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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1597.  G.W Blackpool
1596.  S.L Swansea
1595.  C.J Manchester
1594.  A.J Sheffield I am under the gynaecologist with fibroids. I am told the largest is the size of a 5 month pregnancy. With the symptoms I can believe it. They have discussed an hysterectomy, but I would like to know about other less extreme options. I do feel its that " oh well your over 40, so lets whip it out". We definitely need more research in the treatment of fibroids. They affect so many women.
1593.  L.H Stroud I had 13 fibroids removed 8 years ago - I was 35. One had strangled an ovary and my fertility due to this and scarring was compromised. I have not been able to have children. I am now facing more surgery as they are back - research and support is much needed
1592.  C.C Barnsley I am 40yrs and have been suffering with fibroids.Last year in June 2013 l had uterine fibroids embolization.I went for my review after 6months but there was no change.l had a referral by my gynecologist to a specialist for further investigations and l am on a tablet esmya for 3mths.Due for fibroids removal in June
1591.  L TURRIFF
1590.  Y.D Stockport I started my periods 33 years ago and have not stopped suffering since. Extremely heavy, couldn\\\'t leave the house as I bled so heavily and in so much pain. I took Feminax at the time which would knock me out and take some of the pain away. When my children were in nappies, I would wear one during the night as my bleeding was so heavy with huge liver sized clots coming out. I was diagnosed eventually with fibroids about 8-10 years ago and I was sent to see a \\\'specialist\\\' at the hospital. The \\\'man\\\' told me I shouldn\\\'t be having pain with fibroids and dismissed me. I went home in tears and have suffered since. I have just changed doctors and seen a lovely doctor who referred me for a scan, I am basically riddled with fibroids. I am now waiting for treatment but at last something is being done. I kept having time off work as I was in absolute agony, couldn\\\'t walk and had to use the loo every 15 minutes to change and that\\\'s with a huge night time towel plus largest tampon together. More care is needed for women.
1589.  R.C Bristol
1588.  L Owlsmoor Sandhurst
1587.  C.V Bebington
1586.  D.C Portslade
1585.  A London
1584.  J.E North Shields
1583.  D.L Bristol
1582.  L.S Wirral Women are a main contributor to the running of society at home and in the work place. Why should women have to suffer with these type of problems and carry on regardless. If we didn't the world would grind to a halt. I think it is about time we were given more research and cures into our problems!!!
1581.  M.H St peter port
1580.  K.L CARDIFF I am waiting surgery and have only had a brief 5 min conversation with my consultant then I have received to more appointments with a nurse practitioner who on the two occasions gave me conflicting information. I am in constant pain and discomfort every single day - I have had enough - I have been waiting nearly two years from diagnosis and still have not had a date for my appointment. This is causing me stress as my company need to know to get cover for my job as I have been told I will be off work for three months. I am really low and have no quality of life what so ever!
1579.  E.P London So many women have fibroids that it will be very profitable to drug companies that find a cure or relief drugs, but i wish much more research to be funded into the impact of lifestyle on the formation of fibroids and above all research into PREVENTION by non drug measures such as diet, relaxation or uterine massage for instance, as well as alternatives like phytotherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy. research on measures women can take themselves.
1578.  K.R Colwyn Bay My sister has fibroids and is 25 weeks pregnant and at risk of having to deliver baby soon! More research to be carried out to help pregnant women to carry on with pregnancy and not risk early babies
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