research is needed with the help of people like Dr Parker. BILL Gates, mother attends his clinic to see him.I just wish the USA an the UK could work together on their client bases, for research. [V.W, Nottingham]
I have suffered for over 18 years, passing out from chronic pain, heavy periods, miscarriages, passing blood clots, total incapacitation where i can not move or do anything for myself... but all i was ever given were pain killers and advice that it will go away sometime, then one night i was taken to A&E, unconcious and when i came to the Dr found out the cause, ordered for my hospital file and booked me in for an emergency myomectomy( my abdomen was equivalent to a seven month pregnancy). this was carried out two days later and was well for some time, but as i was suffering from secondary infertility (been pregnant before but have had no kids because of miscarriages)i somehow had regrowth of the fibroids.i toiled on with pain killers until my Dr eventually refeffered me back to hospital Gynea. consultant arranged US scan, MRI scan then booked me in for an operative laparoscopy this weekend. Fingers crossed, it will help this time as i am fedup of the pain, suffering and all the painkillers. All along i've been told to agree to hysterectomy although i just turned 43 last month (July). Social workers and uni lecturers and many others have all laughed it off as it not being a disabling illness, Alas.. what do they know . More awareness is needed to alert the general public that there are some of us who suffer chronically whereas others ill never even know that they have fibroids- as they will be just like (carriers o a disease- who are never affected by it).. [F, london]
Reading all the stories on the site, tells me that I am one of the lucky one who was not let down by her GP. However, my referral to the wonderful surgeon who gave me my life back took 18 months, during which I was admitted to A&E for blood transfusion on several occasions. Why does it take that long?? This creepling condition has to be taken seriously right from the beginning! [C.B, Thelwall]
much more research is needed, i have been suffering for over twenty years. doctors are too quick to recommend hysterectomy. [M.S, enfield middx]
Research into awareness, scanning, diagnosis and treatment requires urgent funding. I had years of pain and misery, completely unaware of what could be wrong and was only scanned after breast cancer diagnosis so too late to have children now. The Dr was hoping Tamoxifen would shrink the fibroids but they are still growing, pressing on my bladder and making my stomach look bloated. Please consider allocating funds to raise awareness of and to research this debilitating condition. Thank you for reading this. [J.S, Kempsey]
I've had to indergo surgery for this condition twice and I know further research needs to done in order eliminate this condition, I'm also aware of some wemen who have died because of this condition [J, Southall]
My mother and four sister have all had fibroids and gone through the many procedures and pills to no effect eventually all having a hysterectomy. I am 45 years old and have experienced chronic pain and heavy bleeding that stops me enjoying my life. I refuse to go through the various procedures and pills and prefer the depo contraceptive injection however a locum gp refused to continued to prescribe me saying I was at risk of cervical cancer due to the fibroids. I am waiting to speak to my gp and gynae next week for information. [G.C, hull]
i will like to see more funding go into resaerch for Fibroid, it one of the most common ailment affecting women especially at a time where women are delaying having delay having children largely due to economic reason or easons beyond their control. thank you [S.A, Welling]
more fibroid research needs to be undertaken. the NHS does not suggest herbal methods do these work? [R.C, doncaster]
i m supporting this petition ,i hae tis problem and i feel like there not enough to help woman in my case [J.N, manchester]
Just diagnosed with large 10 cm by 9cm fibroid after six months of visits to GP with increasingly distressing symptoms. Now being told fertility compromised- am 36 with no children. The whole experience traumatic with unsympathetic doctors and still none the wiser to treatment options.Apparently its perfectly acceptable to walk around carrying a melon sized growth inside you. Exhausted and it has only just begun...... Please more care, more information and educate GP's.RB London [R.L, London]
If men had fibroids, we'd know the cause and have much better information flow and treatment for it NOW ! ! Sort it out, boys at the top - would you fancy a huge great blood-fllled balloon inside you? I think not...... [B.C, London]
Have suffered terribly with symptoms caused by the fibroids. I found that knowledge on fibroids in someone my age (27 at the time) was very limited. My gynaecologist ACTUALLY told me to just go and have children quickly and then have a hysterectomy; she didn't even mention that the fibroids would keep growing. More research and staff education is definitely needed. [C.O, Dagenham]
more awareness and funds are need to help fibroid sufferers this had totally damaged my life [S.R, st austell]
I am 30 years old and suffering with fibroids. As a result I am now anaemic and my symptoms include passing out, extremely painful periods and bloating which makes me look like I am 3 months pregnant. I have so far been refused a hysterectomy because of my age and because as the hospital put it I may want children in the future even though I have made it quite clear that I don't. I find it quite incredible that if I was 40 or over that would be the only option I would be given and yet at 30 having had enough of suffering and having no life I am not allowed one. I am an intelligent and educated young woman who has explored other options and knows the risks involved. I am blessed with a child already and I don't want anymore, I also don't want for my son to keep witnessing me suffering as it is affecting him too. I just want my life back and it's time the medical profession should listen to women suffering with fibroids and help them instead of continuing to let them suffer! [F.W, Arnold]
I have just been diagnosed with having two fibroids.I'm due to see my GP again to discuss my options. I believe I've had them for a while and have suffered with severe pain and depression. It has truly affected my quality of life and wish I had been diagnosed earlier. Treatment options seem some what severe. Further research needs to be carried out. I'm a registered nurse and I've had to completely change my working life in order to cope with my symptoms. It's dibilitating to say the least. [S.A, Liskeard, Cornwall]
i have fibroids and gp's keep assuring me it's nothing!! So i sit back and wait until they grow into a football???? i find the approach unsatisfactury....more reaserch needs to bee done. [M, oswestry]
I have fibroids and has been diagnosed for two years. And I have heavy bleeding every month, which turned out to be very painful. Every time I went to see my doctor I am Forbes off with more tablets that doesn\'t help me at all. I have asked on several occasion if I could see a gynylogist and my gp has Sid ghat it is not a necessity, as the government has put fibroid treatment as a non emergency ilness. Tried bleeding for three months on the trot. It is very depressing and makes you feel tire all the time. [J.H, Abingdon]
Been diagnosed six months ago. Has been prescribed tranexamic acid to be taken on first day of period., three times a day. Not working, so I am very much in favour of more research. [J.H, Abingdon.]
I really feel more research needs to be done on fibroids, after unexplained abdominal pain, piles, irregular and very heavy bleeding, I had 2 abdominal scans and was told all was well. I have just had a transvaginal scan and they have diagnosed a fibroid growing in my uterine cavity. I find fibroids tend to be written off as so many women have the without problems. [D.L, sheffield]
I have just been been told that i have fibroids, and i need to know what they are all about and how they develop. [M.D, Dudley]
I had been suffering from fibroids for the last 2 to 3 years without knowing it. I only became aware of it when I fainted one day and started to get a fever and bloated stomach and I became aneamic and was admitted to hospital with an infection. My consultant decided that the best option for me would be a myomectomy four months later but the risk was that I may have to have a hysterectomy as my fibroid was very large (3kilos) and also if they found anything life threatening during the operation. I am glad to report that my operation was successful and I only had a myomectomy and my uterus was preserved. My consultant and her team were absolutely wonderful and I hope that this good work can be encouraged elsewhere and I was lucky I have a good GP who referred me to the right people who dealt with me successfully. I wish all women can experience the same treatment as myself. C.S London [C.S, East Ham]
house wife [A.B, Malton]
Research is desperately needed. [J.H, Southsea]
im going to the hospital tues the 18th to see a consultant about anemia and fibroid treatment, my gp who is male has told me to not allow myself to be bullied into an hysterectomy!!! We need to be given more options and have better treatmemnt and understanding, not bullying into radical, major surgery!!! [T.G, st leonards on sea]
For a condition that is so common, it is remarkable that so little is known about the cause(s). A knowledge of the cause must surely help provide the safest and most effective treatments and hopefully prevention. [S.V, Harpenden]
I suffer with fibroids and am about to have a hysterectomy. Please get more research done for this problem,save others suffering the same way. I wouldn\'t wish fibroids on my worst enemy they are that bad! [C.L, Hailsham]
I have been suffering for years and just put up and shutup it was only when I heamorraged that something has started to be done about it. It was lack of knowledge and embarrassment that has led to years of pain and aneamia. [L.H, Aldeby, Beccles]
I am really struggling with a large fibroid that cannot be removed without a hysterectomy. I have found very little information and what there is is very confusing. There seems to be no support for treatment options - it's either with it and put up with the effects it has on your whole body or have the big 'H'. [F.G, Cardiff]
Really shocked by how little my doctor knew. Was treated as though it is normal to have fibroids. [A.A, Sudbury]
I would welcome any research into this as all the women, including myself have suffered greatly from this, it affects your quality of life and has at times disabled me completely. [S.L, Edinburgh]
Just discovered when having an MRI scan of the lower spine that I still have fibroids at the age of 67. I assumed they would have shrunk after I ceased taking HRT 10 years ago. Apparently that is a myth. [S.G, Louth]
more reseach and early treatment [M, slough]
Over the last year and a half of having significant but evolving problems with fibroids I've been stunned at the lack of knowledge, the haphazard way I've been treated, the fact I've not been informed of my treatment options and the difficulties I've had getting access to those treatments now that I know about them. This condition affects most parts of most days in some way and is treated as virtually irrelevant by the people I have seen. I'm still in the middle of trying to get an appointment with a specialist, a process which has taken 12 weeks so far (despite me calling the surgery most days and even contacting my MP at one point) and I STILL do not have an appointment set up. It beggars belief!!! So, not only is the condition difficult, the amount of knowledge about it pitiful and difficult to access and the treatment options hard to assess and access but the system seems to conspire against one to make it all hundreds of times as hard as it needs to be. Very fed up indeed! [S.H, Leicester]
I couldn't agree more. Further research is needed. After several years of heavy periods, a hysteroscopy and the grim discovery that I can no longer have children I can honestly say that Fibroids have ruined my life. I am now, at the age of 40, contemplating what options are left for me in terms of dealing with this condition. I feel completely abandoned by the medical services in terms of my options. [A, Slough]
I have suffered from constant discomfort from large fibroids for a few years. They caused complications during pregnancies, and now with a mirena coil fitted 8 months ago I amd still having heavy period every 2 weeks at least. I am low in energy, constant light headedness and probably very anemic. I still look and feel pregnant. I would love there to be more research and action to help people suffering from fibroids. [K.M, Belfast]
I would like to see more research done around the risk of post partum haemorrhage for women with fibroids.Midwives and consultants seem to insist on putting women into a "high risk" category when a fibroid is picked up on the scan but there seems to be scant evidence to back up the commonly cited risk of pph. [E.R, efail Isaf]
I am diagnosed with fibroids last week. The gyneacologist send me a letter with the diagnose and only treatment option: hystorectomy. No further appointment to talk options through nothing, just two lines. This is not right! I still have the expectancy to become pregnant even though I am over 40. [C.P, chipping campden]
As a sufferer I really do advocate more research I do believe that gender and also colour based discrimination is at work dealing with this issue. It is debilitating for many sufferers - more investment in holistic assessments of causes and treatments is vital. [A.A, London]
It\'s unbelievable that currently the only truly effective treatments for fibroids are highly invasive - for what is an extremely common problem amongst women of all pre-menopausal age groups. [C.S, Bristol]
More research is definately needed. I wasn't aware fibroids was such a common complaint. I paid for a medical as I had these symptoms for years and was fobbed off by my GP without even a physical examination! At my medical they have told me i probably have fibroids and have to now go for tests etc. I am angry I had to spend my own money to get a diagnosis! [D.N, Leicester]
Just been diagnose with Fibroids. Yes need more research please. [M.B, Manchester]
Just had a scan and been told this is what has been causing my disabling periods for 10 years. After visiting Doctors so many times and getting pills and coils which havn`t worked. So, so hard to live life properly at the moment and hold down a physical full time job looking after others. Need to read up now and decide what can be done. [J.H, York]
Fiboids have added to a pretty poor situation and I need them out asap. Blood loss is terrible and energy sapping. [J.G, swindon]
after reading how women have suffered i feel we need the research and not to be forbed off i was diagonised about 3yrs and told they will strink due to menopuase even thou i am having irregular bleeding and left it till now to sort myself out only becuase it was so heavy and the doctor i see was a male locom doctor that explained more to me so still waiting to see female doctor to see what the out come will be but after reading on this and how women are suffering iwill be hoping i will get answers. [T.B, new eltham]
Considering the number of women suffering from fibroids I feel alot more research is required into this condition. In addition to educating women on the treatments available to them. Whilst making doctor\'s accountable for not ensuring there patient is fully aware of the treatments available. All to often i hear of doctors recommending a hysterectomy if over a certain age or adopting a \'wait and see\' approach until the fibroids become quite large that the only option is a hysterectomy. [K.J, Leytonstone]
hi i have a 5.6 fibroid and the only option i have been given is surgery this has totally freek me out as i am petrified of a gen anestesica why are we not given other options my gyno thought i was been stupid and couldnt see my fear cancelled it due to being so frightened [S.T, worcester]
More work needs to be done here. I am so sad to see the lack of interest in this issues that affects only women. I keep feeling this is just so sexist. If a man went to the doctor and complained of erectile dysfunction, or similar, he would not be told to chop his willy off!! [B.K, Shepshed]
It would be fantastic if more research were carried out into this condition. I've been in pain for 2 months, but am told that fibroids 'don't normally hurt' so am both afraid that something else is wrong, and concerned that my pain will be ignored as I wait for weeks or months to be seen by a gynaecologist. [D.H, Edinburgh]
As someone who knew so little about fibrods until I started to suffer in 2007, I was stunned that there has been so little research possible for something so common. I support this campaign wholeheartedly. [S.M, Bristol]
I suffer with Fibroids and have done for a number of years..... I am currently waiting for my 3rd operation for removal.... I would like to help in anyway i can to help with research into this condition!! thank you x x [J.B, Little Eaton, Derbyshire]
I was frightened when I found the lump, now I've seen the doctors I'm confussed about which treatment and this condition is so common - we need more research [A, London]
Research would be a great help in improving the outcome of this condition I'm 29yrs old and it has severely affected my life and my future. [J.K.M, Dover]
I am scheduled for myomectomy operation on coming 8th February 2011. My doc said, if there\\\\\\\'s blood loss happen during the operation, she might have to perform hysterectomy since im anemic and large fibroid (12cm) and i can feel it growing bigger and bigger. I am not married yet. I wish to have kids one day. it is really worry me when the doc said that. Beside that, i know there\\\\\\\'s there\\\\\\\'s a risk of fibroid recurrence after myomectomy. i want to know how to prevent from new ones to form. [I, kuala lumpur]
personally i dont think GP is doing enough to help their patient, i notice i have fibroid when i was 30 and i was in and out of GP surgery nothing was done no help offered, when i reached 40 the only advice and only option was hysterectomy which i refused, the my son pass away at the age of 18 four years ago and so is my symptom, from me being under so much stress so did my stress got worst, the worst it get the more pressure i had for my uterus to be removed. so i deciede to go to my gp after my last hospital appointment with sever anemia and 8 pint of blood transfussion to be refered to other hospital for embolisation but the first thing offered is hysterectomy, with none of my involvment in the discussion and then i told the doctor the only thing i want is UAE. after going back and forth i was told it will take three mont i told them i will wait. i think more neede to be done to educate all the doctors that women womb is not a pieces of meat to be wisked out and thrown away. i think more needed to be done with regards to Fibroid and treatment [O.P, abbeywood]
There needs to be a standard medical response when a woman first complains of troublesome fibroid-like symptoms or when a fibroid is diagnosed with a scan. An early diagnosis is vital so that a fibroid can be discovered when itís small and more manageable. At the outset, a woman diagnosed with a troublesome fibroid should be fully informed of all possible treatments and scenarios Ė fibroids can stay the same size, they can naturally shrink back, or they can grow Ė and in some cases grow extremely large Ė so that an informed choice can be made as to the best course of treatment. In addition, once a troublesome fibroid is detected, a GP referral to a gynaecologist should be standard practice. The fibroid should also be regularly monitored and scanned to check for rapid growth. I had a small fibroid which ballooned in the space of 2 years and 8 months and is now the size of a melon. During this time, not once was I offered a scan in between to check for growth or a consultant referral. Between my first and second scan, my fibroid was allowed to grow and grow and now my treatment options are basically limited to a hysterectomy, or I can ride it out to my menopause which might be five or more years away, during which time my fibroid could continue to grow. The IUS which I had fitted has barely made a dent to my horrendous menstrual cycle. GPs should also be fully educated about all treatment options and scenarios. It is shocking to read comments from so many women whoíve signed this petition that the only treatment theyíve been offered was a hysterectomy when there are other options available, ranging from drug therapy to other surgical interventions. A hysterectomy is the most radical of all treatments Ė irreversible forever preventing pregnancy Ė and it should be only be offered as a treatment of the last resort. Although fibroids are non-malignant their impact on a womanís health and quality of life is NOT benign Ė excessive menstrual bleeding which restricts a womanís life, anaemia, weak bladder and pelvic pain and pressure are just a few of the symptoms. Fibroids affect one in five women in the UK and account for 20 per cent of Gynae consultations. It would cost the NHS far less if fibroids were detected early and managed and treated when theyíre small. If only for this reason, fibroids (and their symptoms) should be taken more seriously and the medical response to this health condition should be systematic. Finally, and equally important, more money should be invested in research on the causes of fibroid growth so that therapies can be developed to treat them more effectively. [M, London]
I have had this problem for the past 5 years and words can not explain the pain and discomfort it has had no my life [I.O, Bellingham]
I'm also suffering from fibroid and am looking for the best option to remove it. [D.G, Earlsfield London]
Women should be offered many options apart from hysterectomy for gynaecological problems, and these should be researched and perfected. [C.T, Lutterworth]
I will more attention and information from the clinicians regarding fibroid. [T....H, Dagenham, Essex]
I was very anaemic/heave periods although going through menopause and my GP looked into this and I went for a scan and found fibroids. I am trying to find out more before seeing consultant. I am pleased for this site and agree more research, information, support and understanding needed. [A, London]
For far too long woman's health issues have fallen to the bottom of the heap. We urgently need more research to inform evidence-based practice in the area of fibroids especially early diaagnosis and alternative treatments to full hysterectomy or 'put up with it', our current most frequently offered options after years of pain and misdiagnosis. [C.C, Willingham]
I feel there should more research into fibroid. [E.O, Islington London]
Fibroid is a common problem in women. Please help us from our misery. [J.P, Bracknell]
There are all sorts of associated symptoms which can occur with fibroids such as anaemia and their symptoms, pressure symptoms, hormonal symptoms which seem to be disregarded by the medical profession except when doing research. Women have a right to have their symptoms acknowledged and treatment provided in order to alleviate these symptoms - not to be told that they are not due to fibroids when it is clear they are and those symptoms are often taken into account when doing research. [D.B, Forest Row]
I feel that the research needs to be more as I have fibroids and this affects my life everyday. I feel that n one really knows much about them or why they have developed. Also I would like to have children one day but know this could mean I have a higher chance of not being able to have children. [K.B, Blackwater]
In my early 20ís I started suffering from severe abdomen pain, doctors investigated and concluded that I was suffering from IBS. It was not until my early 30ís when I was unsuccessful at falling pregnant that a GP carried out a pelvic examination and found a large mass, an ultrasound scan showed a 20cm mass. After a myomectomy fibroids were removed and I was lucky to fall pregnant and give birth to a baby girl. However now at the age of 36 I have to face the option of a Hysterectomy due to multiple fibroids. I feel early detection of fibroid is very poor; throughout my 20ís I went back to GPís concerned that I was continuing to suffering from extreme pain and blotted stomach, my concerns were dismissed and told the symptoms were just IBS, after 10 yrs of pain I was given the diagnosis of fibroids and only one doctor had the foresight to carry out an internal pelvic examination. [S.C, basingstoke]
I think this needs to be looked into definitely as it affects so many women. [S.J.R, Farnborough]
This is a cause that needs more research to help the huge number of women that suffer with these. [V.S, Ascot]
More research as options are very limited on NHS and seams hysterectomy is nearly always preferred path [H.R, holmfirth]
Really necessary research - please give it priority. [R.H, Woodley , Reading]
I was diagnosed with Fibroids a couple of years ago, I dont belevie I ahve been given all my options, I have had to reseacrhc and tell the doctor what I want - to save my fertility. More infoamtion and options need to be available. [L.W, Rotherham]
hysterectomy should not be the only option, more research is needed! [M.M, pinner]
I have been diagnosed with fibroids but as i am in my early 50s doctor says to leave them as they shrink after menopause... still waiting and very uncomfortable.. [J.S, London]
A horrible debilitating condition affecting all aspects of a woman's life. Let's get something done now with research. [S.L, Camberley]
A very worthy cause [I.M, Congleton]
Very pleased to sign this petition [G.C, Razac de Saussignac France]
I have multiple fibroids that cause me pain, sadness and embarrassment because they are so big I loo like I'm 4 months pregnant and have to deal with people constantly asking me when the baby is due. This also makes life worse as I had a miscarriage at 5 months 4 months ago and I have to lie daily just so I don't make a bad atmosphere for everybody around me. I'm only 33 and still want to have children although because I have so many fibroids many say hysterectomy is my only options. I am amazed as this is a very common problem nothing has really been done to help women like me who from once being very confident in life working in musical theatre can now no longer do my job and feel less of a woman. [S.K, welwyn garden city]
More research needed to identify the potential causes and risk factors for fibroids. Simply stating it is "more common in Afro-Carribeans" is not enough. [P.B, Bristol]
I suffer from fibroids myself, and it has affected my life drastically. [K.M, manchester]
