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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
997.  T.O London Research is really needed for fibroids. I appreciate that the internet is available, so I, as a sufferer can get and gain access to the information that is needed. However, not everyone has access to the internet, thus it is important that research should become a reality so that all women who are sufferers from fibroids can fairly access the information whenever they come
996.  J.B Bewdley I have just been diagnosed with fibroids 1 large and 1 smaller, I have suffered pain for up to 8 years and thought it was just a hormonal thing (now aged 48) now I can hardly move with the back and pelvic pain! The Doctors are absolutely rubbish and all they want to do is either give you the pill or merina - which they have talked me into 3 times now!! Only to cause me more pain and suffering ANY woman who has painful periods should be able to have a scan to see if fibroids are the issue and Drs should stop throwing these so called alternatives at us - I never knew how painful and depressing they could be and how much effect they can have on your daily life!
995.  E.R London
994.  U.D.Z Ilford
993.  V.B Surrey I was first told I had cyst 20 years ago, I went on to have 3 C-section. My 3rd pregnancy I kept going into pre- labour and was then told I have 6 fibroids that was causing this. I have the mariena coil put and although this has help my periods I still have so much pain and discomfort. I dont know much about fibriods and so does my doctors, the permanent options given to me is hysterectomy. I have now decided to go through with this after 5years of suffering. My quality of life has been compromise and I am really frustrated and miserable due to lack of information and treatment.HELP VB Croydon.
992.  C.O London
991.  K.M Bristol
990.  M.W Romford
989.  B.H London I was diagnosed 2004 after 5 years of hell!!!! trials ar needed as it also helps doctors better understand by listening to the female patient instead of being dismisse that you imagin the pain or the lump that gets prominent close to your period every month!!! I will like to have a child but my lumps are quite large and i already had a myomectomy. more trial mint mean better ways of shrinking tumrs for women like me who wantchildren.
988.  J.B Dallow ripon
987.  C.B York
986.  S.L Ibstock Leiestershire
985.  J.T Newark notts
984.  G.K London Just returned from a gyny appointment. Offered partial hysterectomy for my fibroids. Seems that this is the ONLY permanent solution - nothing has changed in 30 years - same solution offered to my mother!
983.  D.H Palm Coast Find a drug that will work already on the long term. Enough of surgery. Big Pharma, Big problem. If this were a men's condition, they would have had a pill years ago. I guess they are too busy working on erectile disfunction. How about working on finding a drug that helps a woman function and have some quality of life.
982.  M.O London There needs to be more information out there. I feel that the doctors know very little about fibroids, which is concerning! Before my miscarriage, i asked several doctors and midwives for information on pregnant with fibroids and there was no information available.
981.  C.A Cardigan Having Fibroids has impacted on my life, affecting my general health and well-being and my work. For the sake of us sufferers, please do all you can to help!
980.  S.L Salford
979.  L.B DUNOON The whole miserable condition of fibroids needs to be researched thoroughly. Butchery seems to be the only option for large or bothersome fibroids. I feel let down by the NHS after being told by numerous gynaes to wait and see what happens with your fibroids. 3 years later and hoping for a myomectomy, my surgeon has now changed her mind and hysterectomy is my only option at 40. I am in so much pain from degenerating fibroids and the hospital wont do an emergency op as its not life threatening. Women are suffering,and not getting the help they need. Something needs to be done and now!
978.  M.A Luton, Beds
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