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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1177.  S.G GWENT
1176.  B.H London I think it's appalling that more hasn't been done in fibroid research. It may not be a life threatening condition but it's certainly a life crippling one. I know several women including myself who have fibroids and some of the symptoms we suffer are very painful and at times debilitating. I almost died after delivering my daughter because of heavy blood loss from fibroids. I had to have emergency surgery and almost lost my womb. I spent a number of days in intensive care. That was the end of a pregnancy that was frightening, traumatising, debilitating and painful. All because of these awful monsters living inside me that I didn't ask for. Politicians please DO something!
1175.  S.R Great Leighs
1174.  L.N Letchworth Why am I told by a male consultant that I have to have a Hysterectomy when there are other options?
1173.  D.R Watford
1172.  M.R Bristol
1171.  J.C Hayes I believe more research needs to be done in this area. This is particularly important particularly when the condition affects very young women of child-bearing age as it is very drastic and traumatic for any young person to ultimately have go down the road of having an hysterectomy. It is also interesting why the condition affects women of Afro-Caribbean decent.
1170.  L.M London There is not enough information about how this condition is contracted. The medical staff have no information, which could be scary for patients. This needs to be on every doctors thoughts as to what causes, thyroids.
1169.  R.W London
1168.  R London
1167.  R.M London Considering how common fibroids is, it is quite shocking that there is so little research out there. More must be done to stop the trauma that many women and their families go through in having these benign tumours removed.
1166.  A.C London I have recently undergone a myomectomy surgery, for a large fibroid that made me look 6 or 7 months pregnant. However, I thought I was just putting weight on, so it went undetected for a long time. To be told that I had to have a major surgery at the age of 24 was terrifying, to say the least. I was shocked that there wasnít a less intrusive method available. But, as the fibroid was so large, I was told I would have to have the surgery in 3 months, after I just turned 25. I was not happy about this, especially considering that the recovery period takes about 6 weeks- I mean how would inform my employers about this?! Therefore, I agree that more research needs to be done into fibroids. The fact that doctors cannot say specifically what causes them is appalling. There should be less intrusive options available for the removal of fibroids, especially if itís large. This should be resolved. I also agree that many gynaecologist doctors funnily enough seem to be male; I think they need to be more sensitive when discussing options with their female patients. I postponed my surgery for a month, and the senior doctor I talked to about it was very obtuse and quite condescending about my decision. If any doctors are reading this- women are not going to be happy when you say the only option to remove this tumour growing inside you is through surgery! So please try to be a little more understanding and sensitive about it.
1165.  D.M Newmills GP diagnosis very poor and non specific, diagnosed with chronic fatigue and anaemia, despite the fact of telling GP I had fibroids. Early detection is necessary as my uterus has ended up into my belly button. I hear many women distressed at misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis with common symptoms.
1164.  E.T Newbury
1163.  K.E Lowestoft
1162.  K.C Southport
1161.  L.S Halberton
1160.  J.G Matlock More research is needed. Women should not still be loosing their womb and ovaries to fibroids as a matter of course!
1159.  A.K Chatham I would like more research be done into the reason for having fibroids.
1158.  N.G Tregarth, Bangor I have discussed my fibroid problem and the only advice so far is to undergo a hysterectemy.
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