Why is it that so many Doctors think a women should have a hysterectomy to be rid of fibroids. There are women who may have lost children to illnesses and they may want the choice of having more children. All options to be rid of these fibroids should be looked into and the women themselves should investigate these optons themselves. After all its their body. We have rights too. [M.L, Dundee]
I am currently under treatment for fibroids and feel that unless you are a sufferer, there is not a great deal of understanding or sympathy out there. We need to find out if there are preventative measures for fibroids at the very least. [E.C, Newtown]
I have just been diagnosed with one 10cm fibroid which causes me no symptoms except heavy bleeding for two days. My gynaecologist did not hesitate in advising me to have a partial hysterectomy. I am 46 with two children. His comment, 'Why keep your womb when you no longer have any use for it' astounded me. I am yet to find a solution as I am not suitable for guided ultrasound but there are other options open to women. The last resort should be hysterectomy. GPs do not have enough information. [K.S, Ealing]
I have suffered from fibroids since 2002. I've had some removed but at present have been dianosed with more, the biggest of which is 9cm and still growing. It can be painful and recently seems affects my energy levels and causes bloating. I don't want a hysterectomy due to the fact that it just causes more problems. So, yes, more research is needed. [P.M, Meppershall, Beds]
I think that every woman should know as much as possible about this condition, so that they can make informed choices about their treatment, and therefore potentially preserve their fertility for longer/ choose what is right for them as everyone is different [P.I, crewe]
Fibroids affect women's quality of life. We need more research into effective treatment [S.G, Bristol]
I was a suffering for many years so any research into Fibroids would be goo for future generations. [J.M, Camberley]
not enough nutritional and lifestyle information is offered. I have had to seek out alternative practioners myself to avoid the option of hysterectomy. Stress is one of the greatest contributors to the growth of Fibroids due to the release of cortisol, GPs do not tell you this.... [J.H, Fairfield Road]
I have fibroids and feel almost abandoned by the medical profession. It\'s treated so insignificantly, almost as a non-problem but there are so many physical/mental problems that go along with it. I am currently fighting to get my fibroids removed but, as a 37 year old women eho hasn\'t started a family yet, this is proving very difficult [M.W, London]
People find this condition funny but do not realise how painful it is [E.H, Cambridge]
if just found out i have them a very large one i have been sent away with no info just been told to wait to see someone their is not enough help out their their need to be more [S.G, stafford]
Having fibroids reduced my chances having a baby by IVF as I had to be put on long waiting list to have them removed before attempting IVF. [M.R, Barnsley]
i am 47 and just had a uae. the consultant was great but it took years to get a diagnosis. my gp always said it was my age! suffered heavy periods and anemia for years, as a result my fibroid was 9 inches. women should be taken seriously about this, not dismissed. [F.S, birmingham]
Having suffered from heavy periods for some years I have recently been diagnosed as having several fibroids. Life has been extremely difficult for the past three months as fibroids affect every part of your life, and I am now virtually housebound due to heavy bleeding. If I hadn't burst into tears in my Dr's surgery (a woman!) I would have been waiting a further three months to see a consultant, instead I have been fastracked with a three week wait. And it would appear from reading the other comments I am one of the lucky ones. Barbaric. [A.F, Highworth]
I have fibroid which affecting my quality of life but do not really want to go down the route of surgery, so more research would be good to avoid surgery. [B.H, Neasden]
It is outrageous that the real cause of fibroids is yet unknown and that surgery is the ultimate option for most women. There needs to be more research into this condition, so that a permanant cure and a means of preventing fibroids can be discovered....hopefully in our generation. [B.J, Edgware]
This disease has been around for years. Its about time there was more research done to help thousands of women still suffering from it. [P, Welwyn Garden City]
i think more time needs to be spent looking into fibroids, which affects so many lifes..and costs so much , time off work, medication, operations...for something that hopefull in future we will know more about. [M.R, lancashire]
I live in Canada but seeking surgery in Europe. funny huh! [F.M, Montreal QC CANADA]
Hope there will be a none- hysterectomy cure for fibroids in the future so ladies like me will be free from pain, heavy bleeding and misery. [L.E, Ashton-U-Lyne,]
I had a 7cm fibroid causing constant pelvic pain, backache, nausea, frequent need to wee and very very heavy periods. I have been prescribed Esmya which is an emergency contraceptive a side effect of which is to shrink fibroids. So far after 2 weeks all pain gone and longer between trips to the loo. Course lasts for 3 months and I am optimistic but more research still needs to be done and perhaps fibroids can be prevented. Google Esmya. [H.T, Weymouth]
Much research is required to help prevent the consequences of a spiralling problem? [D.B, Birkenhead]
After years of being told my abdonminal paid was a figment of my igination, i was finally diognosed with Fibroids. It should not have taken this long to find out and 3 years on im still in paid and doctors still refuse to do anything because they dont know enough of why they occur. Enough is enough. [C.M, London]
I have fibroids and suffer heavy periods monthly. I am glad to find this website and read the much need advice and information. [C.M, London]
I have lived with multiple fibroids for nearly 15 years. More research is definitely needed. [S.W, Wimborne]
I wish i had found this site earler......i actively encourage this long awaited research! [A.S, Blackstone]
After 5 years trying to fight against full hysterectomy, including failed attempt at fitting mirena coil, the biggest of my 4 fibroids is the size of a 4 month pregnancy. Have finally signed consent form for op today but am terrified. I am 47 and can\'t help feeling it shouldn\'t have come to this. Desperately need more research [S.H, Prescot]
Fibroids aren't life threatening but they effect the daily lives of millions of women and the treatment options just aren't good enough. [C.M, pewsey]
Please make provision to champion research. Give women power and choice. Our children will suffer due to lack of knowledge. S.K.K. Surrey [S.K, surrey]
A condition which severely compromises women's quality of life and is the cause of many days off work" Research into causes and treatments should be a top priority as it is a very common condition. It makes financial sense for the NHS! [P.H, Matlock]
Fibroids are a painful and also a nuisance in Womans lives., I had them when I was younger and my daughter has them., they made my life uncomfortable., also unbearable and at times I could,nt wait for my menopause just to rid of them., I have 3 daughters., and also I dont wish these gastly objects of growth on anyone woman., the more research into these growths the better,,,,,,, [P.F, Holborn., London.,]
I have four fibriods, one invading the lining of my womb. After 8 years, age 47 I am now suffering extreme bleeding symptoms. Cycle all over the place. Cyklokapron, now back on Noresthisterone, and new this week mefenamic acid, I am waiting to go back to St Marys (Professsor Regan presentation is a must to see Google it) MRI I believe is the way forward. Ladies of all ages can and will benefit, funding has changed for St Marys (they have their own MRI suite) and cannot see me now unless I go private hope to see her again next week, but I strongly recommend all of u read her results AMAZING, non invasive beats embolisation hands down. Fingers crossed for me and you lets push this one for us all. 2 days post treatment back at work !! [B.N, Coventry]
I would like to be able to find out more about fibroids and miscarriage and pregnancy as I feel that information is vague and GP's do not give enough info to fibroid sufferers [A.J, Bournemouth]
I didn't even know what fibroids were until I got a diagnosis. If 40% of women are supposed to have them then why aren't they known about in the general population. I very much doubt I have spent my (so far) 20 years National Insurance contributions on NHS treatment, so I want some of them spent on publicising the existance of this condition and research into the condition!! [A.M, Downpatrick]
We want and need more research so that women have more choices as to treatment, not just hysterectomy. "I don't know what you're keeping it for" was my doctor's comment. In 2012, this attitude is outrageous and offensive. [C.B, Bexleyheath]
Fibroids are a distressing matter for some women, including myself, and I feel that more research should be conducted in this area. [K.H, Cheshunt]
Women need to have better awareness of fibroids and more money needs to be invested in research and treatment. [K.J, London]
NHS choice seems to be hysteroscopy or full hysterectomy. surely there must be other options [C.S, Dorchester]
The whole miserable condition of fibroids needs to be researched thoroughly. Butchery seems to be the only option for large or bothersome fibroids. I feel let down by the NHS after being told by numerous gynaes to wait and see what happens with your fibroids. 3 years later and hoping for a myomectomy, my surgeon has now changed her mind and hysterectomy is my only option at 40. I am in so much pain from degenerating fibroids and the hospital wont do an emergency op as its not life threatening. Women are suffering,and not getting the help they need. Something needs to be done and now! [L.B, DUNOON]
Having Fibroids has impacted on my life, affecting my general health and well-being and my work. For the sake of us sufferers, please do all you can to help! [C.A, Cardigan]
There needs to be more information out there. I feel that the doctors know very little about fibroids, which is concerning! Before my miscarriage, i asked several doctors and midwives for information on pregnant with fibroids and there was no information available. [M.O, London]
Find a drug that will work already on the long term. Enough of surgery. Big Pharma, Big problem. If this were a men's condition, they would have had a pill years ago. I guess they are too busy working on erectile disfunction. How about working on finding a drug that helps a woman function and have some quality of life. [D.H, Palm Coast]
Just returned from a gyny appointment. Offered partial hysterectomy for my fibroids. Seems that this is the ONLY permanent solution - nothing has changed in 30 years - same solution offered to my mother! [G.K, London]
I was diagnosed 2004 after 5 years of hell!!!! trials ar needed as it also helps doctors better understand by listening to the female patient instead of being dismisse that you imagin the pain or the lump that gets prominent close to your period every month!!! I will like to have a child but my lumps are quite large and i already had a myomectomy. more trial mint mean better ways of shrinking tumrs for women like me who wantchildren. [B.H, london]
I was first told I had cyst 20 years ago, I went on to have 3 C-section. My 3rd pregnancy I kept going into pre- labour and was then told I have 6 fibroids that was causing this. I have the mariena coil put and although this has help my periods I still have so much pain and discomfort. I dont know much about fibriods and so does my doctors, the permanent options given to me is hysterectomy. I have now decided to go through with this after 5years of suffering. My quality of life has been compromise and I am really frustrated and miserable due to lack of information and treatment.HELP VB Croydon. [V.B, Surrey]
I have just been diagnosed with fibroids 1 large and 1 smaller, I have suffered pain for up to 8 years and thought it was just a hormonal thing (now aged 48) now I can hardly move with the back and pelvic pain! The Doctors are absolutely rubbish and all they want to do is either give you the pill or merina - which they have talked me into 3 times now!! Only to cause me more pain and suffering ANY woman who has painful periods should be able to have a scan to see if fibroids are the issue and Drs should stop throwing these so called alternatives at us - I never knew how painful and depressing they could be and how much effect they can have on your daily life! [J.B, Bewdley]
Research is really needed for fibroids. I appreciate that the internet is available, so I, as a sufferer can get and gain access to the information that is needed. However, not everyone has access to the internet, thus it is important that research should become a reality so that all women who are sufferers from fibroids can fairly access the information whenever they come [T.O, London]
I have recently been diagnosed with fiboids, as a result of symptoms affecting my way of life. I have already been to 2 different hospitals and have only been offered contraceptives that'll 'cover up' some of the symptoms! I want children at some point in my life, so contraception isn't the bnest option for me. why haven't I been offered treatment for the fiboids!? more research need to happen, and medical professionals need to be made aware of ALL the options available. If this isn't sorted longterm, it could affect my career as I'm medically downgraded and not able to do what I signed up to do. MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO HELP WOMEN WITH FIBROIDS! [M.B, Devon]
I have suffered with the condition of fibroids for over 16 years. It has caused the death of my children as the fibroid pushed against the evolving foetus, precipitating spontaneous termination of their lives. Latterly, the fibroids have produced symptoms which are painful and the size of myomas is extremely large. Surgeons have told me that it is now risky to consider removal as they are too large. However, when they were small, I was told that they were not large enough to remove as they would simply grow back. They now measure approx. 25.8cm x 15.8 cm x 23cm, which equates to 9375 cc. The estimated weight of these non-cancerous tumours is 1.5 stones (9.5 kilos). This is after one UAE. This additional weight must put stress on my heart as is it like carrying a sack of potatoes everywhere! I wonder how many doctors or politicians would allow their family members to undergo such continued misery, pain and discomforture. I estimate that the number would be very low. I run my own business and it would be comforting to think that my health was robust, rather than having to worry about possible side effects and painful symptoms whilst I am working. It would make sense to me, to understand early treatments which are available and research in how to deal with this condition in a timely manner. The alternative to such a reasonable request, is to perpetrate a higher level of absence from work for many sufferers; higher costs for the NHS at later stages; a diminished quality of life for patients, which is contrary to the expectations of taxpayers. If I have to fund a surgical procedure privately, I will take legal action to recover my costs. [A.G, Chessington]
New to Fibroids so no opinion as yet. [S.E, Boston]
I have fibroids. The only treatment I was offered was a removal of my womb. This upset me as I know there are other treatments available , but we\'re not offered.Im 48 now and may be they will shrink when I go though the menapause.I am prepared to put up with painful periods. [C.B, Willenhall Westmidlands]
Just been diagnosed, can\'t afford time off for hysterectomy, hope I have other options [A.H, Marsden, Huddersfield]
Having suffered for many years with fibroids I insisted to my GP that I be referred to see a Gynaecologist rather than try drugs, the Mirena coil etc. My consultant recommended an ablation, which did work for a short time, however, I went back to see her again after 6 months and had an MRI scan. This showed a large fibroid which was treated with a Uterine Arterial Ablation via an Interventional Radiologist, who is a specialist in the treatment of fibroids. This worked for 3 years but now I am back to square one and due to have a fibroid resection carried out next week, having been advised by my consultant that a hysterectomy was the only solution. I was adamant that there must be another option, hence the resection. I am hoping it works this time, as at 45 I don't really want to have a full hysterectomy as a single working parent. More research needs to be carried out to look at the link between diet and fibroids, as an alternative to the drug therapies that are offered to treat the condition in the early stages. [M.D, Windlesham]
I am shocked at how fast fibroids can grow, i had an ablation in my womb and after 15 months i now have a large 12cm x 10cm x 7cm alien in my body!! [S.O, Scarrington]
I had the procedure UAE performed with life changing results. To all fellow suffers, ask your GP and gynaecologists to refer you for this treatment. Don't wait for years being fobbed off with tablets and coils. No one ever mentioned this procedure to me, I hadn't heard of it until I found it by doing my own research. [E.B, Choppington]
Too easily brushed aside, and their impact underestimated [J.P, Warrington]
Programator [D, ]
Women get a raw deal when it comes to the treatment of fibroids. [S.C, Oxford]
More research has to be done on this as a sufferer.Lots of unbearable pain at times. [J.O, warrington]
Recently diagnosed, and told I might need a hysterectomy, Im reluctant as it may disappear after the menopause and I am 52. However the condition is making my life wretched. More research please as there has to be an alternative to surgery. [Y.C, Westhope, Hereford]
not enough is done to help women with this condition. It effects our lives every month and we are fobbed off with useless pills that make no difference at all and just prolong our suffering. don't we women go through enough??? [T.L, halton, lancaster]
I have just been diagnosed with fibroids. I am feeling pretty scared as I didn't expect it and don't know anything much about them. I have no idea what treatment is available and what to do. Mine is large and I wish it had been detected earlier - I suspect that treatment options could be limited because of its size. More needs to be known about this condition. [J.M, CROYDON]
Research into fibroids and development of treatment options is essential for better healthcare for women. I've had unrecognised & untreated fibroids for over 10 years resulting in days off sick from work every month and almost constant anemia which leaves me exhausted all the time. The impact on a womans daily life is huge & the cost to the economy enormous. Please campaign for this important health issue to be taken seriously and raise awareness of the negative impact that it has for 1 out of 3 women and for society as a whole. [K.S, Tring]
Yes we need more research into this condition. Also greater awareness of the effects of HRT on fibroids. [C.G, Martlesham]
I have had a 6cm fibroid which was diagnosed four years ago, before that I had a smaller one taken out by keyhole in 1997. I cannot believe that we have to have so much surgical intervention for a common but life affecting condition Upon visiting my local hospital, I was advised to have a hystorectomy, as fibroids tend to bleed greatly! I am due another scan soon, but I will not concede to such a drastic intervention... [S, Leamington Spa]
For such a common problem more research and funding is needed. I suffer with painful heavy periods due to a fibroid and wonder if my symptoms will get worse as I am only 45. 3 of my aunts all had fibroids and all had to have an hysterectomy 20 odd years ago. Please add my name to petition. [L.G, Halesowen]
I suffer from fibroids and i would like to find more information. [K.A, Colchester]
This is a health issue that has affected every woman in my family over generations. In that time, a cure has been elusive and the treatment advances minimal. I would like see this condition taken seriously and more funding for research in to the causes and treatment, so that the next generation of women can live without the blight of fibroids. [M, Nottingham]
GP's should give info before fibroids get out of control. [K.L, Nr Lewes]
I have just been diagnosed with fibroids and had no idea that all the symptoms i've been suffering over the last ten years have probably been due to these. Awaiting appointment with my GP to discuss the options. I am preparing to arm myself with as much info as possible as judging by the comments i've been reading not enough is known about the condition. I'm 53 but i'm not prepared now to wait and see if they disappear aafter the menopause. I want to feel better NOW!!! More research please to save future generations what we have been going through for years. [D.B, CHESTER]
I believe that we should all be offered a yearly ultrasound to check for fibroids and any other issues. I have had a seven plus years battle to find out I have fibroids, endometriosis, IBS, adhesions, and last but not least pain. If I had been able to have access to a yearly check up, I can't help thinking I would be a little better place than i am today. I have been advised that as my many fibroids are small, they are not a problem and in themselves do no require treatment. I have a full hysterectomy booked in September, I am 40, its not what I want, but after other treatments have failed, I am not sure where I go from here. Its a 100% campaign support from me. We need more funding and research. A CHOICE of a yearly full checkup. Many more options when a diagnosis is made. (East Midlands UK) [S, LEICS]
Womens' voices will be heard! [P.C, stourbridge]
I have been back and forth to my Doctors for about 2 years until recently being told that my womb is full of fibroids. I cannot explain how much pain I have been through and how embarrassing it has been to bleed so heavily. I am due to see a gynaecologist next week and hope that I do not have to wait too long for surgery... Please prioritise this issue. [A.W, Nottinghamshire]
Having fibroid made my physical and mental stage weak, i wish i find a doctor in Hawaii where i live to treat me better and pay attention on my pain,my symtoms that i go through, its been accuring lately on a daily basis and its affecting my lifestyje as a motherbof three daughters and grandmother 3x, im hoping to find better medication or affordable cure in the future. Goodluck [B.S, ewa beach]
I think Fibroids should be treated quicker I know woman who have suffered terribly with pain/heavy bleeding for years and are way past wanting more of a family yet are left before getting treatment. [M, Falkirk]
I think we need more funding and research done on fibroids. [C.B, Davengry]
More research needs to be done to get a better understanding of why fibroids develop and how women can avoid this problem. A permanent treatment solution also needs to be found so please do spread awareness of the luck of enough funding to do indepth research onto this conditions that is crippling millions of women across the world. [J.B, Dunstable]
I've been battling with fibroids for about 10 years now and have had 3 miscarriages. As a result of the fibroids am very aneamic which required me to have blood transfusions a couple of weeks back. My doctor is investigating the cause of my anaemia though I personally know is the fibroids as I have very heavy and painful periods! I most times have to breath and push to pass out the clots as if am in labour during my periods, which is abit scary! [M.K, Mitcham]
I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids and the biggest surprise and that no-one has no idea about what causes it and that the treatments are so brutal. Surely, given the vast numbers of women who are afflicted by this disease, it is time fibroid research is made a priority. I'm happy to take part in a study. [S.W, London]
was told i had large fibroids in sept 2011 was told i had to have a hysterectomy was given all the wrong info by gp. have had to change gp who is great she has found i am very animic and sent me to another hospital who are wasting my time by promising treatment then calling me in and not giving the treatment and ignoring my sever needle fobia and loosing notes about my condition. now waiting for anther 2 week to see if fibrib is cancerous with a vage promise of treatment with zoladex and surgery.N.H.S. drug page recomends that zoladex is only usesd for max of 3 months consultant talked about this as long term therapy looked drug up side effecs are bad good chance of forced menopause illness and having to be off work while on drug have been treated as a nusence and constant delay in treatment has made my condition a lot worse and i am now feeling like the only light at the end of the tunnel is to end my life as every time i see some one at the hospitals they make my quality of life worse not better [S.S, ilford]
Recently diagnosed only after private consultation. Unclear what to do next. More guidance on treatment and management options needed. [B.S, London]
more research needed [A, London]
I have suspected I have sufford with this for many years only to be fobbed off by the medical profession and we have been unable to conceive a child also, only by going to see a private specialist have I had it confirmed the factt I had all the symptoms and I had been treated for unitarey Track infections for many years for which the medication never worked just relieved symptoms. This does need to be reaerched more heavility in this Country America are far ahead of us with research and when you have al the symptoms its a horrible illness to suffer from and very frustrating as its stops you in your tarcks. [K.W, Barrowford]
I suffer from fibroids and I feel I have been messed about with the treatment I have recieved [L.L, Slough]
Fibroids cause so much pain even though I had embolation I\\\'m in constant pain everyday and it gets me down [M.B, St columb major]
my periods stopped 5 years old, so why am I still having trouble with my fibroids? [P.H, Woodingdean, Brighton]
I have been suffering with a fibroid for a long time & will be having surgery,im 28 and the thought of not having anymore children is devastating,i had no idea what a fibroid was until now & has made my life hell,i think more should be done to help young women aware.q [L, Basingstoke]
I have suffered from repeated fibroids and found that there are very few non-invasive treatment options available. This is a very common condition and the impact on the lives of women who suffer from fibroids is massive so I would urge that funding into research is given a priority. [Z.G, Swinton]
Had both fibroids and endometrian cysts, my Gyno recommended an endoscopy and have recovered well so far. [M.C, Radlett]
