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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2187.  J.B Greenford Middlesex
2186.  P PALM HARBOIR I have been suffering with fibroid for 16 years, if i had insurance i would everything taken out asap.
2185.  J.M Leeds
2184.  K.Y Whitefield
2183.  M.S.K London I have suffered from fibroids for over 20 years. Mine are rather aggressive and although I have had 2 Myomectomies, the fibriods have returned. I am waiting for an op but my follow up care has been horrendous.
2182.  R.S Batley I am attempting to live with my fibroids as I am terrified of surgery. Like another petitioner, I am hoping the longer I wait, more understanding of fibroids will emerge, along with not offering surgery as the only option. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that as I hit the menopause, they may shrink naturally!!!
2181.  S.B Hereford
2180.  W.H Ilford
2179.  D.F Co . Fermanagh
2178.  A.C Taunton I find it hard to believe that this treatment require a petition. Surely common sense is enough to know that if it is possible to treat fibroids with no knife- no further complications which can lead to further operations,that it should be cheaper in the long run to fund this! and alot nicer for those involved.
2177.  F.A London
2176.  D.P Basildon I suffered severely with fibroids for 14 years, had 4 miscarriages, 4 myomectomies, and ended up with a hysterectomy and no children. In and out of hospital for all those years, seeing over 10 dismissive doctors, it stole my life. Something needs to be done to stop this happening to more women.
2175.  I.P Huddersfield I have fibroids for a few years, I felt ridiculed and ignored by many health professionals due to "making fuss" about the condition. In my view, the condition is awkful, I feel like a pregnant woman most of the time, I need to urinate very often and I feel a lot of pain. However, this seems to be insufficient for the NHS to treat this condition as severe.
2174.  L.A London I just found out i have fibroses. I am 35, i want children, i am scared...where should i go?
2173.  A.S High Wycombe While not life threatening, fibroids and the treatment can severely affect the quality of life for the sufferer. In my experience, an awful lot of money is wasted in "treatments" that don't' work, unnecessary and life changing surgeries (hysterectomy). With more research and proper care and treatment plans, the benefits could be financial savings for the NHS and taxpayer, plus improved quality of life and therefore the economy also benefits
2172.  A.T.T Stevenage
2171.  M.C.B Bournemouth I feel very strongly about this. When my fibroids were diagnosed my consultant jokingly said "oh well, you'll be 3 pounds lighter after your Hysterectomy"! No other treatment was considered or discussed. At my insistence, a Myomectomy was performed. I suffered terrible post operative complications, including rupturing internal stitches & bleeding, internal inflammation (& I believe infection). Although I paid to see him privately, my consultant refused to acknowledge that I had any problems. I was in pain, & discomfort, & couldn't walk far or lift anything heavy for over 2 years. It was only through gentle swimming exercise that I eventually made a full recovery 3 years after my operation.
2170.  C.C WGC
2169.  C.W Weston-super-mare I think better research and funding should be made available for all women from age 30\\\'s to advise the risk of fertility with fibroids and reduce invasive treatment such as surgery. I am 42 and married last September. I am trying with little joy for a child (my first). At age 37 I underwent myomectony the only choice other than hysterectomy for a very large uterus fibroid to save my fertility I was advised I had a successful outcome despite three months of monthly injections to reduce it prior to surgery I was not with anyone at the time so my chances of getting pregnant were nil. I met my husband a couple of years ago and we were married September 2015 however despite attempts to get pregnant the normal way is not appearing to work for us there doesn\\\'t seem to be any attempts from numerous visits to my gp to refer us to a fertility clinic and I feel our chances are running out. I would love to have children and gutted not being able to have information available to me at an age when I may have been able to do more to help myself I suffer with stomach pains even now 5 years post surgery and although I am told am still producing progestogen our chances of having a baby are slim .
2168.  J.B Ilkley
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