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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2387.  K.M Retford
2386.  C.L Merseyside
2385.  C.W Bristol
2384.  O.N London With more research into fibroids, we can be able to help others lower their risks and find out what the risk factors are . But also so that more women are more aware about the condition
2383.  I.H Stanmore I have suffered for over 10 years with various treatments, having seen various specialist. I work in medical research in a different clinical area and I was shocked how little there is on this when I tried looking. More is needed, there are treatments, which can make huge impact on life, yet such massive variations and so long to wait on NHS.
2382.  J.S Nottingham Today I was diagnosed with a 7cm fibroid. I feel as though I've had my diagnosis and left to get on with my life whilst taking medication to try and reduce my seriously heavy bleeding. I'm afraid to go out as I'm scared I'm going to bleed heavily in public which has happened, twice. I'm not mentally stable as there has been no support offered or any information given about my condition. I just feel let down like there's no hope and that I will wake up and it was all a nightmare.
2381.  L.S Southsea
2380.  E.O Stoke-on-Trent It has taken me 10 years to get my diagnosis, and in that time Iíve heard numerous medical professionals tell me itís part of being a woman, something every woman deals with which has been absolutely heart breaking and Iím still coming to terms with knowing I was right in knowing my body, knowing something wasnít right but wasnít listened to. It makes you question and doubt everything. Following a diagnosis all Iíve been offered is the contraceptive pill which isnít designed to treat fibroids and if I decide to have children, what do I do then? The condition effects all parts of my life and that of my husband. It doesnít just effect me, it effects those closest to me and my ability to work and how I choose to live my life. I will deliberately avoid doing things because of my condition and I can be house bound for days either due to pain or because of fear of being able to make it to a toilet on time. More needs to be done, more treatment options and more education so itís not on me to educate people on my condition when I still donít fully understand whatís going on myself. No woman should have to fight for years for a diagnosis.
2379.  S.B Manchester
2378.  H.E Liverpool
2377.  M Ulaanbaatar | Show more>>>
2376.  M Ulaanbaatar
2375.  S Ligatne 2017 resident 33
2374.  R.A Bristol
2373.  K.S Kilmarnock
2372.  S.P Penshaw Why should I have to have a full hysterectomy? no other options available to me ive been told? what about the Acessa method that seems popular and less invasive in the US? what about laser or radiology methods? I just want to be rid of these monsters that ruin your life in the least intrusive way along with many other people in the world, help needed.
2371.  L.G Southampton There is not enough research into fibroids and women are sent home to suffer without help or even sympathy with a big impact on having a normal life and quality of life.
2370.  M.R.L Cambridge I am suffering with a fibroid. I had UAE on it in February 2017 and it shrunk from 5 cm to 3 cm, and is now 1.4 cm. It is still causing me symptoms and medical professionals don't believe me that I am still in a lot of pain. I have stopped working because of the pain I am in. More research needs to be done on fibroids urgently.
2369.  G Wellington
2368.  G Wellington
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