Better knowledge will make early detection possible and lead to informed treatment and with education help inform younger women [R.C, St Helena Island, SAO]
More research please [K.J, Sowerby bridge]
I've been diagnosed with a large fibroid around 12 cm, I'm only 30, I want to have children. My periods are extremely heavy, which has resulted me on anaemia. I have not been given options by the gyn that I've been seen for the last year, only scans and monitoring, on my last consultation I was told the operation was risky so I could lose my womb. I have tried several herbal treatments but they don't seemed to make much difference, so the fibroid is still there and I can probably just carry on growing. I just wish more research is done into fibroids that help understanding them better and possibly find a cure or not such an invasive treatmet that threat womens bodies so badly. [M.A.M, Llantrisant]
Fibroids should be a routine part of any prepregnancy or early pregnancy consultation to help women understand their own fertility and understand the possible outcomes early! [D.F, London]
I was diagnosed with fibroids during routine ultrasounds and although they were never that much of a problem, when I became pregnant things changed. I experienced bleeding during the first trimester of my pregnancy and pain in the location fo the fibroids, but doctors dismissed that these symptoms were related to the fibroids and the midwifes did not really give me advice or note that fibroids might interfere with delivery and did not schedule ultrasounds to check the growth of the fibroids. In the end We moved overseas and I was placed in the care of a gynacologist who as part of standard practice did an ultrasound at 32 weeks and noted that the fibroids had doubled in size, were impacting on my babies head, was partally blocking the birth canal and placed in such a way that a c- section delivery was very dangerous. As a result, she monitored the size of the baby and I was induced at 39 weeks to make sure the baby was small enough to give me the best chance of a natural delivery avoiding a c-section. I do not believe in the UK they would have treated my fibroids in such a way and I would not have had special interventions to make sure the risks were lowered. [E.P, Ruislip]
Having a fibroid of 8*8.5 cm I have been offered 2 options for removal, those being uterine immobilisation (if suitable) or a hysterectomy. At the age of 41 I most certainly do not want a hysterectomy and I\\\'m not convinced that immobilisation would be a healthy option in light of hopes to conceive. Myomectomy possibly would be better - but not offered to me - why not? [K.P, Wishaw]
Having just learned that I have a fibroid which is symptomatic I support any research into fibroids. [S.B, WALLINGTON]
I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids. I do not understand why it is not tested for with a smear test. If I would have known earlier I could have made decisions about having children earlier. I only found out when I was having a baby and was in excruciating pain. I lost the baby and gained a massive fibroid instead. Many doctors seem to have no idea about what my options are and there is very little research to ease a patients mind. This site is very important. [N.A, London]
I was 28 when I was told I had fibroid\'s I had one taken out involving surgery at 30 and now after having a second one removed at 33 also involving surgery there need's to be more Research as I have lost 3 pregnancy in the last 2 years. [K, Tangmere]
Having had fibroids for many years and being told by a consultant that "it'll all go away soon with the menopause" when in fact the pain and symptoms have gotten 100% worse, thought I'd sign up for the education of the people that should know! [S.B, Margate]
Earlier diagnosis is required given the variety of symptoms fibroids can cause. Limited treatment options when they get too large. [S.H, Minehead]
More research is needed for this condition which can cause real difficulties for many women on a daily basis. [D.E, Liverpool]
Been trying to conceive since late 2009, had my second myomectomy Dec 2011 and still not been able to conceive. I suspect the fibroids have grown back. I strongly vote for further research in Fibroids. [M.T.K, Sawbridgeworth, Herts]
I have discussed my fibroid problem and the only advice so far is to undergo a hysterectemy. [N.G, Tregarth, Bangor]
I would like more research be done into the reason for having fibroids. [A.K, chatham]
More research is needed. Women should not still be loosing their womb and ovaries to fibroids as a matter of course! [J.G, Matlock]
GP diagnosis very poor and non specific, diagnosed with chronic fatigue and anaemia, despite the fact of telling GP I had fibroids. Early detection is necessary as my uterus has ended up into my belly button. I hear many women distressed at misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis with common symptoms. [D.M, Newmills]
I have recently undergone a myomectomy surgery, for a large fibroid that made me look 6 or 7 months pregnant. However, I thought I was just putting weight on, so it went undetected for a long time. To be told that I had to have a major surgery at the age of 24 was terrifying, to say the least. I was shocked that there wasnít a less intrusive method available. But, as the fibroid was so large, I was told I would have to have the surgery in 3 months, after I just turned 25. I was not happy about this, especially considering that the recovery period takes about 6 weeks- I mean how would inform my employers about this?! Therefore, I agree that more research needs to be done into fibroids. The fact that doctors cannot say specifically what causes them is appalling. There should be less intrusive options available for the removal of fibroids, especially if itís large. This should be resolved. I also agree that many gynaecologist doctors funnily enough seem to be male; I think they need to be more sensitive when discussing options with their female patients. I postponed my surgery for a month, and the senior doctor I talked to about it was very obtuse and quite condescending about my decision. If any doctors are reading this- women are not going to be happy when you say the only option to remove this tumour growing inside you is through surgery! So please try to be a little more understanding and sensitive about it. [A.C, London]
Considering how common fibroids is, it is quite shocking that there is so little research out there. More must be done to stop the trauma that many women and their families go through in having these benign tumours removed. [R.M, London]
There is not enough information about how this condition is contracted. The medical staff have no information, which could be scary for patients. This needs to be on every doctors thoughts as to what causes, thyroids. [L.M, London]
I believe more research needs to be done in this area. This is particularly important particularly when the condition affects very young women of child-bearing age as it is very drastic and traumatic for any young person to ultimately have go down the road of having an hysterectomy. It is also interesting why the condition affects women of Afro-Caribbean decent. [J.C, Hayes]
Why am I told by a male consultant that I have to have a Hysterectomy when there are other options? [L.N, Letchworth]
I think it's appalling that more hasn't been done in fibroid research. It may not be a life threatening condition but it's certainly a life crippling one. I know several women including myself who have fibroids and some of the symptoms we suffer are very painful and at times debilitating. I almost died after delivering my daughter because of heavy blood loss from fibroids. I had to have emergency surgery and almost lost my womb. I spent a number of days in intensive care. That was the end of a pregnancy that was frightening, traumatising, debilitating and painful. All because of these awful monsters living inside me that I didn't ask for. Politicians please DO something! [B.H, London]
Uterine fibroids worth every fiber of research... [T, Waltham Forest]
Over the past year I have met so many of my friends who are suffering from the disease and back in Africa it has become so common and yet there is very little awareness. It is getting to scary proportions. Dismissed as a woman's disease, but it is affecting our wives, mothers, sisters, children and hence the need to take it more seriously. [T.C.L, London]
Had fibroids removed last week. I am signing this petition as I would really like more information on the causes of them. [J.M, surbiton]
Fibroids cause so much misery & anxiety above all the physical symptoms - more research is definitely needed. [N.C, Gloucester]
I believe GP do not have the knowledge they need with regard to women who present with symptoms of fibroids. I believe GPs do require education to recognise symptoms and offer early referral to a specialist. Fibriod do negative impact on a woman's quality of life [S.T, Bradord]
Fighting fibroids is a global problem. There isn't any reason why it shouldn't be at the top for research and NATURAL treatment as a large percent of childbearing women are affected. Besides, humans shouldn't have to live a life of misery, in some cases, just because they can't afford or want surgery. To end, with technology, hysterectomies should be redundant already. Visit my website, , to see what home remedies are available. Thanks! [M.W, Coral Gables]
I strongly support the call for more research into fibroids. At 28 years old I could not cope with the misery caused by fibroids any longer and opted for an endometrial ablation. I have been told by doctors that in the end the only cure will be a hysterectomy. I believe that improving fibroid treatment would improve the lives of the huge numbers of women who are affected. [T.S, Loughborough]
More research is needed urgently. Most women i know had never heard of fibroids until i was diagnosed. i now am forced to have a hysterectomy at the age of 34.while this is needed to regain my quality of life it is not a \'cure\'.there should be a way to help other women before they get to where i am now [C.B, Doncaster]
I have been having heavy bleeding and painful periods for many years now and within the last year I was diagnosed with fibroids. I had an endemetrial ablasion in March 2012, but the problems have come back and in some cases are worse. I am back at the hospital the end of Janaury 2013 and hope they can sort it - I am tired, have back ache and am either bleeding or spotting and now have excema down there from constantly having to wear some form of protection as I dotn trust my body - I am also sick of having to take a big bag where ever I go so I can take a change of underwear, wipes and extra protection. [S.M, Choppington]
removal of the uterus to treat fibroids is overkill and unnecessary causing suffering and an increased risk of ill health! There are alternatives such as embolisation which should be the number 1 choice!! [C.C, Farnham]
I have suffered from torrential bleeding for several years, and thought it was part of growing older (I am 51). I had a hysteroscopic resection last week and am hoping that this will sort the problem out. It is only since my fibroids were discovered a couple of months ago, and I have talked to friends and colleagues, that I have realised what a common problem fibroids are and what misery they cause so many women. [C.G, London]
ive never heard of this before at first i thought i had thyroid? plus im pregnant so i really dont know what to expect? [S.H, Birmingham]
Help, much more research needed. Give so many good women their quality of life back. [R.B, St Albans]
Please investigate as an urgent priority as GP's usually push Hysterectomy & Hormone treatments which have a vast impact on quality of lifestyle. As a Crew Manager of the Fire Service I am desperately trying to find alternatives as this could have a devastating impact on my career. Thank-you. [S.W, ABBOTS BROMLEY]
Please [J.B, Oxford]
I would like more research to be done on Fibroids, I have just had a Laparoscopy and Hysterectomy and a large cervical fibroid has been located and 'could be' the cause of my painful periods I couldhave told them this yonks ago and although I don't want kids I don't particularly want a hysterectomy, get researching! [K, Preston]
Had abdominal pain and was sent for scan. 2.5cm fibroid was found. GP said pain was due to indigestion. Nothing done about the fibroid. About. a year later started having very heavy period, another GP said was menopause. Had to insist for another scan and lo and behold the fibroid had grown to 10cm. Insisted to see a consultant. Just saw one and now waiting to have hysterectomy. I am getting to 50. and have 3 kids so dont really mind the op. but if its a younger person who had to go through this and end up with a hysterectomy that will be very bad. [G.R, Southampton]
It seems that medical professionals need this as much as sufferers so that they are in confident in prescribing alternatives to \'have a baby\'. [M.M, Coventry]
how can we prevent, cure , help ourselves and NOT line the pockets of surgeons - there has to be a better way! [C, london]
I currently suffer with fibroids that were so painful they thought I had appendicitis. I am going to consultations to find out the best route to take but it's rather scary and there is no sympathy. I am constantly told it's a condition that affects women esp Afro/Caribbean women so get used to it. It's difficult because it's something I could possibly live with as it's not a life/death situation but to be shirked off and told to go do my own research is a little disheartening. [S.P, London]
This needs research, i have only been offered hysterectomy, nobody wants to do anything else. I do not accept this . [K.N, rainham essex]
I agree that as a very common problem which is not well understood, research into fibroids ust be prioritised. I had to have a hysterectomy due to very large fibroids which caused extreme pain each month. This treatment was drastic and has led to severe chronic post-op pain and disability one year on. I am adding my name here because I wish other women to be prevented from the horrific complications of radical surgery for this common condition. [E.J, London]
The pain and complications of Fibroids affect thousands of women of all ages. This suffering and disruption to their lives must be addressed. Much more research needs to be undertaken to find out what causes Fibroids, and serious advances made into developing new treatments. We need Governments in the EU to pledge funding for Uterine Fibroid Research and Education. A situation that was addressed in the USA in June 2005 with a Act making fibroid funding compulsory. [C.T, Swindon]
The pain and complications of Fibroids affect thousands of women of all ages. This suffering and disruption to their lives must be addressed. Much more research needs to be undertaken to find out what causes Fibroids, and serious advances made into developing new treatments. We need Governments in the EU to pledge funding for Uterine Fibroid Research and Education. A situation that was addressed in the USA in June 2005 with a Act making fibroid funding compulsory. [C.T, Swindon]
I feel that this is an area that is often overlooked and women left to suffer horrendous sysmptoms until Fibroids worsen! [J.H, Plymouth]
After 20 years experiencing what I assumed were extremely painful stomach aches and repeatedly being diagnosed as 'probably having IBS' by doctors, it is only in pregnancy that I have discovered I have huge fibroids. I had never even heard of them before. If 1 in 3 women experience them, more research should be undertaken to find ways of non invasive pain management and alternative removal methods, [S.C, Macclesfield]
After 20 years experiencing what I assumed were extremely painful stomach aches and repeatedly being diagnosed as \'probably having IBS\' by doctors, it is only in pregnancy that I have discovered I have huge fibroids. I had never even heard of them before. If 1 in 3 women experience them, more research should be undertaken to find ways of non invasive pain management and alternative removal methods, [S.C, Macclesfield]
I have had fibroids for a few years its very distressing i speak to different drs i get no answers on the subject. My minds spinning on what to have done as i cant live with fibroids anymore. I want my life back and my sanity. [M.M, scunthorpe]
fibroids are a huge issue to women and becoming increasingly diagnosed. Hysterectomy should not be the only option to women and holistic ways of treating the problem need to be found asap [A.A, Wallasey]
In my view this action is long-overdue to have the spotlight and funding put into research into this very debilitating condition. [E.S, Bexleyheath]
A common problem does not equate to an acceptable problem. Women's lives are so interconnected to others that the whole of society would benefit if fibroids were treated effectively. [A.G, Kenilworth]
gd website, yes def needs more research. I m suffering in silence, with other women just telling me to get sorted out. Haven t been able to have children because of problems and have just had my whole life spoilt,more should be done! [J, tean ,staffs]
gd website, yes def needs more research. I m suffering in silence, with other women just telling me to get sorted out. Haven t been able to have children because of problems and have just had my whole life spoilt,more should be done! [J.B, tean ,staffs]
It took 10 years for me to get treatment for my fibroids as the NHS didnt know how to deal with cases in young people such as myself. I spent 10 years suffering and feel that more needs to be done to research these fibroids to prevent this happening to anyone else in the future. [K.P, HORSHAM]
We need improved responses from our GPs and understanding of the pain, distress and debillitating effect fibroids have on women. Being told to manage severe pain is simply not good enough. [R.S, Telford]
Some help for the larger lady [M..J.G, Rochford]
When this condition appears to be on the increase and can be the cause of chronic fatigue, pain and discomfort for so many, it stuns me to consider how poorly served women are in respect of early diagnosis and permanent non-invasive treatments. More research into ithe causes and effective treatments is necessary . It isn\\\'t just a woman\\\'s issue - families, husbands and the economy are affected too. Please take this seriously. Will please work!!!??? [C.C, Kingston]
Need better GP service and understanding. Individuals need to be taken seriously, especially by male doctors and the NHS. [M, london]
Need better GP service and understanding. Individuals need to be taken seriously, especially by male doctors and the NHS. [M, london]
I was diagnosed back in the 90's. My then GP (Birmingham) although very sweet,was miss guided. He said "they're small, tiny in fact and wont cause any problem, don't worry" Roll forward to 2008 I had forgotten about the Fibroids! I had moved from my home town. I went to new GP Practice in the Greater London area. It took a further 2years of going back and forth with symptoms. I was actually laughed out of the surgery room the first time with "So you thing you have cancer??? (Unfortunately I had chosen the day that Jade Goodie had past away and the media was advising women to go to GP's). I told the GP at that time no I don't think its cancer, i just know something is not right. Things changed when I remembered I had a pre-existing condition. New scan found around 5 good sized growths; possible more but they were unable to see fully. The only option I was offered by my GP (no specialist involved) was full hysterectomy. I was 45 years at that time and not yet found Mr Right or had a child. They just said 'why would you want child at this age? I felt my opinion was truncated by the 2 GP's I saw on later dates. *I would like to have the GP's educated and their bedside manner improved. *More options should be made known to us! Only through on-line research have I found other means to treat my fibroids. I'm now (nearly) 47 and my fibroids have recently become very large and painful. They're pressing on my bladder, back and stomachÖ.I look pregnant! I'm fed up of the questions and stares around my belly. I want to have FIBROID EMBOLISATION as I feel this would be the best option for meÖ..but will they see that?? *How do I get my options heard? *Can I request to go to a more sympathetic hospital/clinic? Or even go to a different town? (I saw on line that Birmingham have a well established Fibroid Clinic (private) which is also link to one of the NHS hospitals (Heartlands, not my fav hospital though). *Why are we having to 'battle' for appropriate treatment? Currently off-sick with severe Fibroid associated pain. [S.W, Greater London]
An important area to research. I suffered from really heavy periods due to fibriods. I eventually got to see a specialist and had some of them removed, things are better, but I have been told they will return.Need to find a way to prevent this happening. Fibriods really affect a womens life, more research is needed. [C.B, Cinderford]
Much more research and understanding is required of the impact fibroids have on women's lives. Much more research into the part genetics play and if fibroids are hereditary and how much life style and emotions contribute. [M, birmingham]
I pray and hope that there will be much research in treating fibroid. [Y.A, Milton Keynes]
I\'d really like to see an alternative to \"having to have a hysterectomy\". Some ladies, including me, would rather not loose their uterus. [A.E, Helston]
The need for more research and awareness is vital. My family GP surgery has given bad advice and not looked at all treatment options. This has resulted in a close family member suffering for the last 10 years. [R.D, London]
I suffered from horrendous periods throughout my 20s and repeated doctor\'s appointments yielded no attempt at any investigation. At the age of 31, finally my GP examined me to find a very large fibroid. The decision to have a myomectomy before you\'ve had children is the most difficult one I\'ve had to make. Unfortunately after one miscarriage and the fibroid increasing in size I now have no choice. I have faith in my consultant, but I feel sad that she\'s the only one who has really taken this seriously and informed me (in an un- scary way) about my options. [E, Bristol]
Really poor service from NHS so far. Totally clueless [L, Edinburgh]
Please increase the funding for research into the causes, detection and treatment of fibroids. They have caused my mother years of misery and are now threatening my daughter's hopes of a child. [O.W, Leeds]
my sister has fibroid and went under operation after giving birth she is a strong individual who is now constantly suffering and in pain due to lack of treatments available. [K.H.N, lee]
My mother has got fibroids and she was lucky to fell pregnant with my little sister. It not making my mum feel any good about herself and its ringing her down, the doctor said that it is more likely that she would not have anymore children, I hope we all can help get all the support we need. [C, Warrington]
Research needs to be done to find out more! [E.C, St Helens]
The topic should be given more awareness. So should MS also. [J.M, Warrington]
Find the cure quick so we can help people as soon as possible [S.A, Lewisham]
I have a relative who her mum is diagnosed with fibroids. She is very brave and I know she can take care of her mum. I want to sign up this petition to help and support this and make an awareness of this. [L, Manchester]
Patients should be advised of all treatment options not pushed towards hysterectomy. Removal of ovaries should not be necessary. Gynaecologists should not assume that older women want to have the surgery [C.H, Chepstow]
Help for the people in need [K.S, Tonbridge]
Government should be funding research for all identifiable illnesses so that a cure or ailment could be available to all people\'s who may someday rely on a cure. The highest possible standard of physical and mental health is a right for all human beings. As stated in the International covenant on economic social and cultural rights - Article 12 [M.K, Catford]
I am in for this research, scientists should try to save us. I am anemic most times of the month. something needs to be done.Thanks [R, Kampala]
I am sick of the misery my fibroids cause me. I want my life back. Myomectomy and Mirena has NOT worked for me. Long term anaemia cannot be good for anyone. Not only do most GPs lack any kind of empathy or understanding, but it takes forever to get an appointment... then they wonder why we get emotional. More research please! [E.C, Slough]
We need help to solve this condition. [N.B, Newtownards]
find the cause and surely we can fight the problem. Abdominal myomectomy in 2010 age 31. Diagnosed with extensive blood clot in January this year and discovered this week that it is caused by a new fibroid pressing on my iliac fossa vein. [E.L, London]
I was given an ultrasound in 2005 as part of diagnosis of potential gall bladder issues. I have had bad periods for many years before that - often up to 18 days of heavy bleeding and clots - and been badly iron anaemic as well. Each GP I have seen (usually male) since then has just said 'Oh you have fibroids, no wonder your periods are bad and you are anaemic as a result' and offered no further investigation, support or treatment. I finally (8 years later) managed to get a female GP to agree to a further ultrasound only by threatening to complain to NHS Cambridgeshire. I am now waiting to see what treatments or referrals I am offered. This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH - how many women have to suffer for years with debilitating issues due to fibroids as GPs just dismiss the whole problem as 'natural'? [H, Ely]
Research into this, will not only enhance womens lives, but promote a positive outcome for those affected. [N.C, Canterbury]
Please fund research into this vital area of womens\' health as it affects women of ll ages. [M.L, North harrow]
I have suffered from fibroids myself asa young woman and felt I was given very little information or treatment options. I fully support this petition. [F.W, congleton]
Let's help women who suffer to get the treatment they deserve in the year 2013! [S.W, Sheffield]
It is high time that this most distressing condition be given the attention and support it most richly deserves. [J.W, Toronto, Ontario]
Sick of doctors not listening,my problem been going on for years...! I can deal with the bleeding its the pain and all the symptoms that go with ended up with mirena..didn't want it,got rid of it want something else now....! [V.B, Preston]
I have been recently diagnosed with fibroids and also recently told by my GP that because I am 50 (and ASSUMED to be near menopause) I will be offered no treatment for them as it will 'spoil their figures'(I assume this means the local NHS trust). More research means more effective and less invasive treatments and perhaps even prevention so hopefully women like me wont just be expected to live, work and cope with the condition without treatment at all [B.I, Portsmouth]
