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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1307.  T.W Mansfield
1306.  E Bristol I suffered from horrendous periods throughout my 20s and repeated doctor\'s appointments yielded no attempt at any investigation. At the age of 31, finally my GP examined me to find a very large fibroid. The decision to have a myomectomy before you\'ve had children is the most difficult one I\'ve had to make. Unfortunately after one miscarriage and the fibroid increasing in size I now have no choice. I have faith in my consultant, but I feel sad that she\'s the only one who has really taken this seriously and informed me (in an un- scary way) about my options.
1305.  R.D London The need for more research and awareness is vital. My family GP surgery has given bad advice and not looked at all treatment options. This has resulted in a close family member suffering for the last 10 years.
1304.  S.S Sunderland
1303.  V.S West Sussex
1302.  A.E Helston I\'d really like to see an alternative to \"having to have a hysterectomy\". Some ladies, including me, would rather not loose their uterus.
1301.  Y.A Milton Keynes I pray and hope that there will be much research in treating fibroid.
1300.  E.T London
1299.  K.C Dorchester
1298.  C.C Derby
1297.  R London
1296.  J.M London
1295.  L.M Ryde
1294.  S.P Blackpool
1293.  M.S London
1292.  M Birmingham Much more research and understanding is required of the impact fibroids have on women's lives. Much more research into the part genetics play and if fibroids are hereditary and how much life style and emotions contribute.
1291.  C.B Cinderford An important area to research. I suffered from really heavy periods due to fibriods. I eventually got to see a specialist and had some of them removed, things are better, but I have been told they will return.Need to find a way to prevent this happening. Fibriods really affect a womens life, more research is needed.
1290.  S.W Greater London I was diagnosed back in the 90's. My then GP (Birmingham) although very sweet,was miss guided. He said "they're small, tiny in fact and wont cause any problem, don't worry" Roll forward to 2008 I had forgotten about the Fibroids! I had moved from my home town. I went to new GP Practice in the Greater London area. It took a further 2years of going back and forth with symptoms. I was actually laughed out of the surgery room the first time with "So you thing you have cancer??? (Unfortunately I had chosen the day that Jade Goodie had past away and the media was advising women to go to GP's). I told the GP at that time no I don't think its cancer, i just know something is not right. Things changed when I remembered I had a pre-existing condition. New scan found around 5 good sized growths; possible more but they were unable to see fully. The only option I was offered by my GP (no specialist involved) was full hysterectomy. I was 45 years at that time and not yet found Mr Right or had a child. They just said 'why would you want child at this age? I felt my opinion was truncated by the 2 GP's I saw on later dates. *I would like to have the GP's educated and their bedside manner improved. *More options should be made known to us! Only through on-line research have I found other means to treat my fibroids. I'm now (nearly) 47 and my fibroids have recently become very large and painful. They're pressing on my bladder, back and stomach….I look pregnant! I'm fed up of the questions and stares around my belly. I want to have FIBROID EMBOLISATION as I feel this would be the best option for me…..but will they see that?? *How do I get my options heard? *Can I request to go to a more sympathetic hospital/clinic? Or even go to a different town? (I saw on line that Birmingham have a well established Fibroid Clinic (private) which is also link to one of the NHS hospitals (Heartlands, not my fav hospital though). *Why are we having to 'battle' for appropriate treatment? Currently off-sick with severe Fibroid associated pain.
1289.  M London Need better GP service and understanding. Individuals need to be taken seriously, especially by male doctors and the NHS.
1288.  M London Need better GP service and understanding. Individuals need to be taken seriously, especially by male doctors and the NHS.
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