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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1007.  N.H Bromsgrove
1006.  A.H Marsden, Huddersfield Just been diagnosed, can\'t afford time off for hysterectomy, hope I have other options
1005.  C.B Willenhall Westmidlands I have fibroids. The only treatment I was offered was a removal of my womb. This upset me as I know there are other treatments available , but we\'re not offered.Im 48 now and may be they will shrink when I go though the menapause.I am prepared to put up with painful periods.
1004.  S.M Northolt London
1003.  A.A Manchester
1002.  P.P Bingley
1001.  S.E Boston New to Fibroids so no opinion as yet.
1000.  A.G Chessington I have suffered with the condition of fibroids for over 16 years. It has caused the death of my children as the fibroid pushed against the evolving foetus, precipitating spontaneous termination of their lives. Latterly, the fibroids have produced symptoms which are painful and the size of myomas is extremely large. Surgeons have told me that it is now risky to consider removal as they are too large. However, when they were small, I was told that they were not large enough to remove as they would simply grow back. They now measure approx. 25.8cm x 15.8 cm x 23cm, which equates to 9375 cc. The estimated weight of these non-cancerous tumours is 1.5 stones (9.5 kilos). This is after one UAE. This additional weight must put stress on my heart as is it like carrying a sack of potatoes everywhere! I wonder how many doctors or politicians would allow their family members to undergo such continued misery, pain and discomforture. I estimate that the number would be very low. I run my own business and it would be comforting to think that my health was robust, rather than having to worry about possible side effects and painful symptoms whilst I am working. It would make sense to me, to understand early treatments which are available and research in how to deal with this condition in a timely manner. The alternative to such a reasonable request, is to perpetrate a higher level of absence from work for many sufferers; higher costs for the NHS at later stages; a diminished quality of life for patients, which is contrary to the expectations of taxpayers. If I have to fund a surgical procedure privately, I will take legal action to recover my costs.
999.  K.K Edinburgh
998.  M.B Devon I have recently been diagnosed with fiboids, as a result of symptoms affecting my way of life. I have already been to 2 different hospitals and have only been offered contraceptives that'll 'cover up' some of the symptoms! I want children at some point in my life, so contraception isn't the bnest option for me. why haven't I been offered treatment for the fiboids!? more research need to happen, and medical professionals need to be made aware of ALL the options available. If this isn't sorted longterm, it could affect my career as I'm medically downgraded and not able to do what I signed up to do. MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO HELP WOMEN WITH FIBROIDS!
997.  T.O London Research is really needed for fibroids. I appreciate that the internet is available, so I, as a sufferer can get and gain access to the information that is needed. However, not everyone has access to the internet, thus it is important that research should become a reality so that all women who are sufferers from fibroids can fairly access the information whenever they come
996.  J.B Bewdley I have just been diagnosed with fibroids 1 large and 1 smaller, I have suffered pain for up to 8 years and thought it was just a hormonal thing (now aged 48) now I can hardly move with the back and pelvic pain! The Doctors are absolutely rubbish and all they want to do is either give you the pill or merina - which they have talked me into 3 times now!! Only to cause me more pain and suffering ANY woman who has painful periods should be able to have a scan to see if fibroids are the issue and Drs should stop throwing these so called alternatives at us - I never knew how painful and depressing they could be and how much effect they can have on your daily life!
995.  E.R London
994.  U.D.Z Ilford
993.  V.B Surrey I was first told I had cyst 20 years ago, I went on to have 3 C-section. My 3rd pregnancy I kept going into pre- labour and was then told I have 6 fibroids that was causing this. I have the mariena coil put and although this has help my periods I still have so much pain and discomfort. I dont know much about fibriods and so does my doctors, the permanent options given to me is hysterectomy. I have now decided to go through with this after 5years of suffering. My quality of life has been compromise and I am really frustrated and miserable due to lack of information and treatment.HELP VB Croydon.
992.  C.O London
991.  K.M Bristol
990.  M.W Romford
989.  B.H London I was diagnosed 2004 after 5 years of hell!!!! trials ar needed as it also helps doctors better understand by listening to the female patient instead of being dismisse that you imagin the pain or the lump that gets prominent close to your period every month!!! I will like to have a child but my lumps are quite large and i already had a myomectomy. more trial mint mean better ways of shrinking tumrs for women like me who wantchildren.
988.  J.B Dallow ripon
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