Back in 2001 I almost died due to a massive Fibroid, I have had a number of myomectomies and was also diagnosed with a sever form of Endometriosis. I find it appalling that we are no further along in the treatment of Fibroids in 2013. Initial diagnosis takes too long. The automatic advice for a hysterectomy is no real choice in my opinion.This hasn\'t changed from when an aunt had exactly that happen to remedy her issues with fibroids in the 80\'s. Now a sister has also been diagnosed. Please front up the research, better early detection and non-invasive interventions and treatments. [R.H, Manchester]
Back in 2001 I almost died due to a massive Fibroid, I have had a number of myomectomies and was also diagnosed with a sever form of Endometriosis. I find it appalling that we are no further along in the treatment of Fibroids in 2013. Initial diagnosis takes too long. The automatic advice for a hysterectomy is no real choice in my opinion.This hasn\\\'t changed from when an aunt had exactly that happen to remedy her issues with fibroids in the 80\\\'s. Now a sister has also been diagnosed. Please front up the research, better early detection and non-invasive interventions and treatments. [R.H, Manchester]
descargar musica gratis mp3 [H.B, deptford]
I went to A&E in agony 3 weeks ago with abdominal pain, they did an internal and thought they felt an enlarged uterous. They ask gyny to come and do ultrasound but nobody came so the decided to take out appendix instead just in case this was the cause. Since found out i have a fibroid 5.3cm - i'm still of work still in alot of pain and still haven't seen a gynaecologist got to wait another 4 weeks yet. All the doctor keeps saying is the pain is post op and you can not get pain from fibroids! [A.D, Peterborough]
I recently needed a blood transfusion due to heavy bleeding as a result of fibroids. I have suffered for years but have only recently been told about fibroids following an ultrasound. I am now waiting for a hysterectomy to put an end to the misery caused by fibroids. More research is needed to ensure future generations are not put through unnecessary pain and anguish caused by fibroids. [S.C, Amesbury]
I have had fibroids for years but only in the last year have I realised that it could be what has caused my increasing back pain, urinary leaks, depression, lack of motivation and energy, dizziness and bowel problems. After gently persuading my GP (who did seem a little naive - which I put down to age and experience) that I needed to see a specialist I am now having a hysterectomy and I am extremely pleased. The specialist was wonderful, considered my situation & options very carefully and we came to the same agreement very swiftly. I can say that I feel very well care for under the NHS and I know that I am in good hands and feel positive about the future. I believe that study into any part of how our bodies work and why they do what they do is essential and I would be happy to have explored an alternative, but knowing my situation I am pleased to be in the hands of a very good surgeon. [B, Shaftesbury]
I have been diagnosed with a 9cm fibroid. Unbeknown to me, I now realise it could have caused the 6 miscarriages I have suffered over the years. Because not a lot was known about the link, and no further investigations were carried out, I lost several babies. Looking back now, if more had been known about the links between fibroids and miscarriages, I need not have suffered so much losing all my babies. Also, after trying to donate blood in August 2012, it was discovered that I had this fibroid. It made me so Anaemic I was unable to climb more than 4 stairs without getting breathless. I felt like I was 90 years old - I was 45 years old. It affected my whole life and continues to do so. [C.N, Chorley]
i have just been told i need to my fibroid removed. Its 26 weeks in size. I has never bothered me but ive been told of implications. im 43 and fearing there could be complications.Ive read about different methods in US. Doesnt seem to apply here. [S.C, Ruislip]
It just a very debilitating condition that can affect your system both physically and mentally.low iron level,short of breath,extreme fatigue it also the expense of the strongest pads ,extra washing,ruining clothes and the social becoming unsocial. Please make life more acceptable for women of my age with my condition [B, Humphris st warwick]
More women need to be given ALL the options for fibroid treatment at the earliest stage, not just told \\\"oh they are common, don\\\'t worry about it\\\" Hysterectomy should not be pushed as the only way to treat them. Doctors and gynaecologists need to learn more about fibroids and their treatment. The dismissive attitude toward women and their fibroids needs to stop. [N.C, Stoke-On-Trent]
Having very recently been diagnosed with symptomatic fibroids, 18 months after being told 'not to worry' about the large one that had been found, and understanding that it's so common, why is more not done to understand whether there is a simple test for screening for them. To be in your 30s and facing the prospect of having a hysterectomy is quite frankly shocking and frightening. Just because this isn't cancer, doesn't mean it's not life altering and more should be done to find ways of treating it. [E.C, Aldbourne]
I have suffered /put up with the symptoms of fibroids for years,unable to function and loosing my quality of life for at least a week every month.I have visited doctors and undergone a few unsuccessful procedures.It would seem that the only option left is to have a hysterectomy or is it ? ! [V.A, Newtongrange Dalkeith]
I had a full abdominal hysterectomy 2 1/2 yrs ago.As a result of a fibroid the size of a 5 1/2 month baby, I had lots of problems before, but it was not picked up by my doctor, or gynocolagist.Untill I saw another doctor who picked it up straight away, by then it was to large and causing too many problems and the only wat was surgery. So yes a lot more research should be put into finding out more about fibroids. [S.R, barnstaple]
I feel we need to know more about fibroids and we need more information about what treatment is out there [L.D, Ilkeston]
Recently diagnosed with a 14cm fibroid. Hospital appointment came impressively quickly because of the need to rule out cancer. Great relief that they don\\\'t think it is cancer, but now made to feel that a fibroid is not that important and now waiting to see a gynae consultant. Fibroids and their symptoms sneak up on you gradually giving more discomfort. One day it dawned on me that at 48 I am still young and shouldn\'t be feeling so worn out. [C.B, Hull]
Women really need more information on fibroids and how to avoid them growing and if they do to get as much help as possible on what treatment they can have [D.C, Stainland Dean,Halifax]
Women really need more information on fibroids and how to avoid them growing and if they do to get as much help as possible on what treatment they can have [D.C, Stainland Dean,Halifax]
No woman should have to suffer the heavy bleeding caused by Fibroids - I have been suffering for 2 plus years [D.N, Shipley]
Too many gynaecologists believe fibroids are not symptomatic and surgery is delayed. Fibroids can really affect daily living and more research needs to be done. [L.G, Meopham, Gravesend, Kent]
We need more help. [E.P, Wandsworth]
I have been getting treatment/ prognosise for over five years more needs to be done for this to be highlighted as a immobilising problem for many women when left. [A.F, Doncaster]
i have seen my GP about my fibroid but she told me and it is quite common for people like me to have this condition. Apparently I shouldn't worry about it. But I do because it is so heave and looks like I am pregnant 52 weeks a year, every year since 5 years ago..... [S.S, Halton Village, Runcorn]
I suffered from fibroids from 26 years of age. My consultant never even checked for them, as his belief was that I was too young to have fibroids, and by the time they were found nearly two years later they resulted in a hysterectomy for me. This lack of research and knowledge of my consultant has resulted in me never being able to have my own children. The consequences to me have been life changing and certainly not in a good way!! [J.B, Ardersier]
An end to the suffering is long overdue,please fund research into the causes and treatments a priority for the UK Government. And introduce better training for all GPs, not just registrars. [M.M, Edinburgh]
Definitely need more research into causes and less invasive treatment. Are they really caused by imbalance in hormones? I had mri guided focused ultra sound, 4 hours in an mri scanner which made absolutely no difference to my fibroids. Spoke to someone who had UAE and that wasn't too successful either. Doesn't seem to be many options except surgery. [N.B, Checkendon]
Why should so many women have to fight their corner where treatments are concerned. Why do we feel as if the start of treatment is the beginning of a long road of pain before something works. Wake up doctors. [C.R, Launceston]
Hi I have fibroids and have been advised put up or get my womb whipped out, great advice NOT! My abdomen is very swollen now look 5 months pregnant as well as other symptoms. I am currently researching consultants in London who specialise in myomectomy. More research is needed and we need to start being treated as human instead of subhuman! [C.N, Greasby]
Have just been diagnosed with multiple fibroids have been offered the mirena coil or a hysterectomy, neither of which are acceptable to me. Luckily I have done my own research, certainly more than the gynaecologist has! [M.P, dukinfield]
Having Fibroids can be a debilitating condition and more time should be spent on finding causes and effective treatment. [S.D, Pencoed]
research must be carried out on fibroids [S, faisalabad]
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I have been diagnosed with fibroids three times in as many years but have not been told whether they can be removed, just that they will be \\\'kept an eye on\\\'. Not very helpful [M.D, Watford]
I fully support the call for further research into all aspects of Fibroids and their effects on womens daily lives, and those who depend upon them. One is left wondering if this affected testicles, would this be left 'hanging' for so long? Fibroids should be everyones concern - much like the breast cancer campaign has become. [N.C, Canterbury]
More education and training should be available to doctors on the subject of fibroids, and awareness needs to be raised of the misery, discomfort and inconvenience caused by fibroids. [J.R, Glasgow]
We need research ...more help could stop hospital stays for hysterectomy s if other. Treatments available. [M.R, Mawdesley]
I support the need for further research for the prevention of fibroids, early intervention natural(herbal) treatments [D.B, romford]
I have had a failed ivf and took meds with warning about fibroids and now have one at 5cm and the discomforts are growing strong, desperately seeking a solution. P.S great website and nice to have this to turn to and give me some guidance - thank you. [R.F, Croydon]
More research, awareness and resources need to be on offer! [L.C, London]
I had a myomectomy exactly a year ago today. Had four blood transfusions, lots of complications from the moment I woke up until a few days after, one thing after another, although I was very fit and healthy. The team were wonderful, all the surgeons and the medical teams were really great. It is not just the physical trauma to your body, but mentally too. They first found mine in 2003 and they were already 3-4 cms, waited along time for the right gynae to come along to actually do something, he was marvellous. The big one they took out was a size of a grapefruit, other smaller. Also wanted children, but I think too late now. You don't just get them in your uterus. What I found amazing is how many women have never heard of them and when they do it is usually the cause of their symptoms. More research is definitely needed. [F, Wimborne, Dorset]
Given the prevalence of fibroids in women, it is my belief that more should be done to raise awareness amongst women, better educate medical professionals (especially in the public sector) with regard to the full range of treatments, and carry out more research towards early detection and non-invasive treatments. [C.C, Alvaston, Derby]
For the past 4 mths i have been having very heavy bleeding. Loosing clots. I visited my doctor as with having the marina coil this was very unusual as i dont have periods. My doctorrefered me for a scan which resulted in them telling me i have fibroids. I asked the radioologist is there anything i can do. She replied you could get the marina coil this somtimes helps!! She failed to recognize during my ultrasound that i have a marina already and have done for nearly 10 yrs.already i am feeling very anxious as to how i can put up with this heamoriging every 3 weeks. [A.B, widnes]
Needs to be taken more seriously [C.O, london]
about time to do something about this, horrible place tobe in with no sufficcient treatment options [C.D, east bilney]
My own doctor and hospital consultant both assumed heavy bleeding and pain wassimply down to my age,50.Doctor at hospital told me that because i had been taking the pill for years i could not have fibroids.However after physical exam he told me i had enlarged womb and fibroids so now awaiting scan and will be injected with hormones to shrink fibroids before next appt in 4 months when he intends to arrange hysterectomy.When i asked if keyhole surgery was not an option he laughed and said that i shouldnt believe everything i read on the internet and that it wasnt an option.Do not have any confidence that I am getting best advice or treatment. [J.W, heathhall, dumfries]
women need better all round services for gynaecological related problems. [D.R, Rutherglen]
I have only just yesterday been diagnosed with a large fibroid and the the need for an urgent hysterectomy. I am 42 and have 2 lovely children but for this to happen is such a major shock. I haven\'t has a period for 10 years due to being on the mini pill and then having such a heavy bleed was so frightening. I had to be rushed to hospital from work (in court) of all places was humiliating and scary. Since leaving hospital yesterday I have seen my GP and doing more research on the internet, I came across this site. Nobody knows why fiboids occur and it does effect a large majority of women as does breast cancer but I agree that there is not alot of publicity about fibroids. I would love if this change and give more women a chance to save their feminity if possible. [S.H.B, port talbot]
Many women suffer from fibroids and it can have a negative impact on their quality of life. In the long run with sufficient research the NHS will save money on surgery that may not be necessary and educate women on their living practices to prevent them from getting worse. I have had two operations and taken time off work to manage and remove my fibroids over three years. The government should encourage pharmaceutical companies to conduct research too and offer grants to universities to enable advancement of the condition. Especially as women are having children later and the population is getting older. I do hope that research will be possible. [M.G.G, Hounslow Middlesex]
'Most women are glad to get everything whipped out', is what my respected gynaecologist told me. This is not good advice for a symptomless fibroid and needs to be challenged far more. [S.M, Kenilworth]
I have to make a choice now. I have two fibroids of about 5cm, heavy bleeding that meant an ambulance was called by my doctor, extreme low pressure, need to pee a lot, bloating, discomfort/pain and Panis attacks from the pain which brings on breathing difficulties and I have asthma. I also have hypothyroidism, eczema, alopecia and possibly lipomatosis (under investigation currently). I'm 42, married and would like the opportunity to try for kid/s. The current options are UAE or abdominal myomectomy, I don't like the idea of either. Research and comparisons need to be made. [J.M, Dorking]
More research now, will surely result in less NHS resources being used in the future. Many women are suffering & this is unacceptable. [E.T, Norwich]
Without real research women will continue to be fobbed off with...'oh they will most likely shrink after menopause' and 'best leave well alone' , unless of course you are crippled by symptoms. I for one would like to be able to make positive choices about my health and the treatment of my fibroids and without research the medical profession will continue to let me down by peddling these myths and will not seriously offer me real alternatives within the NHS. [A.W, Badsey]
Fibroids were unknown to me until I was diagnosed with them at a very late stage. I realise how much doctors and female and male gynecologists always avoided enquiring into my heavy and painful periods. Where they unaware, or disinterested? I don't know, but I realise that it is a taboo issue that needs further medical attention. [S, Laos]
fibroids do enormous damage to women's health, resulting in time off work to cope with excessive bleeding & pain. They can also have a catastrophic effect on fertility. we need an effective treatment now [A.B, Cumbernauld]
My first encounter of Fibroids was back in 2005 and again in 2007. Before that it was not something I had heard about at all so was a complete surprise to me when I heard I had the first one. I only decided to get my symptoms checked out after they got really bad. Raising awareness and research into Fibroids could not be more important. It would provide women with all the information needed so that it is not completely alien. The more information we have out there the better. [S.R, London]
I think the treatment of women and their fibroids is not taken seriously enough. More has to be done to help women suffering from these sometimes very problematic tumours. [D.R, Rutherglen]
There seems to be little new research into a condition which is debilitating for man. I would have hoped that the hyterectomy could have been replaced by a less radical treatment. It's a great shame as it affects many women. [R.M, High Wycombe]
research for better treatment is needed fibroids cause me a lot of pain and other problems i spend at least 4 days a month in bed in terrible pain and very heavey bleeding feel very sick and extremley tired [T.H, netherton, bootle, liverpool]
I support this petition for governmet to put fibroid in the top of agenda for research funding for early detection and more importantly the use of non-invasive treatments. This disease is more common than a lot of people realise. [O.A, Peterborough]
Having recently experienced having a fibroid and never hearing anything about it before, I think more research and awareness etc is imperative. [C.G, Stanford-le-Hope]
Debilitating condition and many women not advised well [A.P, Nether ALderley]
I have a vested interest. [J.B, London]
I have a vested interest. (Sorry my email address in the first sign-up is incorrect). Please use this current sign up as this is correct. [J.B, London]
Fibroids are horrible and as horrible is the unsympathetic and ignorant attitude of the health sector towards this condition that I have so far experienced. I am glad to have found this website and pleased to sign this petition [A.B, Portsmouth]
I recently had a massive fibroid removed & another large fibroid was discovered however during the operation I lost 8 litres of blood & was given a massive transfusion. The consultants took the decision to leave the other large fibroid in place so as not to cause any futher risks to my life. [A.S, Leighton Buzzard]
More research is definitely needed. [K.A, Ellon]
I believe that because fibroid affect women of ethnic minorities, is one of the major reason that lots is yet to be done about it. I wish BFT all the best in achieving its goal and purpose [G.M, kent]
From someone who nearly bled to death only weeks ago due to fibroids, I feel strongly there should be far more research into this all too common condition. The consequences of these foreign invaders ripples throughout families, causing anguish and misery. We have been and continue to be, totally disrupted by the whole thing as I have not been able to fulfil my role as a wife and mother for so long now. [M.E.C, Gazeley, Newmarket, Suffolk]
in my opion doctors dont really see fibroids as a big thing , they say oh no it wont be the fibroids causing you pain its IBS ,Even when diagnosed with three fibroids one measuring 4.5 cms and 2 at 2cms they havent given me any help . I pushed to see a specialist who only offed a full hysterectomy , im 45 and am unsure what to do ,no other treatments have been offered and no information from my gp [K.R, ripley]
Such a hugely affective condition that is hidden behind worried faces. [H.J, Cambridge]
I think more research and money should be placed in helping, supporting and informing woman of all ages of fibroids. [D, Edinburgh]
It is totally unacceptable the lack of research! Hysterectomy is not acceptable. It looks like it is not a priority for the NHS the physical and mental health of women afected by this problem. [I.G, Esher]
There is not enough research being carried for such a condition that can be life-limiting and is so prevalence in the African Carribean community. Having spoken to specialists it is disappointing to be told to simply manage the pain and condition until after I have had children, after which more extreme measures can be taken (hysterectomy) [D.W, Birmingham]
My sister has fibroids and is 25 weeks pregnant and at risk of having to deliver baby soon! More research to be carried out to help pregnant women to carry on with pregnancy and not risk early babies [K.R, Colwyn Bay]
so many women have fibroids that it will be very profitable to drug companies that find a cure or relief drugs, but i wish much more research to be funded into the impact of lifestyle on the formation of fibroids and above all research into PREVENTION by non drug measures such as diet, relaxation or uterine massage for instance, as well as alternatives like phytotherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy. research on measures women can take themselves. [E.P, london]
I am waiting surgery and have only had a brief 5 min conversation with my consultant then I have received to more appointments with a nurse practitioner who on the two occasions gave me conflicting information. I am in constant pain and discomfort every single day - I have had enough - I have been waiting nearly two years from diagnosis and still have not had a date for my appointment. This is causing me stress as my company need to know to get cover for my job as I have been told I will be off work for three months. I am really low and have no quality of life what so ever! [K.L, CARDIFF]
Women are a main contributor to the running of society at home and in the work place. Why should women have to suffer with these type of problems and carry on regardless. If we didn't the world would grind to a halt. I think it is about time we were given more research and cures into our problems!!! [L.S, Wirral]
I started my periods 33 years ago and have not stopped suffering since. Extremely heavy, couldn\\\'t leave the house as I bled so heavily and in so much pain. I took Feminax at the time which would knock me out and take some of the pain away. When my children were in nappies, I would wear one during the night as my bleeding was so heavy with huge liver sized clots coming out. I was diagnosed eventually with fibroids about 8-10 years ago and I was sent to see a \\\'specialist\\\' at the hospital. The \\\'man\\\' told me I shouldn\\\'t be having pain with fibroids and dismissed me. I went home in tears and have suffered since. I have just changed doctors and seen a lovely doctor who referred me for a scan, I am basically riddled with fibroids. I am now waiting for treatment but at last something is being done. I kept having time off work as I was in absolute agony, couldn\\\'t walk and had to use the loo every 15 minutes to change and that\\\'s with a huge night time towel plus largest tampon together. More care is needed for women. [Y.D, Stockport]
I am 40yrs and have been suffering with fibroids.Last year in June 2013 l had uterine fibroids embolization.I went for my review after 6months but there was no change.l had a referral by my gynecologist to a specialist for further investigations and l am on a tablet esmya for 3mths.Due for fibroids removal in June [C.C, Barnsley]
I had 13 fibroids removed 8 years ago - I was 35. One had strangled an ovary and my fertility due to this and scarring was compromised. I have not been able to have children. I am now facing more surgery as they are back - research and support is much needed [L.H, Stroud]
I am under the gynaecologist with fibroids. I am told the largest is the size of a 5 month pregnancy. With the symptoms I can believe it. They have discussed an hysterectomy, but I would like to know about other less extreme options. I do feel its that " oh well your over 40, so lets whip it out". We definitely need more research in the treatment of fibroids. They affect so many women. [A.J, Sheffield]
I have recently been diagnoised with a large fibroid - 10cm in diameter. As a result I am very anaemic, but iron tablets (600mg per day) are not restoring my iron levels sufficiently, and I am due to see a consultant to find out what my options are. The size of the fibroid is causing me other problems too. It presses on my bladder and is also causing back pain. Further research is needed. I have been active and healthy all my life, but the impact of this fibroid on my quality of life has been immense. Further research and support for women with fibroids is necessary and long overdue. [R.K, Eastbourne]
I've been diagnosed with multiple fibroids and an enlarged uterus. I'm 47 and have no children. The treatment suggested - hysterectomy. Shocking that this was only treatment suggested. He eventually prescribed Esmya for 3 months, but didn't say whether this would have long-term beneficial effect, only that it was a pre-surgery treatment. Really unsatisfactory and unhelpful. Second opinion required and more research into this condition. [C, Barnstaple]
Fibroids can really affect women's lives to the point that they have to take time of work. They can also cause anaemia which then causes them to be susceptible to infection which also means time of work. Fibroids need to be researched and new treatments developed to stop women form having to deal with this problem. [L.F, Norwich]
Choice is key! [E.S, Manchester]
My name is John Hsiao from Canton China. I am so pleased to tell you that my teacher who's from Taiwan can cure fibroid easily using Chinese acupuncture (Direct contact moxibustion) without any surgery. I was shocked so many women suffered from fibroid and helpless at the current moment. So please response to contact me asap and save so many globaly. [J.H, Guangzhou,Canton, P.R.C.]
