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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1505.  S.H.B Port talbot I have only just yesterday been diagnosed with a large fibroid and the the need for an urgent hysterectomy. I am 42 and have 2 lovely children but for this to happen is such a major shock. I haven\'t has a period for 10 years due to being on the mini pill and then having such a heavy bleed was so frightening. I had to be rushed to hospital from work (in court) of all places was humiliating and scary. Since leaving hospital yesterday I have seen my GP and doing more research on the internet, I came across this site. Nobody knows why fiboids occur and it does effect a large majority of women as does breast cancer but I agree that there is not alot of publicity about fibroids. I would love if this change and give more women a chance to save their feminity if possible.
1504.  M.G Middlewich
1503.  A.P Wednesbury
1502.  C.P Teignmouth
1501.  D.R Rutherglen Women need better all round services for gynaecological related problems.
1500.  J.W Heathhall, dumfries My own doctor and hospital consultant both assumed heavy bleeding and pain wassimply down to my age,50.Doctor at hospital told me that because i had been taking the pill for years i could not have fibroids.However after physical exam he told me i had enlarged womb and fibroids so now awaiting scan and will be injected with hormones to shrink fibroids before next appt in 4 months when he intends to arrange hysterectomy.When i asked if keyhole surgery was not an option he laughed and said that i shouldnt believe everything i read on the internet and that it wasnt an option.Do not have any confidence that I am getting best advice or treatment.
1499.  S.F Cannock
1498.  M.B Manchester
1497.  S.B Leeds
1496.  B.M London
1495.  C.D East bilney About time to do something about this, horrible place tobe in with no sufficcient treatment options
1494.  P.H Lockerbie
1493.  K.W Willesden
1492.  R London
1491.  B.N Surrey
1490.  C.O London Needs to be taken more seriously
1489.  S.T Harold Wood
1488.  A.B Widnes For the past 4 mths i have been having very heavy bleeding. Loosing clots. I visited my doctor as with having the marina coil this was very unusual as i dont have periods. My doctorrefered me for a scan which resulted in them telling me i have fibroids. I asked the radioologist is there anything i can do. She replied you could get the marina coil this somtimes helps!! She failed to recognize during my ultrasound that i have a marina already and have done for nearly 10 yrs.already i am feeling very anxious as to how i can put up with this heamoriging every 3 weeks.
1487.  C.C Alvaston, Derby Given the prevalence of fibroids in women, it is my belief that more should be done to raise awareness amongst women, better educate medical professionals (especially in the public sector) with regard to the full range of treatments, and carry out more research towards early detection and non-invasive treatments.
1486.  F Wimborne, Dorset I had a myomectomy exactly a year ago today. Had four blood transfusions, lots of complications from the moment I woke up until a few days after, one thing after another, although I was very fit and healthy. The team were wonderful, all the surgeons and the medical teams were really great. It is not just the physical trauma to your body, but mentally too. They first found mine in 2003 and they were already 3-4 cms, waited along time for the right gynae to come along to actually do something, he was marvellous. The big one they took out was a size of a grapefruit, other smaller. Also wanted children, but I think too late now. You don't just get them in your uterus. What I found amazing is how many women have never heard of them and when they do it is usually the cause of their symptoms. More research is definitely needed.
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