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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2317.  M.P.F Preston There is not enough information for treatment of this condition. It is not acceptable for women to be fobbed off my GP until the Fibroid is so big a women is pushed into Hysterectomy. I did not know what a Fibroid was until I got one. This is not acceptable in 2018.
2316.  M.R Pontllanfraith More research. Patient led treatment.
2315.  M Swindon Definitely agree this topic need far more research! If men suffered from fibroids I\'m sure there would be much more information and many more options available for treatment! We should\'t be made to feel that a hysterectomy is our only option, and there should be access to information from clinics who provide alternative treatments, instead of us resorting to Google to find it for ourselves.
2314.  D.S Blackburn
2313.  H.W Middlesbrough
2312.  C.B London
2311.  D.J Bridlington More research and funding is urgently needed for early detection and non invasive treatments to reduce women suffering from this condition calling all MPS and professionals to action
2310.  M.F Buffalo Grove More research needs to be done with fibroids. All the doctors I have seen seem to be uninformed of all my symptoms and just blame everything on aniemia which I am no longer anemic. Also woman who loose the option to have children is awful.
2309.  S Kasoa
2308.  H.A Tilbury
2307.  D London
2306.  C.K Liverpool Awareness of fibroid symptons and knowledge of the available medical solutions need to be increased among the medical community. Women with symptomatic fibroids need to be supported medically and personally. Fibroid sufferers often suffer in silence for many years before help becomes available. Living with fibroids can be physically and mentally exhausting, and can be treatable. Thank you for listening. Claire (Recent successful UFE (NHS) for 21 fibroids)
2305.  H.C London
2304.  R.C S-O-T Fibroids affect around 25% of the population, yet they are hardly mentioned in the media or online articles about womenís health issues. There is little funding for treatment or research, leading to a range of treatments that cannot/will not be performed by some doctors. This means that many womenís fertility is taken away prematurely due to a lack of skill or awareness by some doctors. Many doctors are unsympathetic to this condition too and cannot/will not believe the effect this has on many womenís quality of life.
2303.  R.M Manchester Would just like to know where they come from and how we could avoid
2302.  S.R Feltham, Middlesex
2301.  A.O Sheffield Fibroids can make women house bound a few days every 3-4 weeks (due to varying female cycles) The blood loss is so severe it can cause Anaemia - which is then another disorder that then has to be treated in itself! Gynaecologistís will not help until they reach 5cmís, they just send you away like you are exaggerating the symptoms - by 5cmís itís been years of pain & impossibley ridiculous bleeding - please help I can not work due to this causing me Anxiety, pain, upset, bed rest etc etc etc
2300.  K.D Uttoxeter I had a 5cm Fibriod my GP was great and so was my consultant even though I waited over a year for my Operation I was told by my GP in April 2016 I had a fibriod I had my first appiontment at hospital 10th May 2016 I had my Lap Myo on 10th May 2017. I glad to say my life is back to normal but I strongly belive there needs to be more reseach and people need to be more aware of Fibriods
2299.  C.C Ely It's taken nearly four years to be diagnosed with fibroids. I have had my symptoms continually dismissed by my doctor and only by pure chance of seeing a locum doctor did I get referred for a scan or blood test. Heavy bleeding needs to be taken seriously as it has had a huge effect on my quality of life. Being fobbed off with the only options of the pill or coil without any investigation Is generalising women's problems and putting them at huge risk.
2298.  J.B Long Buckby
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