Im ill all the time and in pain [J, margate.kent]
More support needs to be given to women with fibroids and research in to alternative treatment methods - everything available today seems to be intrusive and/or has side effects. A hysterectomy can not be the only solution surely?! Support more research, help more woman live a pain free life absent of fibroids. [S, Daventry]
Please give more money towards a research on fibroids [M.A, Oxford]
I think more research is needed into women\'s hormones,the cause of fibroids and what we can do to prevent them. At the moment we only treat the symptons of this illness by removing them with risky surgery or worse hysterectomy. What is causing so many women to have these growths and how can we prevent them? A more holistic approach is needed. [C.J, Exeter]
I think more research is needed into women's hormones,the cause of fibroids and what we can do to prevent them. At the moment we only treat the symptons of this illness by removing them with risky surgery or worse hysterectomy. What is causing so many women to have these growths and how can we prevent them? A more holistic approach is needed. [C.J, Exeter]
Newishlgy diagnosed just keep hearing hysterectomy! 50 not worried about fertility but feel its a bit like using a mallet to crack a but. Considering how common they. Are the treatments seem so extreme and invasive, most of the info I've found from web or friends not docs advise, confusing with the amount of options. But don't feel get rid of it all is the answer, I agree far more research seems necessary considering how common it is [J.H, northampton]
Have suffered for years with the symptoms of fibriods. Recently it has become so severe that I'm having urine retention. Taking med's to combat this. I'm hoping I can get to the menopause to avoid a hysterectomy. [M.C, Thurso]
Doctors need to show patience and all options. Not just hysterectomy [N, rochdale]
Potential to make a living,good parenting & relationship with partner all GREATLY affected by fibroids,PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE WITH A NORMAL LIFE!!! [M.L.R, STURMINSTER NEWTON]
Please urgently conduct research into the causes and cures for fibroids, I have seen first hand how these can cause much disruption to the lives of married couples [A.B, Romford]
Anything that can be done to improve women's choices and the necessary information can only be a good thing. [M.S, Broadbottom Hyde]
Please take this issue seriously is ruining some women's lives. [K.W, Ashford]
this is a horrible painful condition, for which women need more research and help to manage and understand this condition [S.E, york]
I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids and was surprised to learn how little was known, comparatively, about what appears to be such a common female condition and its appropriate treatment. More research needs to be carried out so that a better understanding is gained of what causes fibriods, if and how they can be prevented and if not, how they can be more effectively and easily be treated. [K.D, Llanmaes]
my stepdaughter suffers terribly having one which is 18cm and is often totaly incapacitated with pain ,surely it should be a priority of the n h s to find out what the cause of them is [B.B, lincoln]
I have had fibroids for over 8 years now. Due to my age (45) all i get told is that im nearer to menapause age & that they will cure themselves ,all my symptoms seem to get fobbed off i have been prescribed various tablets over the years which only work for a short time, the result is allways the same ..heavy bleeding , pressure pains in pelvic area & tiredness, have yet to be reffered to Gyno [S.Y, Welling Kent]
This is a condition that affects 80% of women, who suffer silently for too long before having to make too many visits to the GP before referral for diagnosis. I have worked in clinical trials for 4yrs and feel that for such a common condition affecting so many women, the government should make it a priority area to receive funding for clinical research into earlier detection and non-invasive treatments. It is quite shocking that we still don't know what causes fibroids or is it just that not enough researchers have attempted to find out why. [D.M, Nottingham]
i have suffered for years with this prob about time things were made better [K.H, southampton]
Certainly more research required into cause and treatment of fibroids especially for women wanting to have children. Health professionals need to have more awareness and address it with the same importance and value as other major illnesses. Also to help husbands and life partners and other friends and family members understand what a woman with fibroids goes through. [A.S, Luton]
There should be extensive research into fibroids. The answer is not in removing your womb women should have the care they need. [A.A.P, Ballyclare]
Fibroids make a massive impact to women's lives and the attitude that it's something to accept, is not good enough [J.R, Rame]
Being told my fibroid would shrink after the menopause. Now find myself facing an hysterectomy with know other choice being offered [A.M, London]
I would agree with many of the comments read more research needs to be made on understanding why women get fibroids and ALL the options available not just hysterectomy as the first course of action. [J, sheffield]
I had enormous fibroids. I had to pee every 30-60mins. They obstructed my bowel, so I was constipated. I had lower back pain and my right would go dead when I tried to walk fast or run. My periods were haemhorrages. By 5pm every day I was totally knackered, to the extent that I would have to take a nap. Perhaps worst of all, I looked like I was nearly a full-term pregnancy and was trying to find a job at the time. Nice. Life was a real struggle. They were growing so fast I was genuinely worried that there might be pre-cancerous cells in there somewhere. I had a myomectomy. The unexpected after effects seriously affected my ability to work at a desk for two years. They were resolved just on time for the new growth I have now. I'm now staring at the same grim set of options again, knowing that the very last thing I want is another myomectomy. If fibroids were common in men or fatal, we would be further along by now. [C, London]
Great idea, surgery is costly and not every woman's idea of a solution. More research should be done. [A.M, Caversham]
I have had fibroids for 10 years, they could have been treated when they were smaller, but now one is over 8cm and I have 4 which cause lots of problems. GP's in the main say "oh no they don't cause problems" I know they do!! I'm hoping I can have embolisation as even at 48 I do not want a hysterectomy!! [H.W, Hellifield]
I had fibroids diagnosed at age 54. My GP said I need do nothing, as they would shrink after menopause. This was very bad and insufficient advice [N.P, PORTISHEAD]
we need more research and information so fibroids can be found at a smaller size in order to avoid large surgery and possible problems [S.T, manchester]
Information and treatment are not readily available .we are made to suffer for years and then surgery is given as an option and medication that has worked like esmya are not readily given.i have been refused this by my Docter even though others have taken and successfully reduced their fibroids!where is the justice in that!! [N.B, Coventry]
One health authority works differently from another. This thing growing inside me is causing me disabling pain.I have a life to lead!I shouldn't have to deal with major surgery!I PRAY YOU DON'T IGNORE US.Thank You. [J.W, CANTERBURY]
There needs to be more research into prevention/causes of fibroids. The only tools doctors seem to have treat the symptoms and not the cause, unless you opt for radical surgery which many women quite rightly resist. My experience with the NHS is ongoing with no resolution in sight, only conflicting opinions which leave me confused. The long waiting times between referral and appointments do not help! [A.C, Hurst]
At 35 I saw a gyneocologist after experiencing continued heavy bleeding during periods with the discovery of a lump around the utťrus. He examined me, told me it was fibroids, nothing to worry about off you go. I was very happy to have sought out a second oppinion & I had a myomectomy by a good surgeon who removed 7 fairly large fibroids, I'm almost certain their removal allowed me to conceive later & have a child at the age 39. Women have a right to know their options & be correctly informed of all treatments available to them. [M.B, Paris, France]
i suffer from this so common and so natural illness ,it turnrd my life upside down,i dont have power at all...and with more treating it with medicines its getting worst and many wemen suffer and so little knoledge about this?is it posible [M.P, Streatley]
Undiagnosed fibroids had a long-lasting and major effect on my wife's health and wellbeing. [I.R, Hanbury]
Greater awareness in particular by GPs is urgently needed to avoid years of being practically housebound. [A.M.R, Hanbury]
Hi! I have a myoma uteri. I knew it last year when I got sicked and during my kidney ultrasound. The doctor ask me if im single. And I said yes.. I dont know what to do at that time my tears fall down. I couldnt move. I kept it secret and never treat. Can you please help me guys just explain it to me the result of my ultrasound.. the uterus is anteverted and measures 4.9 x 5.0 x 3.7 cm. The endometrial stripe measures 0.95 cm. The anterior lower aspect has an intramural with subserosal component 3.9 x 3.6 cm myoma. The right ovary measures 2.1 x 1.8 cm and the left measures 2.3 x 1.6 cm. No adnexal mass seen. No free fluid. Impression: Myoma uteri, Intramural with subserosal comp. Thickened Endometrium. Normal ovaries. No adnexal mass. ........ Can you please show to me where is the Anterior lower aspect found.? Please. I really need your help. I dont have money to support the expenses if ever I need to undergo a surgery.. Please help.. God bless thanks . [M.L.M.S, makati city, Philippines]
I've been told I have loads of fibroid s. Doctor just tells me to eat a healthy diet !!! [B.B, Lewes]
More research is needed and a system should be in place for early detection in non-symptomatic patients. [M.S, Kingswood]
I have suffered all my adult life with fibroids and had every treatment available - other than a hysterectomy. I am now 52, 25 years after my first fibroid was diagnosed and removed and menopausal but I still have several large fibroids that require treatment - no signs of the promised shrinkage due to age. I have suffered pain, aneamia and debilitation and the horror of always looking 5 months pregnant - which I have to say is not a good look for a woman of my age. I refuse to have major surgery as I cant be away from my job for that long. So I suffer in silence [C.H, Deeside]
We need to more research into fertility sparing options for the treatment of fibroids so that the human rights of women are protected; i.e. the right to family life. Other countries are far more advanced in the treatment options available for fibroids such as the USA and the UK should strive to become a leading authority into the research of fibroids rather than look upon other countries to take the lead in this vital medical research needed by so many women both in the UK and around the world. [M.D.T, Highbury London]
had a effect on my life for too long sure thousands of other women are in the same postion .Its not right and certainly not fair on us and our family,s [J.B, york]
I would like to know how to treat a fibroid without it effecting fertlity and for more treatment options to be available on the NHS prior to having severe symptoms [S.K, London]
Living in London meant that once I reported my symptoms to my GP I was sent for immediate medical diagnosis and treatment to help with the terrible symptoms of fibroids, but more research should to be done to improve awareness, diagnosis, treatment, GP follow up care on progress (very poor), and where to go for help and support. [J, London]
The trust is doing a very good job, helping woman going throught this is very important. Hope they will be given the chance to continue to do the good thing they are doing for everyone expecially women. Thanks very much. [J.M, Bolton]
More research is needed especially as not all doctors even gynaecologists seem to understand the condition. With our system where you often see a different doctor each appointment you get many different opinions which contradict and leave the patient very confused. [S.S, Bournemouth]
Only recently diagnosed with large fibroids. They make my life miserable and the only option seems to be major surgery. It would be wonderful to know what caused them and if I could have done something to avoid getting them in the first place. More research is needed! [V.C, Brown Edge]
A sufferer [K.W, Wakefield]
I believe there could be earlier options to ask questions / check for fibroids, even linked to smear test dates. [F, Twickenham]
I almost collapsed at work through anaemia due to my haemorragic fibroids. Even at 47 I had no idea what fibroids were or how common they were. I seldom suffer illnesses & couldn't understand why I couldn't function. I thought I might have a terminal illness & wondered how I would tell my son :0( Now I've been mis-prescribed by a stand-in doctor & I have at least another 6 months of my life which will be debilitatingly frustrating as, with the exception of the anaemia, I am now further from resolving the condition than I was before. Please help make doctors aware that "womens' problems" are not all "in their heads" &, with a little awareness, may be quite straightforward to diagnose & treat. [J, Crawley]
I complained of heavy periods to my previous GP. My previous GP told me that "heavy periods are normal at my age" without physically examined me. At the hospital CT examination showed a very large uterine fibroid and a small uterine fibroid. I do not want any GP to tell patients that "heavy periods are normal at your age" without carrying out any kind of physical examination. I do not want any other female patient to go through what I have been through. I consider a simple lower physical abdominal examination can help to detect uterine fibroids and not go unnoticed. I would also like awareness to be raised about uterine fibroids and patients being informed properly into less invasive, less aggressive , less dangerous management of fibroids rather than being advised on major, aggressive, surgical interventions such as Hysterectomy where I am reading there are actually DEATHS, bowel perforations, bladder perforations, heavy bleeding, constant urinary tract infections from major surgical interventions such "hysterectomy". I would like more research, more information, more education, specially educating GPs into what exactly is a uterine FIBROID and which kind of symptoms it can cause. Thanks [L.S.D, Cambridge]
Doctors are all to eager to suggest a full hysterectomy instead of looking into alternatives. [M.W.F, St Leonards on/sea]
I am 38 and have suffered with fibroids which has resulted in fertility issues. I have had 2 miscarriage yet am still not considered as 'risk' in pregnancy. If there had been any tests during my early age to identify that I wasatrisk of fibroids I would have started my family early. That is what I would like to see for the younger generation who are at risk of developing fibroids. [A.O.A, London]
Fibroids make life extremely uncomfortable and painful for those with them - and put pressure on families of those who have the condition. Please help research... [J.S, Redditch]
consultants need to listen and stop patronising patients [J.D, stone STAFFORDSHIRE]
Please help, we need more alternatives to surgery for treating fibroids. We also need help at work as employers do not understand the pain we go through resulting in a lot of women with this disorder jobless. [A.A, London]
im a 30 yr old woman who has multiple fibriods the size of footballs. i have been suffering from heavy periods for about 5 years, ive been back and forth to the hospital to try and get a diagnosis nothing was found until recently when i started ivf treatment. they found the fibriods had been growing for 5 years at least. i believe that the hospital either through lack of knowledge or incompitency is at fault. more funding should be given for this to stop people from going through the heartache of being told that you cant have children because of fibriods!!!! [L.P, ellesmere port]
There needs to be far more research in this area. Being told there is little known about the cause of fibroids is frightening to say the least, especially in such a common condition. [A.A, Leeds]
It disrupts family life,as my poor daughter can hardly stand up some days [V.S, northampton]
Its time for GPs and Consultants to treat woman as humans, and give them choices, and not to right them off because of their age saying your older no chance of getting pregnant, and they just want to strerilze woman, it\\\\\\\'s not fair its unkind,being a woman with fibroids is painful and it x destroys ur self confidence. [S.S, Bedford bed's]
I'm suffering with fybroids for about 4 years nothing helped I would like to know more about it [A, Haslemere]
I\'m suffering with fybroids for about 4 years nothing helped I would like to know more about it [A, Haslemere]
All I have been offered is medication to reduce my bleeding and pain. Yet I struggle every month with tiredness, aanemia and flooding every 30-45minutes. [J.B, york]
I suffer from Fibroids and am due to have a total hysterectomy and I haven't yet had a child. There needs to be more research into this subject to prevent other women going though the emotional stress. This is such a common condition why isn't it more highlighted than it is? [S.H, Bridgwater]
I know people who have had to go through surgery 3ce due to fibroid and as a result problem with child birth. Having solutions and a being able to prevent it would go a long way as people suffer psychological plus the effect of heavy periods. It would be nice to know what causes it and find a solution that does not bring fear to a woman. Apart from loosing womb, some women have died as a result of surgery [B.A, London]
I have had treatment for uterine fibroids, 'uterine embolization 8 years ago. today I received diagnosis that they have returned. [E.S, London]
Needs help to remove fibroids been suffering for a while. I am in much pain. Leg cramp sleepless nights. [R, London]
The British government has neglected this illness for a long time probably because women have not been publicising the issue of fibroids. Most of the researches done so far has been in America and it is now time to fund the research in this country as well. There are so many women affected by fibroids and majority feel helpless. [O.A, London]
I have just been diagnosed through a pregnancy scan, I , however, I spoken to my GP and nurses for years about painful, heavy, irregular periods even when on the pill. Gynecological issues are never taken seriously always told some people have painful periods. [S.L, Bristol]
My daughter has just been diagnosed only via pregnancy scan. She has seen the GP about period problems since being a teenager and as I had a hysterectomy due to fibroids she has tried to be vigilant but never taken seriously. [M.L, Tonyrefail]
As a 29 year old who eventually wants children and suffers terribly with fibroids, I think it is awful that only a hysterectomy is offered to women with this condition - more options need to be made available on the NHS. [A.S, Milton]
To be told 'fibroids are nothing to be worried about' is not enough. Research needs to be carried out and information shared. [N.W, leeds]
I truly believe that the government should put Fibriod on top of the agenda [M.B, Northolt London]
I have a friend who suffers from fibroids and I cannot imagine becoming infertile or losing my womb and not being able to have children. This doesn't just affects individuals, it affects society and future generations. It's time to undertake more research [R.V, London]
which treatment shall i have i am 44 year old and i want prengency what is best benifet for my fibroid to taken out. Thank you. [M.J.G, West Midland]
My sister informed me of a possible class action suit concerning the surgical removal of fibroids. However I cannot locate any info thus far from google. Please email any information concerning the class action suit which could also help this cause to be highlighted. [B.B, SAN TAN VALLEY]
Iam suffering from Fibroid and i really dont know the affects it has on Pregnancy,as different doctor has different views [B.B, Dubai,United Arab Emirates]
more research needs to be done to help menopausal women with fibroids. Only option is hysterectomy, but this carries many risks and side effects itself. There must be more treatments available. [C.M, Clare]
Definitely need more research into this condition..... [J.D, Little Eaton, Derbyshire]
Having suffered for years before finally having no choice but to undergo a hysterectomy, I feel it is so important to undertake more research and educate people about this condition [K.T, Lichfield]
I have fibroids and had UAE some years ago to treat the largest ones present at the time as I had very heavy periods but I think there should be more research into how to diagnoise and treat them especially in young women as it can be a source of functional/physical infertility if they get very large. [J.E, Wellingborough]
It is important that research in this area is continued in order for more women to remain fertile and to avoid invasive surgery. [K.P, Clapham]
This subject needs everyone's support irrespective of gender or race. By helping you are enabling potential new life that is being lost. All the best. Janvi [J.P, Wembley]
This is the condition which has a major impact on women's life (social, work, emotional). It needs to be recognized as such and more research should be undertaken [I.B, Cambuslang]
Too many women suffer from fibroids and here must be something else we can do than having a very invasive surgery thx [A.M, LONDON]
Research is essential for fiboids early treatment should be available to avoid problems in later life. I know as up against a brick wallin trying to get diagfnosis for probable cancer in uterus something found but more of less told I am too old to get further than an ultrasound to find out exactly what is wrong more of less told their will be no treatment at all for me because of age though not yet eighty still a viable human being careing for myself. If fibroids had been avoided or removed at an ealy age could be no excuse now for saying lumps in utrus probably fibroids so nothing else offered even though I want to know if I have cancer or not. [J, London]
recently been diagnosed with fibroids and would like to have more research [A.S, whalley,nr clitheroe, lancs]
Scarily after a 10 minute consultation the consultant said "let's just take it out" meaning a total abdominal hysterectomy. No other alternatives were even mentioned let alone offered. Really? Why are the alternatives not considered when there are many? [S.T, Brentwood]
I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with a fibroid a few months ago. My life has been very affected by the side effects.More research into this problem is needed. [I, London]
I support [J.J, Lagos]
There should be more research and help given to women suffering from fibroid. After episodes of being anaemic and being off work, no one actually diagnosed the fibroids in the Uk. If I had not gone abroad and have the same anaemic attack and seeing an interventionist who diagnosed the fibroids I will still be suffering. Back to the UK an option of watchful waiting was given and at this point the anaemia was accompanied by bladder issues and pelvic pain but no one took any of it seriously. I finally had to go private to be listened to and now I have had a myomectomy done..just recovering from it just now [A.M, Aberdeen]
I have been suffering with excruciating period pain and very heavy bleeding for 2.5 years and have recently been diagnosed with 2 fibroids. One inside and one outside my uterus. I'm shocked at how they are played down by both the Drs I have seen and the UK health websites. I was fitted with a mirena coil today and am really hoping to get a less painful life back as a result. More research and more accurate public information about the suffering we experience please! [J.B, Wootton Bassett]
I believe a lot more research should be done. People die from this disease in Africa. [F.C, Gravesend]
sufferer of this condition, the only option doctors want to give you once you do not want children is a hysterectomy. this isn't good enough. [A.G, London]
i have just had a scan which showed 5 fibroids some small some large. Phoned GP no further action needed! I have 4 sisters with histerectomies because they left them in there until they grew to the size of a coconut. Made an app with my GP to discuss, luckily the lady who gave me the scan told me what I had!! [J.K, Edinburgh]
Last year I missed a period for 4 months, after all the usual pregnancy tests came back negative, was told its my age and to deal with it (was 42 at the time and no kids as yet) I argued back with my doctor that was wrong to say that. Finally had a scan and have 2 fibroids 2cm each in size. Have not had a regular period since, always late and is heavy and full of clots and painful but nothing will be done as doctors just don\\\'t care or understand. More needs to be done! [C, Hertford]
I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids back in 2010. After having the Mirena Coil inserted and removed, I am still waiting for satisfactory treatment. I am 41 and do not want a Hysterectomy, I have been offered Embolisation but am on a waiting list. [M.D.R, Carshalton]
This is a debilitating condition which effects your life quite drastically, causing pain, discomfort and extremely excessive bleeding. I have had it for five years now and apart from diagnosis have received no other help from a doctor or health professional. [M.B, Mousehole]
I have multiple fibroids and have had a myamectomy. More reasearch is needed. [Z.A, Birmingham]
I've just had a myomectomy and it wasn't an easy decision to make.More research needs to be done so women can have more choice on treatments.we have suffered for long enough. [L.M, London]
As someone who is newly- diagnosed with fibroids, I find it amazing that it is such a common condition with such potential to do harm, but has so little research into causes and appropriate treatments. This needs to be changed and quickly! [M.P, Stoke-on-Trent]
Further research is essential. Fibroids make many women's' lives a misery and are one reason why they fail to reach their full potential work [P.C, London]
As a sufferer of Fibroids more seminars and awareness and education on fibroids should be offered so you know your choices [C.M, London]
I have had fibroids for well over 15 years and have received scant sympathy or interest from male doctors/consultants who either want to go for hysterectomy or for me to go away. At least two were rude and dismissive. Thanks to persistence I have recently seen a female consultant who recommended using another trust to consider UAE and my female GP has referred me to a trust which offers UAE - I have wanted this for years! I do think that the attitude of male medical practitioners needs to change [A.H, Henfield]
fibroids is real let campaign for women . [J.A, Bearwood Birmingham]
fibroids is real let campaign for women . [J.A, Bearwood Birmingham]
I think it is crucial to do more research about fibroids as I am one of those ladies that has badly suffered from them and sadly time is ticking until I have the big op... Not great really! [M.M.L.Y.P, Lytham St Annes]
i m with you it's all [S, marseille FRANCE]
Fibroids can ruin a woman\'s quality of life, effectively resulting in major internal bleeding every month. This must be treated as the life diminishing and possibly ruining condition it is, with its often devastating effect on fertility, general health, intimacy and ability to lead a manageable quality of life. Prevention and wider education about this condition should be priorities. Most women under 25 do not know what fibroids are, though around 20% will have begun to develop them at that stage. Treatments come too late, are too invasive (as well as major surgery, the associated pre-surgery drugs which stop ovulation with little or no effect on the fibroid), poor availability of senior consultants to provide an individualised approach to a patient\'s needs - factsheets and newly qualified inexperienced junior doctors the only contact for a woman facing a major life decision re treatment. There is also no follow-up post operatively of the progress of the condition, which may be gradually returning again. As a fibroid sufferer I have experienced all of the above first-hand, including major surgery. Most women do not have the two months required to recover from this operation, or the home support for this to be an option. [T.C, London]
My life stops every month for several days and has for approx. twenty years due to one small, very inconvenient and annoying fibroid. I take tablets on prescription that are meant to help, but don't and also take Maca capsules! [S.R, Liverpool]
More Education on how to manage them and what to expect [J.E, London]
I have had fibroids for over twenty years and can\'t have a histerectomy due to past medical problems. Mine hadn\'t shrunk after the menopause and are causing me lots of problems.I hadn\'t realised so many more ladies are suffering to. More understanding definitely needed along with more research and treatment. [M.S, Malton,]
I've been diagnosed today with two fibroids after years of extremely painful and heavy periods. Completely debilitating at times. I had a male GP who dismissed my symptoms. I'm thoroughly disappointed it's taken a trip to my GP and had an appointment with a female nurse who subtly suggested getting another opinion and that an ultrasound to look for fibroids would be recommended from her point of view. I wish I had pursued with more vigour years ago. The only consolation is now realising I'm not alone. I completely support this petition. [N.M, Eversley Cross]
It's a shame that doctors seems to treat fibroids as if it were a common cold. [C.P, Harrow]
22,F, fibroid suffer- 10cm+ [M.H, Settle north yorkshire]
Think it\'s disgusting how the nhs are giving free medical to non British hiv suffers but our own cancer patients cannot get the life saving medication they need without having to pay for it themselves [J.L, Skipton]
. [L.R, ripon]
Patients should have their own opinion and choice as long as it\'s fully informed [J.L.D, keighley]
For Megan :) x [J.E.P, Barnoldswick]
