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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1517.  S.B St Albans
1516.  A.W Badsey Without real research women will continue to be fobbed off with...'oh they will most likely shrink after menopause' and 'best leave well alone' , unless of course you are crippled by symptoms. I for one would like to be able to make positive choices about my health and the treatment of my fibroids and without research the medical profession will continue to let me down by peddling these myths and will not seriously offer me real alternatives within the NHS.
1515.  J.L Worthing
1514.  K.C Leicester
1513.  D.W Dyserth
1512.  E.T Norwich More research now, will surely result in less NHS resources being used in the future. Many women are suffering & this is unacceptable.
1511.  J.M Dorking I have to make a choice now. I have two fibroids of about 5cm, heavy bleeding that meant an ambulance was called by my doctor, extreme low pressure, need to pee a lot, bloating, discomfort/pain and Panis attacks from the pain which brings on breathing difficulties and I have asthma. I also have hypothyroidism, eczema, alopecia and possibly lipomatosis (under investigation currently). I'm 42, married and would like the opportunity to try for kid/s. The current options are UAE or abdominal myomectomy, I don't like the idea of either. Research and comparisons need to be made.
1510.  S.M Kenilworth 'Most women are glad to get everything whipped out', is what my respected gynaecologist told me. This is not good advice for a symptomless fibroid and needs to be challenged far more.
1509.  A.S London
1508.  A.F Hereford
1507.  M.G.G Hounslow Middlesex Many women suffer from fibroids and it can have a negative impact on their quality of life. In the long run with sufficient research the NHS will save money on surgery that may not be necessary and educate women on their living practices to prevent them from getting worse. I have had two operations and taken time off work to manage and remove my fibroids over three years. The government should encourage pharmaceutical companies to conduct research too and offer grants to universities to enable advancement of the condition. Especially as women are having children later and the population is getting older. I do hope that research will be possible.
1506.  D.R London
1505.  S.H.B Port talbot I have only just yesterday been diagnosed with a large fibroid and the the need for an urgent hysterectomy. I am 42 and have 2 lovely children but for this to happen is such a major shock. I haven\'t has a period for 10 years due to being on the mini pill and then having such a heavy bleed was so frightening. I had to be rushed to hospital from work (in court) of all places was humiliating and scary. Since leaving hospital yesterday I have seen my GP and doing more research on the internet, I came across this site. Nobody knows why fiboids occur and it does effect a large majority of women as does breast cancer but I agree that there is not alot of publicity about fibroids. I would love if this change and give more women a chance to save their feminity if possible.
1504.  M.G Middlewich
1503.  A.P Wednesbury
1502.  C.P Teignmouth
1501.  D.R Rutherglen Women need better all round services for gynaecological related problems.
1500.  J.W Heathhall, dumfries My own doctor and hospital consultant both assumed heavy bleeding and pain wassimply down to my age,50.Doctor at hospital told me that because i had been taking the pill for years i could not have fibroids.However after physical exam he told me i had enlarged womb and fibroids so now awaiting scan and will be injected with hormones to shrink fibroids before next appt in 4 months when he intends to arrange hysterectomy.When i asked if keyhole surgery was not an option he laughed and said that i shouldnt believe everything i read on the internet and that it wasnt an option.Do not have any confidence that I am getting best advice or treatment.
1499.  S.F Cannock
1498.  M.B Manchester
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