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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1657.  C London I had enormous fibroids. I had to pee every 30-60mins. They obstructed my bowel, so I was constipated. I had lower back pain and my right would go dead when I tried to walk fast or run. My periods were haemhorrages. By 5pm every day I was totally knackered, to the extent that I would have to take a nap. Perhaps worst of all, I looked like I was nearly a full-term pregnancy and was trying to find a job at the time. Nice. Life was a real struggle. They were growing so fast I was genuinely worried that there might be pre-cancerous cells in there somewhere. I had a myomectomy. The unexpected after effects seriously affected my ability to work at a desk for two years. They were resolved just on time for the new growth I have now. I'm now staring at the same grim set of options again, knowing that the very last thing I want is another myomectomy. If fibroids were common in men or fatal, we would be further along by now.
1656.  J Sheffield I would agree with many of the comments read more research needs to be made on understanding why women get fibroids and ALL the options available not just hysterectomy as the first course of action.
1655.  A.M London Being told my fibroid would shrink after the menopause. Now find myself facing an hysterectomy with know other choice being offered
1654.  J.R Rame Fibroids make a massive impact to women's lives and the attitude that it's something to accept, is not good enough
1653.  A.A.P Ballyclare There should be extensive research into fibroids. The answer is not in removing your womb women should have the care they need.
1652.  A.S Luton Certainly more research required into cause and treatment of fibroids especially for women wanting to have children. Health professionals need to have more awareness and address it with the same importance and value as other major illnesses. Also to help husbands and life partners and other friends and family members understand what a woman with fibroids goes through.
1651.  K.H Southampton I have suffered for years with this prob about time things were made better
1650.  C.O Chedgrave
1649.  D.M Nottingham This is a condition that affects 80% of women, who suffer silently for too long before having to make too many visits to the GP before referral for diagnosis. I have worked in clinical trials for 4yrs and feel that for such a common condition affecting so many women, the government should make it a priority area to receive funding for clinical research into earlier detection and non-invasive treatments. It is quite shocking that we still don't know what causes fibroids or is it just that not enough researchers have attempted to find out why.
1648.  J.R Battle
1647.  S.Y Welling Kent I have had fibroids for over 8 years now. Due to my age (45) all i get told is that im nearer to menapause age & that they will cure themselves ,all my symptoms seem to get fobbed off i have been prescribed various tablets over the years which only work for a short time, the result is allways the same ..heavy bleeding , pressure pains in pelvic area & tiredness, have yet to be reffered to Gyno
1646.  K.R Ryde, Isle of Wight
1645.  C.A Neath
1644.  A.J Swindon
1643.  B.K Stratford-upon-avon
1641.  B.B Lincoln My stepdaughter suffers terribly having one which is 18cm and is often totaly incapacitated with pain ,surely it should be a priority of the n h s to find out what the cause of them is
1639.  M.C Bristol
1638.  K.D Llanmaes I have recently been diagnosed with fibroids and was surprised to learn how little was known, comparatively, about what appears to be such a common female condition and its appropriate treatment. More research needs to be carried out so that a better understanding is gained of what causes fibriods, if and how they can be prevented and if not, how they can be more effectively and easily be treated.
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