We, the undersigned, demand that the leaders of our government to put fibroids at the top of agenda for health research fundings for better means for early detection and non- invasive treatments. [E.L, Brighouse]
I am 53 due to have a hysterectomy and ovaries to be removed. (Op cancelled 3 times) I have a 12cm x 10cm x 9cm fibroid which has been growing since last June . I feel bloated ,tired,achy , constipated, dull pains and backache . To me, the word menopause is used to undermine the real problems in mature women . It must be investigated and researched thoroughly . Why should be suffer for years . [B.L, Camborne]
I want my GP to have a better understanding of my condition, the state of my mind and all the pain and associated limitations I have been going through. Only research into early detection and non-invasive treatments can educate medical practitioners and change their attitudes. [D.A, Guildford]
I think this is a problem for lots of older women which affects their everyday quality of life. It is not taken seriously as it's dismissed as 'just women's problems'. Well these women have to work, look after families and function and they are being ignored. [A.H, Cardiff]
more money needs to be thrown at nhs to help sufferers like my self that have had to put up with this miserable condition. I have been waiting for yrs to resolve my problem. Waiting lists are horrendous. [L.M.E, Montrose]
So much contervisity with fibroids always difficult to know who is right! [J.M, Gillingham]
I believe this is an important priority for research [A.L, Glasgow]
More research is definitely needed. I have 1 large fibroid and a few smaller ones. I have been offered an abdominal hysterectomy which I am not keen on having. My symptoms are getting worse though so I feel that I don't really have a choice any more x [K.H, St Helens]
I am 40 years old and I am suffering from fibroid and my GP want that it should be operated. I have no idea about the various treatment. I will be delighted if more research is focus on this because every 1-3 women suffer from this illness. [K.N, Luton]
I had a complicated csection due to fibroid and now waiting treatment before I conceive again. However with NHS waiting lists I\\\'m not sure I want to hang around. [S.H, Cardiff]
Raising awareness and screening is crucial. Having been to the doc 3 times for unexplained weight gain, I am now nursing a very large fibroid mass and trying to carry on as normal. Being told it's just like pregnancy doesn't help the exhausting symptoms or concern about possible options. Everything I've read advocates a hysterectomy, with little or no info about the aftermath. I would like my daughters to be offered screening as they both suffer with heavy periods. Additionally my mum and nana both had polyps and ovarian cancer resulting in hysterectomy . I would be interested to know if I have always been prone to fibroids and if they caused my near fatal placental abruption with my eldest daughter....shouldn't my girls have the benefit of my hindsight in order to keep them safe and healthy. Lots to ask at my appointment next week !! [S.K, Whitby]
There really does need to more research into fybroids and their symptoms and in particular better training for GP's as I have been trying to get treatment for five years now having been dismissed as them not causing me pain. Or it being IBS or bad period pains or being made to feel a wimp. When they have ruined my life for the last few years. More belief of what patients tell Dr's rather than what the text books tell them is urgently needed. [M.H, rossendale]
l had a uterine fibroids for 7 years but doctors is not very helpful for womens so they should helps us we got problems . l hate the word Hysterectomy. ALL l want family of my owm . so womens should speak up about they health problems. we should get leaflets and talked to someone about they fibroids. [S, Northampton]
Very painful condition that affects quality of life more research would give hope and quicker treatment. [S.R, Powick]
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Uterine preservation should be given top priority for women of all ages, and not just for those that wish to have children. Hundreds of thousands of women suffer from this deteriorating and painful condition, that is highly misunderstood. [M.C, Kidlington]
I always swore I would never have a hysterectomy unless I had cancer & it was absolutely necessary, times are changing as there are alternatives available but it does appear that for some Gynaecologists Hysterectomy is the "easy option". More research & non invasive treatments have to be the way forward surely? [J.P, Cardiff]
I have suffered with fibroids for many years - which is why i am 49 and childless, i am awaiting an appointment at the moment with gyno to arrange yet another removal - waiting time 6 weeks with daily flooding and feeling so tired i asked the doctor could she speed it up and she looked at me as if to say what! and then said 6 weeks is not long - try living with it then - furious! [A.D, southampton]
More research is needed [E.W, Harleston,Norfolk]
In my opinion, research need to be done in order to know the cause of fibroid. [E.K, London]
common condition causing much pain, more research needed into effective treatments. [J.H, north tuddenham]
I find attitudes to be very dismissive towards fibroids - but realistically how healthy is it to carry something the size of a melon inside of you - sometimes even larger than that even! Most doctors jump on to the bandwagon of hysterectomy without looking at other options. Needs further research and also doctors need to be educated! [C.R, Caernarfon]
I suffer from A particular type of Fibroid which is causing me daily problems however I have been frightened off by my Gynecologist. It took me a long time to even get to see one and now I feel they are not taking my problems seriously. More support and research is definitely needed in order to improve women's health so we can keep working. [L.M, Melton Constable]
I have melon size fibroid tbat causes me much pain and discomfort but find it hard to sort it,scared of being in need after opp as I have no family after opp [H.O, Carville Durham]
I had miscarriage which was almost certainly due to fibroids. I paid privately to have them removed and within 4 months I was pregnant and carried twins full term. They are now 2 years old and my pain started again, heavy agonising periods so I wasn't surprised after an ultrasound to discover I had a large fibroid again. What causes these. More research needs to be done!!! [N.M, Ross on wye]
I have just been referred to a gynecologist who said I need a hysterectomy because I have a very large fibroid which is causing me no end of problems, but after researching the Web have seen there are lots of alternative treatmentshould..why so drastic invasion such as a hysterectomy with horrendous side effects? [C.J, skelmersdale]
Following a miscarriage earlier this year, it was discovered that I had a large (13cm) Fibroid. Although i'm told that the Fibroid had nothing to do with the miscarriage (the fibroid will make me uncomfortable and cause me pain during pregnancy, but no reason why I can't carry a baby) The (male) specialist I have seen has been brilliant - clearly explaining my options - at 32 with no children a Myomectomy is not ideal as it may lead to a Hysterectomy. Uterine Embolisation also seems unlikely for me at this as it can make you infertile. I've been told to continue trying for a baby & reassured that I'll be looked after during pregnancy. However, I've been told that within the next 10 years, I will have to have the Fibroid removed. My periods are a nightmare, but have been prescribed medication to reduce the bleeding. Very worried that the Fibroid my hinder me falling pregnant or that I fall pregnant, I miscarry again and the Fibroid continues to grow. Hard to stay positive. I feel awful for those women who have not been given good advice. There definitely needs to be more awareness & a better understanding of Fibroids by Doctors etc. [N.B, Horley]
I've suffered for years with pain thinking that I was just going through 1 St stages of the menopause and that I had to just get on with it. Turns out I had fibroids and polyps only my persistence got me operated on . Very very upset it took so long to be believed and that I wasn't making the whole thing up. [D.A, Fleckney]
I believe there is not enough research into fibroids and not enough information available through the NHS. Fibroids and heavy periods can affect women\\\'s working life - heavy periods have affected my ability to be office based at times and I know I am not alone., several friends of mine also have to work from home at times due to this [G.T, Reigate]
I was diagnosed 5 years ago and never offered any treatment and have lived with the pain and discomfort. The increase in pain over the last year l sought another scan this has not shown any change in my original diagnosis. I feel that I have not been offered all the options or any support from my GP this needs to change so it doesn't have such an impact on women's lives: [R.W, Leeds]
I have just been told I have fibroids for a second time. I had novasure treatment in 2008 .i also have a 14.9 ml thick endometrium. Taking lots of pills iron for anemia and tranexamic acid for bleeding. Have had to stop working, feel tired and useless.women with this condition need help and support. [K.S, Basildon]
This is a medical problem that affects so many women. I have probably used up quite abit of your nhs budget from visiting a ne and my gp many many times. And popping non stop iron pills pain killers and many other drugs. And hormones and blood transfusion. I think it would be better for you guys to research into this area to cut these costs. As that's all that can probably persuade you to do any research [E.M, LONDON]
Fertility conservation is my only concern when looking at treatment options & worryingly there are very few that don't carry a risk. More research needs to be conducted into medical treatments. Fully support articles such as the following. t_issue/page/5 [T, Edinburgh]
Is it the case, that perhaps if men had to suffer this hell every month, would there be more funding for research and real life legislation?? Hmmmm.... [C.B, Northampton]
Didn't know anything about this until told during a scan that I had a fibroid can not really find out what caused this think research is needed. [K.J, Shrewsbury]
Gynaecology Medical sec [L.M, Enfield]
When drs leave you months without doing anything and ur in severe pain [D.A, northampton]
I believe there must be an alternative to surgery for fibroid treatment and further research is needed to secure this. [M.S, Kington]
My mum has suffered with fibroids for the best part of 10 years - the only options given to her have been "have a hysterectomy," or, "wait it out, sometimes they get better after the menopause." Neither of these options are truly without their drawbacks. There needs to be more awareness and research in regards to fibroids, their treatment, and how to support their sufferers. [P.S, Manchester]
There needs to be more information and causes and ways to prevent fibroids. Two years ago during a scan for a non related purpose, it was discovered that I had two fibroids, the largest of which was 4cm. The gynaecologist at the time told me to eat healthily and sent me on my way. Two years later, I found I am pregnant and experience bleeding - the scan reveals that I now have 5 massive fibroids, that have the potential to give me a painful and risky pregnancy. If I was given the appropriate preventative treatment or advice 2 years later, I wouldn't have this increased risk of losing my baby now. [A.R, London]
This is such a serious and common problem with very little information available about it. I read there isn\'t even a nhs leaflet about fibroids. This condition is dangerous and ruins women\'s lives, more research is needed especially in alternative and non surgical options, and in prevention so young women of tomorrow can avoid this [V, London]
Recently diagnosed with large Fibroids. Took a long time to get diagnosis. GP sent me for scans saying that she felt nothing was that wrong. Spent several years with unpleasant symptoms and issues affecting bladder. [A.D, milton keynes]
Following 2 consultants recommendations that I have hysterectomy I am still seeking an alternative less drastic course of action. [J.W, Kettering]
Should look for nhs funwinds,for fabroids [R, 22 shaftesbury. ave]
Fibroids can make a woman's life a misery, and the condition can be all too easily dismissed as a minor complaint. [C.C, Liss]
The information that is available is conflicting, I.e fibroids can not Affect your fertility, on other sites they can affect your fertility. I don\'t know the type of fibroid because apparently that isn\'t important. [R.J, Newport]
I had endometriosis for over three decades. I found little was known about the condition and there were little treatment options. I also realised in recent years that the way I live my life, my daly living choices have a lot to do with my health, and since making a lot of changes the symptoms of endometriosis have now dissipated. I see so many If not all womens health conditions on the rise - and the question I have is how is it that in this modern world with all the technology, drugs, research etc we have that womens health is on the decline, more and more conditions and rising statistics? Having learnt that lifestyle played a strong factor in my condition, and as I made changes the condition improved - there is a greater question here - how are women living their lives? and how much does lifestyle play a role in the cause of womens health issues? why is it womens health conditions are on the rise? These are questions that research could start to ask - about endometriosis and womens health conditions. [J.K, Frome]
Having just had Uterine Artery Embolisation, I was appalled that most of the consultants I saw just automatically offered a full hysterectomy when in my case was not needed. The procedure for me was most successful,least invasive and great results . We need more funding to train,educate and offer patients their right to a choice. I had to fund my own treatment just to receive what I knew was right for me . [E.W, Alburgh,Harleston,Norfolk]
More information for women on preventions or what happens if you have been diagnosed with it [J.T, London]
As a relatively new diagnosis of fibroids, I,m finding that the treatment is very varied. I had a scan and was told 1 large and 2smaller fibroids and my womb was bulky. Obviously I left thinking what does that mean no explanation. My appt was very quick from gynecology, so just have to wait and see. But I hate how my stomachlooks and how big it is, I can,t eat a proper meal at dinner time as I feel very full. I also have ongoing medical issues which are chronic. More research needs done. [J.A, CHESTER]
I'm facing a hysterectomy on the NHS at the pre-menopausal age of 56 (yes, still not there, and I feel young), yet myomectomy is offered in other countries even for older women who do not want any more children. The uterus, left intact, has a structural role in the abdomen, and the ovaries have a hormonal function right into old age. Why is it 'normal' to whip the whole lot out because of fibroids? Not enough awareness, and possibly skill, even among the gynaecologists. Pay more attention to women's gynaecological health, and do more research please! [G.L, Tynygongl]
More research needs to be done & better treatments offered to women suffering with Fibroids. [M.K.H.7, Huddersfield]
When I read everyone's cases and stories, feeling exactly the same as what I experienced. Those real stories nearly made me give up seeking any further advice and treatment in this country. But when I last try to search Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE), lots of positive information came out. I think that is the only one treatment I'm willing to try. Hopefully I won't be the worst unlucky one. Fingers crossed !!! [J, Stafford]
Very concerned to read that the 8.5cm fibroid I have just been diagnosed with could the cause of my six miscarriages. I was first told I had a fibroid when pregnant with my first child (approx 19 years ago) but this was treated in a very off-hand manner and I was lead to understand that it was not a problem that needed any treatment. This affects lives. [J.F, Tonbridge]
Women suffering from fibroids like myself need more answers, for most of us it's a horrendous way of living and in this day and age things shouldn't have to be like this [D.C, Kidderminster]
Being recently told I had fibroids after ultrasound and this was cause of many months of heavy bleeding and pain I still don't really know what caused them or what the next step is there has to be something to let woman know more about what they are are they preventable and much more [D, Irvine]
This is such a debilitating condition with a real lack of research into causes and treatment. More research is necessary to ensure so many women can lead normal, pain free lives [K.D, South Queensferry]
I have suffered from fibroids for about 7 years after having continuous blood transfusions my doctor decide to do something about them she said if left untreated you\\\'re heart will stop with the amount off blood loss because I\\\'ve collapsed a few times and been very poorly with them I had a uae about two years ago now although the bleeding a not as heavy but the pain is still unbearable I don\\\'t think I can go through this amour off pain every month I will probably have a hysterectomy eventually [N.S, Keighley]
SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME. 22.02.2015 woke up with severe pain on my pelvic and back and thighs. The pain continued to increased and normal pain medication did not help,I was not on my periods, so 24.02.2015 I went to GP surgery was turned away by receptionist as no female doctor available, as she only works part time, and was told go chemist or come back the following day and see a female doctor, so I told them I will go to the A&E instead as the pain was so severe that I have been in bed for the past few days and couldn\'t seat up and was in constant pain when passing urine, A&E could not find anything wrong with me as they did blood test and urine test too and I was not pregnant, so Dr Emily Stratta from the Bolton Hospital A&E, during the A&E appointment wrote a letter to my GP asking to refer me to see a gynecologist, because all the medications she tried on me did not work, (I have the copy of that letter and of all the referrals, appointments and MR Disc). Cut the long story short of the 24.02.2015, between the journey I had with my GP and everything that transpired, lets just say the referral was made and I had to change GP\'s and also logged in a complaint with the NHS England. 30.03.2015 Bolton Hospital F Block Ultrasound appointment I attended, after the ultrasound I was told I have a fibroid, they couldn\'t answer my questions and said to go see my GP and don\'t research about it, which I did, as I wanted to know was that the reasons I am having pains, is it dangerous and what is a fibroid as I only heard about it once on the Real House Wives of Atlanta. 25.03.2015 I visited my new GP, Dr Newgrosh, who has been an amazing doctor as he has experience with polio patients and was able to change my medication on the 13.03.2015 as I also suffer from neuropatic pains due to polio from the age of 1 and half, and the neurology Dr Tarek Gaber had said to me that there is nothing else he could do for me, if i want to conceive, I must stop the Gabapentine or reduce them, those were the choice he had given me on the 13.03.2015., however Dr Newgrosh, he researched into the situation further whilst I was there, he looked in the Books and that was something Dr Gaber did not do and he had the wrong information or didn\'t bother to read the referral from 19.11.2014, which I have a copy of. Anyways back to 25.03.2015, I went to see Dr Newgrosh and he had the reports of the ultrasound and because I wanted to know more, he referred me to a Gynecologist Miss K Bancroft and explained due to my disability, I was concerned about getting pregnant and needed more information on that too, I also asked Dr Newgrosh for the copy of that referral that was written that day during my appointment. 14.4.2015 my husband and I attended the gynecologist appointment at the Bolton hospital, my husband booked a day of work and came as he felt he could explain it better the pain I am going through, we was seen by a Dr C Bouchard, who said If I wanted to conceive to take 4 cocodamol and 4 ibuprofen together or if I wanted to wait, they could put me on birth control to help the pain but would not shrink the fibroid, despite our attempt of expressing the pain I\'m going through, we was told an operation would be the last stage after trying everything else, Dr Bouchard also stated that she never seen any case were the fibroid are the source of the pain and despite me telling her that I was already on many medications which included cocodamole she insisted that I can take Ibuprofen and cocodamole together. At that time I was already on heavy medication and tried to go back to work, to help me with my finances, I worked 27 hours a week as an Insurance Customer Adviser/ Sales Agent and I also volunteered as a Zulu/Portuguese Interpreter and Children Advocate, as my passion is to become a children advocate and I speak 4 languages English, Portuguese, Zulu and Urdu, but I had to put on hold on my work, as I couldn\'t work, the pains was too much and the more medications I am taking the more unstable I am on my feet and drowsy, because of the polio, I rely on two elbow crutches and a left raised up shoe and leg brace for suffer and falling is common due to my condition however this time I was falling more frequent and became harder for me to pick myself up, like one time whilst I went to work in the call centre for the insurance, because of the fibroids I continuously need the toilet,and the ladies toilet was not on the same floor that I worked in, so I got the lift to the 4th Floor and as I walked out of the lift, I felt week and fell, I tried so hard to pick myself up and as much as I kept trying the more I became frustrated and upset that my ability to take care of myself is decreasing and I was there for about 5 minutes until a colleague was walking out and I asked her for help and told her I needed a chair to get up and so she went in and came back with another lady and a guy with the chair, because I cant get up with someone holding me, as I normally use both arms to raise myself from the floor, but this time I had to put my upper body on the chair and raise myself up, I felt so bad and cried in the toilet and when I went to lunch I couldn\'t stop crying or even eat my food, so I tried calling the Bolton hospital again and they said if I wanted to see another person instead of Dr Bouchard, I would need a GP referral, I was upset that it took long for me to get an appointment with them and that the appointment did not change anything at all, so I researched for private gynecologist local and that is how I found Spire Manchester Hospital and I told the caller my reasons for calling and booked an appointment with Mr Richard Slade. 20.05.2015 I went to my GP surgery to pickup the records of regarding the fibroid and that is when I was handed a written discharge letter from Dr C Bouchard and I then saw that the person my GP referred for me to see Miss K Bancroft and the person I saw Dr Bouchard are two different people, however I was never told that at the appointment and that Dr Bouchard is a junior DR and she never wrote that she said I can take Ibuprofen and cocodamol together and that many things she had said in the appointment was never mentioned on the letter and on the appointment she never touched on the subject about my pelvis and disability and the concerns I have to conceive. Two of my friends came with me to see Mr R Slade at Spire Manchester Hospital and I told him my story and the first thing Mr Slade did was explain to me what a fibroid was and he had this pop-up book, I was never explained in Bolton Hospital appointment about the fibroid, Mr Slade also did examine me, which was the same exam I have under gone many times since 2014 when I started going toilet a lot to wee and when the fibroid pains started, basically the exam was inserting two fingers inside my uterus and he gently with his other arm pushed my tummy down and could feel the fibroid and Mr Slade said the first thing we need to do was an MR Scan so that we know the size and he assured me that fibroids do cause pain and I remember shouting and same time with teary eyes, I said so I am not crazy then and he said no you not, as we was leaving the appointment I felt a relief but at the same time disappointment that Private care and NHS care are so different, even when we was entering Spire Manchester Hospital, my friends and I were commenting how clean and serene the place is and how polite and friendly the staff are, even the toilets are maintained clean and hygienic. 27.05.2015 I went back to Spire Manchester Hospital for the MR scan, this time I went on my own and after the scan, I asked for a copy of the disc, which they kindly provided for me and did not cost any extra. 03.06.2015 went back to see Mr R Slade and we discussed the MR Scan and how I have four fibroids, that was a blow to me, as I thought it was just one as never previously was I told under the NHS care, the MR scan also explained why I need constantly to wee, because the largest fibroid which is 7cm its pressing against my bladder, unfortunately when the surgery price was mentioned, my whole world crumbled again and the could of darkness returned, I am astranged from my family due to domestic voilence I flee my untie\'s house in 2004 and my father whom I last saw 2011 in Portugual we are not on good terms as he takes his sister side and doesnt believe or even understand the abuse and neglact I suffered from his sister who only took me for the money my father was paying her, so it is just me and my husband and friends are my family. MR Slade secretary helped to reduce the price to around £6000 for everything, I had already spent my savings for the second opinion and had spent over £1000 including transport and MR scan was around £500 something, but I still could not afford that and Mr Slade kindly suggested he will refer me to his colleague at Wythenshawe Hospital Dr Wynn. 14.08.2015, the day after my birthday, I went with one of my friend and saw Dr Wynn at Wythenshawe, it was a cold rainy day, because I live in Bolton, we got the train to Manchester and then got a taxi from Manchester to Wythenshawe hospital, which wasn\'t cheap, but it was faster and more convenient, Dr Wynn appeared to be a nice Doctor with experience and wise too, so I explained to him why I got referred privately by Mr Slade instead of my GP, Dr Wynn even agreed that I should have not been seen by a junior doctor at Bolton hospital and my friend explained to him how much pain I am in, so Dr Wynn explained to me that I need to go to my GP for a referral so that I can be covered through the NHS and he explained I would need a Myomectomy surgery and that it may be best for me to come a couple of days before the surgery so that they can stop the blood flow down that area so there is not heavy bleeding as it can result to me loosing my womb and since I want to have kids. Dr Wynn also explained how we going to need an MR Scan and that he would need to refer me to his colleague Dr Tuck and I explained that I have the MR Scan Disc copy at home. That day I was happy and felt for a while that everything was going the right step, so I went to see my doctor 24.08.2015 and he had received the letter from Dr Wynn for referral and Dr Newgrosh tried to telephone to give permission but they were on holiday so he wrote a referral letter and gave me a copy, including a copy of Dr Wynn\'s letter. I let a week go by and then I phoned Dr Wynn\'s secretary to find out if they received my letter and they had done so and she reminded me that she is referring me to Dr Tuck as discussed in the meeting with Dr Wynn, and for me to wait two weeks and then call Dr Tuck\'s secretary, which I did, now so that I don\'t confuse anyone with what took place, let me put it in a short version for you, from August until 24.11.2015 I was being passed around between Dr Tuck and Dr Wynn secretary regarding the referral that Dr Wynn had written to Dr Tuck, basically Dr Tuck secretary kept telling me they did not receive and on the other side Dr Wynn secretary assured they faxed it and was promised various occasions a call back which did not happen, so on the 24.11.2015 I finally broke down as I had enough being massed around and I spoke to Dr Wynn secretary who assured that she faxed it and even posted a copy of that referral to me and even called me back after she spoke to Dr Tuck secretary and I also received a call back from Dr Tuck secretary and said she passed the referral to Dr Tuck but he is on holiday now and I was fine with that as long as I was on the system and was going to get an appointment, and so I waited. January 13th 2016 I got a call from my manager at work and she wanted to know what was going on as I was off by now from end of April, so I told her I am waiting to hear from Wythenshawe Hospital, after that call I decided to find out what was happening and so when I phoned Wythenshawe hospital that day, lets just say there were some incorrect information given to me by Dr Wynn secretary, who later on said its not her fault she is new there and when I made a complaint with the complaints manager she was making excuses for them and as for Dr Tuck\'s secretary who pick up the call she was trying to dismiss me by saying we waiting for your referral and I stopped her by reading word for word notes from my dairy dated 24.11.2015 saying that they had received the referral and so Chlowe put me on hold and check and came back saying yeah Dr Tuck cant see you until Dr Wynn sends him the MR Scan, I told her I have a copy of the disc and I went in rage as I was upset and so she passed me to Karen who I told her how I was tired being passed around and then she told me the same that it has to come from Dr Wynn, so I went to see my GP Dr Newgrosh and I asked him to please speak to Dr Wynn and find out what is going on. 4.02.2016 I phoned Dr Wynn secretary and she spoke to Dr Tuck secretary, as I was insisting on speaking to Dr Wynn or I would commit suicide, which I was not joking at all and I am suicidal and on anti depressant, which I will state at the bottom all the medications I am on, so Dr Wynn secretary said that Dr Tuck is waiting for the MR Scan from the Spire Manchester Hospital as they requested, I called Dr Tuck secretary and asked to confirm if it was true and karen confirmed to me, and I burst out in frustration crying and asked why did Chlowe not check with Dr Tuck on the 13.01.2016 when I said I have a copy of the disc and she dismissed it and I explained how tired and painful I been and suicidal and she kept repeating I cant talk like that and passed the phone to Claire a manager and I explained to claire how I have on my dairy all the calls I have done, and how I have been the one chasing things up and making sure the secretaries are doing their job right and how sometimes I go over 48 hours awake and cant sleep due to anxiety and depression and how confined I am as I cant go out much because I need the toilet and sometimes I even piss myself if I don\'t get to the toilet on time and so Claire said they should receive the scan on that day or the following day and as soon as Dr Tuck looks at it, I will get a call from him, but before that they were saying appointments now will be in march, she did say once he sees the scan he will tell me if he can or cannot operate, well I never got that call. Because of my health deteriorating, I also suffer from constant headaches, dizzy spells which resulted me to shave all of my hair as I couldn\'t comb my hair or even touch my head, without suffering from achy scalp, in April I had woken up with a terrible headache, runny nose and sneezing and later started getting mouth ulcers, Dr Newgrosh gave me hey fever medications for the sneeze, however I continually kept getting mouth ulcers on my tongue and it would pass, but then I noticed they would come back after a week or two, and then recently in January I had one big ulcer on the inner part of my bottom lip and I spoke to Dr Newgrosh again and said it is an ulcer but I didn\'t know what was causing them and he then established that they are caused due to stress. Friday 13.02.2015 I had a disagreement with a friend on a subject that we both see feel differently about, which sadly I can not mention, out of respect for my friend and it was also the first argument we had, later that evening my work manager called so that we can write my record of why I am absent from work and as I was talking about it all over again, I became emotional and wiping my tears off as they kept falling and Saturday an event took place that terribly upset me as it involved my husband and my friend arguing because she did not clean the shower and left her and a banana peal as she was in a hurry, I was fed up of both of them telling me what they want to say to each other and I felt that they were taking out on me so I ended the girls sleep overs and get together at mines, however I did not see how much stress I was going through and on Saturday when I woke I i had a small ulcer on the left side of my tongue and then on Sunday I had four ulcers spread on my tongue and my throat is sore and hard to swallow and two ulcers insider my bottom lip and one ulcer inside my upper lip, so I went to the Doctor on Monday 15.2.2016 to find out if the was anything I could take to help with the ulcers and well I expected a simple and short appointment, however I had never imagined or expected what the doctor was about to tell me, he told me last week Thursday, Dr Tuck\'s secretary phoned him, this was not a big deal for them phoning him as they did so on the 13.01.2016 and told Dr Newgrosh that I was expressing that I am suicidal and he replied to them, what do you expect after all that they were putting me through, anyways going back to my 16.02.2016 appointment with Dr Newgrosh, so he said Dr Tuck\'s Secretary called him last week Thursday and told him that Dr Tuck said the fibroids are not big enough to operate, however they haven\'t sent him a letter yet, hearing those words was like a sad joke, how they took a long time to only dismiss me and say they cant operate on me, tears started to roll down my eyes and I kept trying to remain calm and breathing heavily so that I don\'t burst out crying and cant breath, but unfortunately it was too late, as I got up and got the written prescription and headed to the door I became more sad and couldn\'t stop crying, even the doctor came to open the doors for me, as he always likes to do that for his patient as they are heavy doors, I was on the hallway trying my best to calm down and wipe my tears as I was about to passed the reception room were the was patients waiting to be seen, when Dr Newgrosh expressed how bad he felt and that it broke my heart I continued to cry more but thanking him as he has done more than any other GP\'s have done for me throughout my life, and Dr Newgrosh said he will speak to Mr Slade and see if there is anything else we could do, I couldn\'t stop crying or even say goodbye to the lady in the waiting room who I had sat next too and was shocked when I asked her in urdu if she would like the magazine I was reading as I knew I am next to see the doctor as number 9 had gone in a while ago and I am number 10, I tried to not cry out loud but was still breathing heavily and could see eyes and heads rolling and towards my directions as I passed the room with my head looking down and when I got outside the waiting area I stood there crying so bad but had to wipe my tears and get myself together to go outside and had to go cash machine and get some money for the taxi but when I was there I was still crying and saw one woman buying scratch cards and I asked for some too, asking the lady at the counter which one people win on as I needed money badly and I bought couple of lucky dips for lotto and euro millions as I want to so badly to win enough to cover the surgery, the woman asked me if I wanted to talk, but I didn\'t want to burden her or and was worried that other customers may come and so I said its fine as she held my hand and said pray to GOD, well since the fibroid problems have happened I had lost even more faith in GOD as I felt its not fair that I have been through so much to get to where I am and yet I am the one punished and not my evil untie and that I am the one isolated without a family and how lonely I get in the flat on my own when my husband is out at work, all I have are my 5 gold fish and TV and the internet. Ever since I was young and going through the abuse and neglect, what kept me going was the hope of having a family of my on one day, and I believed in getting married first and then start a family which is why when I was young and lived in hostel, street and friends homes I practiced safe sex. My husband and I have stopped being intimate since April and sleep in different rooms, however I did try in January 2016 but intercourse was painful so no more until the fibroids are removed and constantly argue as he feels I should keep pushing the doctors and even friends keep phone and texting on what I should say or do, however non of them are in my shoes and don\'t see how much my GP does, so I decided on weekends to put my phone on silent and after business hours during the week so that I do not deal with friends and even had sent a message saying I will keep them updated once I get information but for now I need my space. Because of me crying hysterically after the appointment with Dr Newgrosh, I came home and immediately telephoned my manager on her mobile as it was her day off and felt I could speak to her as she has been following it as we kept in contact, so when I woke up the next day my throat was even more tighter and painful as if I swallowed razors and they cutting my throat and when my husband called me from work I couldn\'t even open my mouth and speak properly and I couldnt even eat and ate once the whole day bread, backed beans and plain ommlett and it took over an hour as it was sore as I was chewing the food and also painful to swallow, so I am now taking time off to calm myself so that the mouth ulcers can clear instead of it getting worse like it has done the past few days and I continue to take Benzydamine to help, even though I am not doing nothing but rest in bed and watch tv and taking my medication, I can not shut it out of my mind not even for a minute and that is why I decided to come here and tell my story in the hopes that someone can help me, I also need to search for a medical advocate to help me, so that way I don\'t feel alone in this fight and stressed. I just don\'t understand how a second opinion says one thing and yet NHS is saying a different thing, and with regards to Bolton Hospital I had a long conversation with a manager, which I have reordered and the manager was telling me, Miss Bancroft could not see me that day as she was in an operation, however she did leave a clear written instruction for Dr Bouchard and it was Miss Bancroft who decided not to operate on me and the manager at that time was then given me an option to see Miss Bancroft and this time I wouldn\'t need a GP referral, by then I was referred to Wythenshawe and had already gone through the MR Scan so I said no. But what puzzled me is that when I asked why didn\'t they do an MR she was saying that not all cases get an MR as it is very costly on the NHS and that is why they have to choose the seriousness of the case that gets an MR Scan and I even had asked how many Fibroid does the ultrasound show and she couldn\'t answer that and when I said the MR shows 4, she then explained that the ultrasound does not detect that as they go by sound wave. Basically she had an answer for every excuse, also she said I could write in to request my record and when I did, I got a letter and an application saying so we can release your NHS record, I must pay a fee, I felt that is a way of the NHS making it harder for patient\'s to log complaints and because I was focusing on my health, I decided to let it go. I have come up with two ideas and one is to get an advocate and fight the NHS for the surgery and the other one is to find a way to fund the private surgery, so maybe raise money through a charity page, I am not sure yet, as I am still research online. Ever since I started having periods they have always been heavy and inconsistent, sometimes I get two periods in one month and a lot of blood clots too, as for the rest of the medication I am currently on are: Paracetamol 500MG TWO four times a day, Naproxen 250MG 2 Three Times a day, sometimes I take it four times a day, due to dizzy spells when I seat up or walking, even when lying down. Mefenamic Accide 500MG one Three times a day when I am on my period, Setraline 100MG, one at night before bed, for depression, Codeine Phosphate 30MH 2-4 Four times a day, depending on the day how painful the fibroids are, Omeprazole 20MG One daily when I take mefenamic acid, Tranexamic acid 500mg when on periods, to reduce heaviness of the periods, as its so bad that I leak on my bed and in 2014 at work I leaked on a chair and ruined it and had to go wash and dry my clothes, Amitriptyline 10mg two at night, they help me with the neuropatic pains, and I was also give oral morphine to help with the pain, but Dr Newgrosh became concerned with my depression that I was miss using them, as they knocked me out to sleep, so one worst days I would drink two or three caps full of them and only have a little bit left in one bottle, that is almost finished. If anyone knows in here what other steps I can take to get some results please do not hesitate in contacting me as I fear that one day I will do something drastic as right now I have been contemplating of going to Wythenshawe hospital and demand to see Dr Tuck whilst I take all the medications and die in front of the person who dismissed me without even seeing me or giving me a chance to explain myself, however I have my husband to think of, because I can not just think of myself, and my husband has just gone back to work after taken long leave to be with me, as he feared I may take my own life, because of my condition, he had to take more of the responsibility of the chores and even cooking and he would come from work at 8pm and cook for us, put the clothes in the washer and then wake up at 5:30 for work. [M.Q, Bolton]
Far more needs to be done. I have been in turmoil and still undecided because of lack of understanding and due to have hysterectomy this weekend!! [M.K, Brighton]
I think more research is needed into fibroids as a fibroid suffer recovering from a myomectomy needs to know how to prevent it coming back and why it happened in the first place. [N.R, reading]
Had a fibroid removed when my children were small - 12 weeks to recover was tough going as I was raising them on my own. Suffered from a hernia post surgery which required further surgery to repair - another 12 weeks recovery. Unfortunately the wrong materials were used by a young, inexperienced surgeon and further surgery was required. A further 12 weeks recovery. Now have very fast growing fibroid causing severe pelvic pain. Research and advice would be much appreciated [G.T, Saltcoats]
14 months of guiding myself through the miasma of NHS - still experiencing terrible bleeding every month. a prisoner 3/4 days a month due to such heavy bleeding. Anaemic, had to have blood transfusion etc. etc. [K.S, London]
As a sufferer I feel there is not enough information or support supplied by the NHS. [N.A, Poole]
Yes this definitely an area that needs more research. Many women are suffering and need specialist help and support to overcome this condition. [J, London]
Millions of women are suffering with fibroid, but still the only answer is a hysterectomy, surely in this day and age we can come up with an alternative.Also lets look at progressing Esyma so this can become a viable long term solution. [K.E, Bath]
Affects so many people, there have to be better ways of dealing with this!! [J.B, Shrewsbury]
I have suffered from fibroids for 15 months; first taking esyema but now referred to local hospital and waiting for second appointment; in the meantime, I am told by my doctor that i look about 5 months pregnant but thankfully apart from a hideously bloated stomach there are no other problems so far [N.H, Watford]
I want to know whether I could have avoided getting fibroids when I was younger. [K.P, Worcester Park]
I'm a tax contributing fulltime worker, looking at repeated absences and a potential 6-8wk recovery time worst case scenario on a hysterectomy. Add to that the hospital etc costs of such an extreme treatment. The costs of research for better diagnosis and earlier less invasive treatment would pay for themselves in the medium to long term. [L.A.R.A, Dromore]
We need more research into this area. Words cannot express the excruciating pain,loss of blood,the need of a blood transfusion and copious amounts of medicine I have been taking to control the symptoms. We need more detailed research into this condition. [B.D, London]
We need more research on Fibroids [A.S, Oxford]
1st case I had was in 2008 but at the time A&E convinced me it was IBS and sent me home advising I take paracetamol. Looking back I know what it was now as I had a worse experience this 03/16 and found I have loads of fibroids with the largest being 12 x 11cm along with an enlarged womb as a result. I felt under pressure to convince the NHS I felt better when admitted in order to be discharged from their care to avoid a hysterectomy (NHS genuinely provided great care by the way!)I was fortunate enough to go privately instead and have learned far more about my condition and options (private care provides the luxury of time with medical staff). My point is whilst in hospital for that week I was shocked by the volume of women in our boat and having hysterectomies daily of all ages and persuasions!!! I am proud of our NHS and fully support them but more research is definitely needed. [N.K, West Midlands]
There is not enough support,not enough recognition, not enough understanding of the suffering, pain and total lifestyle change you have to make. I\'ve been told that I\'m depressed when I\'ve been extremely anemia. I\'ve been dismissed and told that womans bodies just go crazy sometimes! [C.R, Stratford upon Avon]
I wish a champion member of parliament could visit London St Marys Hospital fibroid clinic to hear stories from BME women who are the most affected by fibroids about their fears of never having a child or having their uterus removed. Leaders should put fibroids as a top agenda! [E.N, Cambridge]
I have seen firsthand the horrible symptoms of fibroids, and the negative effects it has on work, relationships and life in general. It seems difficult to find a sympathetic or knowledgable doctor, and my partner has been waiting a long time to see a consultant in Sheffield. Her GP recently advised her that the NHS Gynae dept has 'some issues' and to 'go private' which I thought was shocking and sad. Why isn't good treatment/service available on the NHS, which we have both paid into all our lives? [R.S, Sheffield]
i have a friend who is immense pain with this..i have just been diagnosed with a small so say 7mm but i'm sure they measure in cm no mm..and i'm still getting pain and tird all the time and i'm older with a young son..i'm not lazy but feel ill all the time and expected to go back to work in two months time when my boy is 5...i physically struggle..i'm a single mum and no one understands ..i just wish more was done to help with this..the doctors don't understand and think we are complaining and then trying to find out what is wrong..and i'm chasing it all to get answers. [C.B, BRISTOL]
More research needed! Disgraceful lack of treatment and options considering how many women are affected. [K.O, Sevenoaks]
I\'ve had three years of hell living with ever increasing fibroids. I was told they would shrink with menopause but was never told that whilst waiting for menopause they may grow too big to operate on. I am now about to embark on esmya 3 months on 2 months off until menopause. I\'m only 47 so this could go on for some time. [L.F, Harrogate]
any efforts directed at supporting this cause are in the right direction as more and more female lives are interrupted due to this illness. therefore im signing this petition to add to the masses of women who are asking for more research to be put in this effort [I.M, lusaka]
In this modern day and age there should be non surgical alternatives to this distressing and often debilitating problem. Too many women in the UK have had to undergo needless hysterectomies. [T.T, Digby, Lincoln]
i think resarch should be done on the cause of fibroids [M, LONDON]
Fibroids are a source of misery for those who suffer from them thanks to the uncomfortable side-effects such as extended periods (mine has lasted 18 days so far this month and shows no sign of stopping) and pain in some cases. [C.H, Dudley]
Women who have fibroid are in a helpless situation where they do not know what causes it and what they can do to prevent getting one. Hystrectomy or mymectomy or any surgery is not a solution.We need to know what causes it in the first pace so that it can be prevented or stopped from growing back. More research is surely required in this field. [S.P, tamworth]
i am too suffering, and have not had any help from GPS. [T.V, Lancing]
I am about to have a full hysterectomy, yet very little information has been provided to me. I had one GP appointment, one scan and one consultation with a registrar, by the end of which I had signed up for surgery. This is not informed consent!!!!!! [F.B, Gillingham]
After collapsing at home haemorrhaging, ambulance to A and E, HB 40, being told I was an hour away from death, 4 unit blood transfusion. u/s showed 10cm fibroid. My life turned upside down when told at 50 I needed a hysterectomy. Refused and found a wonderful eminent fibroid surgeon in London who did a myomectomy on me at age 51 4 weeks ago. Preserving my Uterus, Cervix and Ovaries. Late menopause runs in my family and I was utterly passionate about preserving my womb. Thank god for Nicki On who inspired me to fight for my womb. A million thank you\'s. I will keep in touch as my surgeon wants me to help with a video to promote myomectomy for all women of all ages. Please do not hesitate to contact me. [E.B, Stratford Upon Avon]
I have rcently been diagnosed as having fibroids and I am appalled at how little importance they seem to have in the medical world. [D.B, London]
If fybroids affected men we wouldn't need a petition [M.P, Brighton]
It makes my blood boil that as a long term fibroid sufferer the only alternative treatment to a hysterectomy I was offered was the Mirena coil, which I 'lost' after three years of making my symptoms even worse, including huge blood clots and hair loss. A lot more research is required to determine the causes of fibroid and offer more non- invasive treatment options. I have come to the end of my tether now and am completely exhausted and now even considering a hysterectomy to bring an end 15 years of extremely painful and heavy periods. [S.A, Ely]
More research into causes,detection and treatments for fibroids is needed. My symptoms have been making my life miserable for over 2 years. I have only just been referred to a gynaecologist. [L.N, Northfield]
Before my fibroid was finally diagnosed, I was told by my GP that I have irritable bowel and then when I went back with my pain and heavy bleeding, that I was going through the menopause. Eventually, a scan showed the fibroid, I suffer bad back pain, especially at night, I have queried if this could be pressure from fibroid. I have had 6 months of GNRH, which should shrink the fibroid, but my continues to grow! So now I have been advised that there is a slight risk that it could be malignant. I am having a hysterectomy, which I have had to push for. I am exhausted, scared and fed up of the pain. Fibroids have ruined the quality of my life for the past 5-years. Earlier diagnosis and treatment is essential, for such a common problem. [M.C, Daventry]
I have had fibroids for 10 years, at first they just made life awkward at times. Now they are controlling my life and i am considering surgery. Thousands of women deserve more information and treatment of this debilitating condition. [P.M, Wakefield]
Chronic condition that once causes symptoms leads to poor quality of life. Hysterctomy was my ultimate final option and given the rest of the options which seemed only temporary I decided to go ahead with sub total hyst for my condition . This has lead to a very long recovery time and will be min of 8 weeks off work which is career changing !! I am furious after all this time that treatments available are so negative with poor long term success rates. Fibroids run in my family with my mother having hysterectomy , now me and my sister now having to. Same treatment offered to my mum nearly 40 years ago!! We have daughters and they are scared of the same fate. Research into new less evasive successful treatments and priority to prevention would be very much welcomed. Though not usually life threatening, complications are numerous for many and quality if life is very much impacted. Spending your time exhausted through blood loss , in pain and planning your life around a toilet is no fun for anyone with this benign condition. It affects every aspect of your life!! [A.H, Petersfield]
Yes not enough consideration or serious thought is given to Women suffering with Fibroids and all gynaecological problems. My quality of life has been ruined due to fibroids and also late diagnoses of primary ovarian insufficiency. I was finally diagnosed with both conditions after 10 years of going to numerous doctors and gynaecologists. However I was still not given any treatment, help or support and just sent away to get on with it. I suffered with a fibroid causing me much pain and discomfort for 4 years before having it removed. Unfortunately I have now been left with adhesions so now waiting to have these operated on, whilst still waiting and wondering if I will ever have my quality of life back and any chance of ever having a child of our own. [C, Bristol]
Fibroid is stopping many women from conceiving and so the government ought to put fibroids in the top of agenda for research funding for better scheme for early detection and non invasive treatments [B.W, POYNTON]
Being told that a hysterectomy is your only option at the age of 36 is heartbreaking. [S.J, Northampton]
Fibroids should be taken much more seriously. They can cause terrible difficulties for sufferers in many ways. I see my own daughter suffer in the same way I have and I feel strongly that this should not be happening. [C.N, North Shields]
Having suffered with fibroids with a long time, I would like to see more research into effective, less invasive procedures to alleviate the symptoms. [S.B, Cambridge]
There should be more funding for research. [T.M, London]
As a sufferer for more years than I can rambert. Being treated by gino. Now worse than ever more needs to be done [R.P, Cardiff]
Surely research is overdue. It is destroying lives. In general there should be more education for young girls, possibly as part of sex education where provided. Embarrassing that fibroid is still so ignored by the govt and medics because it does not kill you. [H.O, London]
I am 50 now and been suffering with fibroids for 15 years. My life is becoming unbearable and only a few days ago I visited a private consultant about problems with my bladder. The consultant believed my problems are related to me having fibroids. Concerned about negative impact of current treatments on offer hence my continued suffering. One time I was just sent away and told to take pain killers. I am bloated, fatigued and in pain much of the time now. I don't know what to do for the best. Waiting for urgent referral to main hospital for about the fifth time. [M.N, Norwich]
I think better research and funding should be made available for all women from age 30\\\'s to advise the risk of fertility with fibroids and reduce invasive treatment such as surgery. I am 42 and married last September. I am trying with little joy for a child (my first). At age 37 I underwent myomectony the only choice other than hysterectomy for a very large uterus fibroid to save my fertility I was advised I had a successful outcome despite three months of monthly injections to reduce it prior to surgery I was not with anyone at the time so my chances of getting pregnant were nil. I met my husband a couple of years ago and we were married September 2015 however despite attempts to get pregnant the normal way is not appearing to work for us there doesn\\\'t seem to be any attempts from numerous visits to my gp to refer us to a fertility clinic and I feel our chances are running out. I would love to have children and gutted not being able to have information available to me at an age when I may have been able to do more to help myself I suffer with stomach pains even now 5 years post surgery and although I am told am still producing progestogen our chances of having a baby are slim . [C.W, Weston-super-mare]
I feel very strongly about this. When my fibroids were diagnosed my consultant jokingly said "oh well, you'll be 3 pounds lighter after your Hysterectomy"! No other treatment was considered or discussed. At my insistence, a Myomectomy was performed. I suffered terrible post operative complications, including rupturing internal stitches & bleeding, internal inflammation (& I believe infection). Although I paid to see him privately, my consultant refused to acknowledge that I had any problems. I was in pain, & discomfort, & couldn't walk far or lift anything heavy for over 2 years. It was only through gentle swimming exercise that I eventually made a full recovery 3 years after my operation. [M.C.B, Bournemouth]
While not life threatening, fibroids and the treatment can severely affect the quality of life for the sufferer. In my experience, an awful lot of money is wasted in "treatments" that don't' work, unnecessary and life changing surgeries (hysterectomy). With more research and proper care and treatment plans, the benefits could be financial savings for the NHS and taxpayer, plus improved quality of life and therefore the economy also benefits [A.S, High Wycombe]
I just found out i have fibroses. I am 35, i want children, i am scared...where should i go? [L.A, London]
I have fibroids for a few years, I felt ridiculed and ignored by many health professionals due to "making fuss" about the condition. In my view, the condition is awkful, I feel like a pregnant woman most of the time, I need to urinate very often and I feel a lot of pain. However, this seems to be insufficient for the NHS to treat this condition as severe. [I.P, huddersfield]
I suffered severely with fibroids for 14 years, had 4 miscarriages, 4 myomectomies, and ended up with a hysterectomy and no children. In and out of hospital for all those years, seeing over 10 dismissive doctors, it stole my life. Something needs to be done to stop this happening to more women. [D.P, Basildon]
I find it hard to believe that this treatment require a petition. Surely common sense is enough to know that if it is possible to treat fibroids with no knife- no further complications which can lead to further operations,that it should be cheaper in the long run to fund this! and alot nicer for those involved. [A.C, taunton]
I am attempting to live with my fibroids as I am terrified of surgery. Like another petitioner, I am hoping the longer I wait, more understanding of fibroids will emerge, along with not offering surgery as the only option. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that as I hit the menopause, they may shrink naturally!!! [R.S, Batley]
I have suffered from fibroids for over 20 years. Mine are rather aggressive and although I have had 2 Myomectomies, the fibriods have returned. I am waiting for an op but my follow up care has been horrendous. [M.S.K, London]
I have been suffering with fibroid for 16 years, if i had insurance i would everything taken out asap. [P, PALM HARBOIR]
i have suffered for several years (a few in silence) and my late twenties were spent in pain, confusion and general difficulty. i don't want this for other women but Parliament has to recognise the dangers in not knowing enough about the 'mysterious' fibroids . [L.B, Newbury]
80% of women will suffer from fibroids by the age of 50. That's almost half of the population. Action needs to be taken to develop methods that are less intrusive, with quicker recovery time, and which preserve fertility. [R.C, Stoke-on-Trent]
As a nurse - as a woman - you'd think I'd have known more. Information about the menopause & what is normal perimenopause is so sparse. So when I was tired, I thought perimenopause... When my menstrual flow changed I thought perimenopause. (So did the 1st GP who sent me away without any investigations). It wasn't till I was persuaded to see another GP 2 yrs later that I knew I had a fibroid: at this time my haemoglobin had fallen to dangerously low levels. I am a mother of 5 children... 4 of whom are girls. This situation is not acceptable. Education NEEDS to be better. Research is required as prevention is better (& usually cheaper) than treatment in the long run. [A.M, Glasgow]
'Women's Problems' are a joke, something that men laugh about but the reality for many women is far from funny. Very little is known about what causes fibroids yet the quality of many women's lives is severely impacted by them. I've lost a job because of them. More research needs to be done so that women don't suffer unnecessarily. [H.F, Chichester]
As a sufferer of fibroids for over 20 years, this research absolutely is essential! [M.M, Bideford]
Women need more help and quicker access to treatment [D.H, Earls Barton .Northampton]
Please do more research into this, having to have a hysterectomy myself because of them and living with them is emotionally draining on your mental well being. [C.H, Burnley]
In my experience, the consultants have different opinions on Fibroids stating the pain is just a cramp & lost of woman have no symptoms! There are lots of woman who do have symptoms & are in pain every day - This needs more research [J.G, KEIGHLEY]
Fibroid are distrorying a lot of women but there is not enough research and cure . We need help [J.O, London]
Lack of awareness from GPs. Give conflicting advice when fibroid diagnosed. Fibroid dectected after having a miscarriage. Paid to see private consultant and paid privately to have it removed. Been a difficult 4 months and have felt very alone in all of this. Shocking how many woman are affected and yet carry on regardless. [A.A, Hemel Hempstead]
More research and treatment [R.O, Sandsprings]
My sister had 3 large fibroids and on the operating table the surgeon has to remove her left fallopian tube. Today she is 40 and does not have children and her chances of having them are slim now. I too have been diagnosed with 2 large fibroids and the NHS specialist has straight away asked me to undergo an open invasive surgery to remove the fibroids which will increase my chances of having a baby. After having stumbled on this forum, I have no decided to find some alternatives to surgery and would urge the NHS to increase research on removing fibroids without resorting to surgery. [D.R.G, Northwood]
More research and early detection is needed. [S.F, Harrow, Middx]
I wonder if it were a condition affecting men whether more research would have been done? [M.H, Poulton-le Fylde]
Some of us wish to keep our wombs preferring TCRF, UFE, Myomectomy or even Diet and Supplements. BUT once a woman hits 50 seems the preferred NHS option is Hysterectomy. To remove a significant organ is physical, spiritual and emotional... plus it speeds up Menopause which isn\'t pleasant and could last for years. [O.A, London]
It can be very distressing not to mention painful. Much more research is needed and more options for sufferers. [A.S, London]
Living with a sizeable fibroid, I have only been given one option which is to come off HRT, which improves my quality off life , or live with continual bleeding and discomfort. [A.H, Blackburn]
Please fund more research into this area. I have only just been diagnosed after years and years of suffering every month with worsening symptoms and infertility. It really affects my quality of life and hoping to get a solution soon. [M.N, Middleton On Sea]
I have endometriosis and fibroids...I suffered years on the pill w migraines which was prescribed to control endometriosis however I wonder if in fact it was the pill which I took prior to diagnosis that triggered all problems - I have stopped the pill forever - the fibroids are not pleasant. Heavy prolonged periods and constant bloating though certain foods I know I must avoid to ease inflammation. [Z.C, London]
searching for help [H.S, London]
As someone who has recently been diagnosed with (very large) uterine fibroids, I feel not enough is done to make women aware of this condition. We are aware of women's cancers, but the far more common issue of fibroids hardly gets a mention. [L.Q, FALMOUTH]
I have almost bled to death because of my fibroids [L.D, Manchester]
Help stop the dismissive attitudes to fibroids - No its NOT OK to put up with relentless periods/period pains NO ITS NOT OK to have a protruding belly No it's not ok to make a woman feel vain or FORCE a hysterectomy as a solution. NO ITS NOT OK to rule out fertility and rule the woman out! PUT FIBROIDS AT THE TOP OF THE AGENDA FOR RESEARCH. [A.H, BRADFORD]
I have suffered from symptomatic fibroids for years. All NHS can do is giving me drugs that don't work or the option of hysterectomy. I don't know if this is because the doctor I saw was a male. [X.W, OXFORD]
This is a life changing condition that deserves more attention. I have had two myomectomies and in 2010 had the second large number of fibroids in the country. [S.V, Shirley, Croydon]
I have just been diagnosed with Fibroids and need help and support. I think they have been causing me years of health problems! [M.S.G, Bideford]
I agree, the lack of research about fibroids are slow and it does cause discomfort and pain. [R.B, London]
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More research and more specialists required in this area. I don't feel Fibroids are taken seriously enough. [S.D, Par]
As someone who had a fibroid the size of a 6 month old baby/melon/rugby ball that my GP missed after having severe bleeding and almost constant periods I had to have a vertical caesarean procedure to remove it which has left me scarred and in discomfort. The medical team at the hospital were amazing but I feel that there needs to be more information available to GPs and the public so that you are aware if you have heavy periods this could be a sign of a fibroid. Earlier diagnosis would have meant it could have been treated with medicine and not surgery so the more information out there the better. [M.B, Manchester]
I saw a male GP yesterday. Without even examining my pelvis he was ready to completely dismiss my fear that I have fibroids. [N.L, Gorseinon]
Diagnosed with fibroids. Given 3 options for treatment incl. hysterectomy and told to research and pick one. Not advised which is the best by medical professional [C.O, Halifax]
Women should not be treated as second-class citizens with regard to funding for medical research. [R.P, LEICESTER]
I think it is very important to research both the causes and effects of fibroids for women. As someone who is dealing with the effects I would value more interest from the medical profession and more value on how the condition makes women feel. [A.W, Rotherham]
I support all of the women that demand more research into this health condition. It's causes, and better treatment than cutting the body that impacts upon other systems in the body. Including the immune system. Nutrition of those women, also has to be looked into. We are aware that doctors are receiving four hours of nutrition medical training, clearly, it is not enough. The NHS provides no advice to pre-menopausal women, during menopause or afterwards. What we do know is that menopausal women have to treble their iron intake during the menopause, and should do prior to it. [K.T, Stanway, Colchester]
I have fibroids and had an extreme episode a few months ago. I ended up having 2 units of blood. It was very frightening. So confusing about treatment options but do not want a hysterectomy! Was annoyed with mainly male doctors attitude that I should just have a hysterectomy. We need more research on management and treatment. I don't want anymore children but plan to keep my uterus thank you. I have been on Esmya and hopefully all good. Just want to not have that happen again and be managed non surgically. [H.E, Warwick]
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I feel strongly that there should be more research. I have suffered 4 miscarriages and my last was twins I thought it was over but I ended up bleeding so much I needed a blood transfusion and a hysteroscopy and they removed the fibroid. There is not alot of research on this and since the procedure i have had nothing but pain. [K.H, Swindon]
As a fibroid suffer in my opinion there isn\'t engouh research for treatment. I had to have a total hysterectomy at the end due to constant blooding and unbearable pain. I would have lost my job if I was a new member of staff. I felt there wasn\'t engouh support or information when I needed it. This is a silent nightmare for women. A lot of women can\'t have kids because of this horrible thing. [J.O, London]
this is a common problem that so many women suffer. In my experience gynaecologists that i have seen just push for the cheap easy option for the NHS and tell you that a Hysterectomy is your best treatment (best for who i ask). Certainly not for me as i have educated myself on this. We are in the 21st century is this still the best we can offer women . [J.D, GOSPORT]
I would like more research into myomectomy treatment options for women over 50. It seems this procedure is hardly ever offed or performed on women who have passed their fertile years. \"If you are not going to have any more children, then you don\'t need your uterus\", seems to be the thinking. However, I do think I need my uterus. It has other functions in the body apart from bearing children and needs to valued. I think it is pretty appalling that so many women should have a major organ removed for a benign condition. We need more data on myomectomy for older women. [L.A, Adelaide]
My latest consultation with my gynacologist suggested I have a hysterectomy because at 45 I'm too old for other procedures. I'm appalled by this. Definitely needs more research and knowledge for these [H.A, TILBURY]
How many more women need to suffer before a funds are provided foe a robust research [C.D, WELWYN]
These growths cause years of pain, distress and embarrassment for many women. Please help! [M.B, Basingstoke]
More research desperately needed & more doctors to be aware that cutting out a womans womanhood is not the only answer and deeply offending. [N.P, Southport]
Woman should not have to suffer fibroids with only invasive surgery as an option. Why is the MR Guided FUS Therapy not available on the NHS ! [T.C, Rampside]
In full support of lobbying for further fibroid research and support for women battling in silence. [C.B, Harrow]
Better awareness and education on this common and oftentimes debilitation condition is long overdue! Sufferers have made \"mistakes\" with (bad) treatments others muddle through mostly living with the pain and discomfort. We desperately need research so that we can find the cause and eventually the cure! [E, London]
Definitely need more research, information and action on this. My fibroids were discovered 3yrs ago and make my life a misery (so far this month I've bled heavily for 15 out of 22 days!!). I've eventually been refered to gynae but it's been a battle and I've still to convince them to do something about them in as non-invasive a manner as possible. [T, Leicester]
Fibroids are not a complicated health matter as other diseases of our age so we need to study it fully to prevent unneccessary suffering of women. [T.T, London]
I have PCOS and now just been diagnosed with a large fibroid in my womb causing heavy and prolonged periods. So I have a conflicting problem as PCOS usually presents with absent periods but the fibroids are causing too much blood loss. I bleed everyday or every month with no break, stemming from spotting/light to heavy clotting. I am currently very anaemic and because I cannot have a blood transfusion due to other complications so I am on a "slow go" iron tablets solution. Please can more funds be pumped into research for this condition. I have a daughter who is likely to also experience fibroids. They are painful, they really limit my activities due to blood loss and I just want my life back. I really do not want my daughter to have to live the same way as I currently do. Please help! [K.C, Lampeter]
33% of the female population should sign this petition [P.F, POTT SHRIGLEY]
After a year of hell, before which i had never heard of fibroids, I am having a hysterectomy on 5th Jan 2018. Please help to get research for fibroids so women are not suffering, had I been a dog they wouldíve put me down. [D.S, Tipton]
Had my symptoms not been dismissed by gp for 3yrs, open Myomectomy could have been avoided. Millions of women suffering all around the world. Pls help! [L.M, Bexhill-On-Sea]
I am suffering with fibroids for the second time this year, please more research and awareness is required to try to understand and treat this awful problem that affects so many women\\\'s lives [Z, Derby]
It's taken nearly four years to be diagnosed with fibroids. I have had my symptoms continually dismissed by my doctor and only by pure chance of seeing a locum doctor did I get referred for a scan or blood test. Heavy bleeding needs to be taken seriously as it has had a huge effect on my quality of life. Being fobbed off with the only options of the pill or coil without any investigation Is generalising women's problems and putting them at huge risk. [C.C, Ely]
I had a 5cm Fibriod my GP was great and so was my consultant even though I waited over a year for my Operation I was told by my GP in April 2016 I had a fibriod I had my first appiontment at hospital 10th May 2016 I had my Lap Myo on 10th May 2017. I glad to say my life is back to normal but I strongly belive there needs to be more reseach and people need to be more aware of Fibriods [K.D, Uttoxeter]
Fibroids can make women house bound a few days every 3-4 weeks (due to varying female cycles) The blood loss is so severe it can cause Anaemia - which is then another disorder that then has to be treated in itself! Gynaecologistís will not help until they reach 5cmís, they just send you away like you are exaggerating the symptoms - by 5cmís itís been years of pain & impossibley ridiculous bleeding - please help I can not work due to this causing me Anxiety, pain, upset, bed rest etc etc etc [A.O, Sheffield]
Would just like to know where they come from and how we could avoid [R.M, Manchester]
Fibroids affect around 25% of the population, yet they are hardly mentioned in the media or online articles about womenís health issues. There is little funding for treatment or research, leading to a range of treatments that cannot/will not be performed by some doctors. This means that many womenís fertility is taken away prematurely due to a lack of skill or awareness by some doctors. Many doctors are unsympathetic to this condition too and cannot/will not believe the effect this has on many womenís quality of life. [R.C, S-O-T]
Awareness of fibroid symptons and knowledge of the available medical solutions need to be increased among the medical community. Women with symptomatic fibroids need to be supported medically and personally. Fibroid sufferers often suffer in silence for many years before help becomes available. Living with fibroids can be physically and mentally exhausting, and can be treatable. Thank you for listening. Claire (Recent successful UFE (NHS) for 21 fibroids) [C.K, Liverpool]
More research needs to be done with fibroids. All the doctors I have seen seem to be uninformed of all my symptoms and just blame everything on aniemia which I am no longer anemic. Also woman who loose the option to have children is awful. [M.F, Buffalo Grove]
more research and funding is urgently needed for early detection and non invasive treatments to reduce women suffering from this condition calling all MPS and professionals to action [D.J, Bridlington]
Definitely agree this topic need far more research! If men suffered from fibroids I\'m sure there would be much more information and many more options available for treatment! We should\'t be made to feel that a hysterectomy is our only option, and there should be access to information from clinics who provide alternative treatments, instead of us resorting to Google to find it for ourselves. [M, Swindon]
More research. Patient led treatment. [M.R, pontllanfraith]
There is not enough information for treatment of this condition. It is not acceptable for women to be fobbed off my GP until the Fibroid is so big a women is pushed into Hysterectomy. I did not know what a Fibroid was until I got one. This is not acceptable in 2018. [M.P.F, Preston]
I want to raise awareness. I was offered only Hysterectomy and it has taken 3 years to get my preferred option. If my GP had listened and referred me sooner then I would have had more treatment options. I did not know what Fibroids were until I got one. This is not acceptable in 2018 [P, Preston]
I am suffering with fibroids.The treatment are invasive and not much treatment. I would like more research to be done. [L.R, London]
fibroids should be on the nhs as a quicker procedure. these can cause a lot of pain on a daily basis. also there should be a lot more research on it that there is. [C.L, london]
Ive just found out I have fibroids and amazed how common this condition is but also how debilitating it can be. We need more education and specialised training out there. [J.K, bedwas, caerphilly]
Definitely need more research into fibroids including prevention such as environmental toxins. Also women need to be made aware of treatment options. [J.H, Chester-le-Street]
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Hysterectomy should not be the first remedy offeredto patients when confronted with Fibroids. Less invasive and potentially life altering options should be available gor all. [P.C, Bedford]
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It is time for male doctors to listen to people with wombs and take them seriously. [S.P, Nottingham]
I have fibroids, and have suffered with heavy periods at times. I believe there should be more research done on fibroids and more help given. [R.W, Worcester]
I have fibroids and I am anaemic as a consequence of heavy periods. I had 7lbs of fibroids removed in 2012 but some remain. I am 42. I think there should be routine screening for fibroids and other gynaecological problems [V.S, Chipperfield]
Fibroids affect one in three women and the symptoms make their lives miserable. Every month, in extreme cases, these women cannot work or continue their daily routine for several days. This means talented women are unable to properly contribute to the UK economy. Employers are not all as compassionate as they could / should be Women face invasive treatment for fibriods the result of which in the most extreme cases can cause pshycological harm and a sense of loosing ones feminity. [J.S, Greenford]
I\'ve seen some small studies about user of green extract for example but gone no further. It\'s such debilitating condition I don\'t v understand why no more studies are being done [M.R.C, Bromley]
The lack of research around the reasons for fibroid formation is appalling. There must be an explanation and the fact that its so common, yet no one even seems bothered (because its not life threatening) is just despicable. [V..M, London]
These fibroids have tried to destroy everything in my life, my health, my job, my relationship and my general ability to function and this is not good for your mental health! I was told not to have treatments because it would affect my fertility which is rubbish, now Iím waiting for a myomectomy after having several miscarriages itís beyond a joke. Fibroids stop you doing everything and should be dealt with early. How can so many doctors not have a clue what they are doing? And Iíve seen a lot! [L.C, Newcastle-Under-Lyme]]=geronimo [M, Porsgrunn]
After goinf to A&e after a myomectomy 5 medical professionals did not know what a myomectomy was.i as the patient had to explain! We need more training and more research [S.T, Bury]
If one in three men suffered from fibroids I'm sure the research into this condition would be lengthy, vast and fully-funded. [M.M, London]
This is a painful and debilitating condition that needs quicker and better treatment etc. [V.P, Cardiff]
I need a medication that will work on my little fibroid so I can get pregnant [A.O, Huddersfield]
My fibroids were so large when they were diagnosed that the best option for treatment is invasive myomectomy surgery and a lengthy period of recovery. I fully support more research and a better scheme for early detection, monitoring and treatment. [A.W, London]
More research needs to be done Immediatly [G.M, london]
Many doctors do not have the skills to perform myomectomies and are only offering hysterectomies to their patients. Far more research is required to understand how fibroids are caused and to treat hormones effectively. [M.E, Melbourne]
I am suffering with a fibroid. I had UAE on it in February 2017 and it shrunk from 5 cm to 3 cm, and is now 1.4 cm. It is still causing me symptoms and medical professionals don't believe me that I am still in a lot of pain. I have stopped working because of the pain I am in. More research needs to be done on fibroids urgently. [M.R.L, Cambridge]
There is not enough research into fibroids and women are sent home to suffer without help or even sympathy with a big impact on having a normal life and quality of life. [L.G, Southampton]
Why should I have to have a full hysterectomy? no other options available to me ive been told? what about the Acessa method that seems popular and less invasive in the US? what about laser or radiology methods? I just want to be rid of these monsters that ruin your life in the least intrusive way along with many other people in the world, help needed. [S.P, Penshaw]
It has taken me 10 years to get my diagnosis, and in that time Iíve heard numerous medical professionals tell me itís part of being a woman, something every woman deals with which has been absolutely heart breaking and Iím still coming to terms with knowing I was right in knowing my body, knowing something wasnít right but wasnít listened to. It makes you question and doubt everything. Following a diagnosis all Iíve been offered is the contraceptive pill which isnít designed to treat fibroids and if I decide to have children, what do I do then? The condition effects all parts of my life and that of my husband. It doesnít just effect me, it effects those closest to me and my ability to work and how I choose to live my life. I will deliberately avoid doing things because of my condition and I can be house bound for days either due to pain or because of fear of being able to make it to a toilet on time. More needs to be done, more treatment options and more education so itís not on me to educate people on my condition when I still donít fully understand whatís going on myself. No woman should have to fight for years for a diagnosis. [E.O, Stoke-on-Trent]
Today I was diagnosed with a 7cm fibroid. I feel as though I've had my diagnosis and left to get on with my life whilst taking medication to try and reduce my seriously heavy bleeding. I'm afraid to go out as I'm scared I'm going to bleed heavily in public which has happened, twice. I'm not mentally stable as there has been no support offered or any information given about my condition. I just feel let down like there's no hope and that I will wake up and it was all a nightmare. [J.S, Nottingham]
I have suffered for over 10 years with various treatments, having seen various specialist. I work in medical research in a different clinical area and I was shocked how little there is on this when I tried looking. More is needed, there are treatments, which can make huge impact on life, yet such massive variations and so long to wait on NHS. [I.H, Stanmore]
With more research into fibroids, we can be able to help others lower their risks and find out what the risk factors are . But also so that more women are more aware about the condition [O.N, London]
I do not think it is right to consider fibroids as common and leave them without treatment. I am fed up of be heavy bleeding, pelvic pain and have to go for surgery led by constipation. [N, Ickenham]
This is a serious condition. It robs many women and their families of a good quality of life and it has serious implications on productivity. There is a lack of public awareness and inadequate support for this condition. This needs to change. [G.F, London]
It is time to invest more in fibroid research. A condition hardly talked about but affecting so many women world wide. Please educate healthcare professionals on how to speak to patients with this condition. Some consultants need to have more manners, have some compassion and should understand more than anyone that the uterus is not only for having children and that it can be preserved for the future of womenís health. Long term impact on health needs to be considered. More research into diet, lifestyle and environmental conditions exposure is needed as well. [P, Scotland]
. , . , , . , , . , . . ! [M, San Miguel de Tucuman]
More women need to have better information around fibroids and how debilitating they can be. Waiting lists are horrendous forcing people to seek private health care. More funding and better services needed desperately. [L.G, Pontypridd]
Fibroids and their associated symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding can have a huge impact on quality of life. Hysterectomy should not be the final solution. Further research is desperately needed. [S.H, Dunmow, Essex]
In recovery from myomectomy, could have been avoidable had my gp not ignored my symptoms. As covered briefly on This Morning, more awareness needs to be raised to help women suffering terribly. [L.M, Dunton Green]
This topic is hugely important - women and men are affected because women may be so tired due to heavy periods but think that this is 'normal' because nobody talks about it.My mother wore diapers at one point. It has affected my childhood. Women affected have compromised working and family life because of the loss of blood. They buy sanitary products and simply double up (pad and tampon). A side consequence of this is environmental impact through waste. A drastic solution is a hysterectomy and sadly even a myemectomy is almost not worth it because the fibroids grow back. We need to know more about the causes and how to prevent fibroids. [N.V.M, Hurstpierpoint]
I have suffered for years with fibroids. Told to try various treatments and ops stopping short of hysterectomy. Also told 7 years ago that they would shrink after menopause. They grew massive instead and now have no option but to have hysterectomy shortly due to unbearable symptoms [H.P, Congleton]
Research in to the prevalence of UF, particularly among Black women, is critical in my view. I'm interested in research that looks at the role of diet and lifestyle in prevention and treatment. I'm also interested in finding out more about hormonal imbalances such as estrogon dominance, and contraception as possible causes. [J.S, birmingham]
There is got to be better understanding as having fibroids can make life harder and is not seen as something to be worried about, but it is. More research is needed, there needs to be alternative treatments, especially non-surgical. I feel particularly helpless as i suffered with fibroids for too long, the were diagnosed when i was 22years old, im now 32. I have had a myomectomy, UFE and neither helped as they came back, i cannot have any hormone contraception treatment or IUD's, they are so large i cannot have Laparoscopy surgery either. I had a very difficult and dangerous pregnancy and now my uterus did not shrink after delivery of my baby and they continue to grow, i feel like i cannot cope! [C.L, London]
Totally agree that there needs to be greater research into Fibroids as a sufferer myself for quite a number of years now. [L.M, Abingdon]
People forget or are unaware that starting HRT can cause fibroids to grow again [K.C, Newark Notts]
It has been hard finding a consultant who treatment for fibroids is not diverse, open to discussions and simply tells me my only option is hysterectomy. From discussions with black women, hysterectomy is the norm and choice is not explored and rarely offered. [N..S.L, East ham]
I have a large fibroid which is now causing major damage to my bladder bowel and have to have total abdominal hysterectomy. Yet i am still being made to wait for surgery [H.M, Swindon]
I have just been diagnosed with a very large pedunculated uterine fibroid, and face a possible hysterectomy this year. The more research I do, the more shocked I am at how many women are affected by fibroids and how little research has gone into it. I also feel it is very important that girls and young women are taught about fibroids as part of their biology and sex education lessons, so that they do not carry on walking around for years putting up with symptoms that are dismissed as "women's problems", and/or losing their wombs. [G.P, Frome]
This is just NOT treated seriously by gps esp if you are deemed pre or peri ie mid forties. Not all people are Worried about fertility but loosing their uterus / ovaries to stop the problems is a big decision. Not enough knowledge known or communicated without personal research. Additionally the impact of ostrogen / protrestegen (increase or decrease & HRT) commonly associated to breast & ovarian cancer & osteoporosis but what about cardiovascular issues... thatís my family trait! There are Some alternative procedures could be done or provided earlier - but as this is all too easily normalised and advised it will get better once you reached menopause. Itís dismissed as another female thing to get used to . So for My submuscal fibroid had become so large it was nearly impossible to do a smear test before I was listened too / referred to gyno. Symtoms: heavy bleeding, Back, bladder and bowl presssure. Out one laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery undertaken 1 year later after taking ulipristal to reduce size before surgery (yucky miserable drug to be on but better than the other) . That said even after taking for 6 mths my uterus was the size of 14 weeks pregnancy. Not normal and I wasnít menopausal just carrying a oestrogen fed fibroid that just kept on growing despite efforts otherwise! Please please can more information and research be put into this. They may benine but they ruin day to day lives of so many. We should not need to have such operations that quite frankly have been done for centuries. But to identify alternatives needs investment and time. No-one wants to automatically loose these organs inc ovaries for possible cancer reasons . More thoughts and preventative approaches are needed including hormone management that might prevent or inhibit the growths Becoming so troublesome. [H.W, Bristol]
l think its very important .l've been bed bound living with fibroids [E.O, Salford]
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