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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2204.  S.M Birmingham
2203.  S Kooner
2202.  D.R.G Northwood My sister had 3 large fibroids and on the operating table the surgeon has to remove her left fallopian tube. Today she is 40 and does not have children and her chances of having them are slim now. I too have been diagnosed with 2 large fibroids and the NHS specialist has straight away asked me to undergo an open invasive surgery to remove the fibroids which will increase my chances of having a baby. After having stumbled on this forum, I have no decided to find some alternatives to surgery and would urge the NHS to increase research on removing fibroids without resorting to surgery.
2201.  R.O Sandsprings More research and treatment
2200.  A.A Hemel Hempstead Lack of awareness from GPs. Give conflicting advice when fibroid diagnosed. Fibroid dectected after having a miscarriage. Paid to see private consultant and paid privately to have it removed. Been a difficult 4 months and have felt very alone in all of this. Shocking how many woman are affected and yet carry on regardless.
2199.  J.O London Fibroid are distrorying a lot of women but there is not enough research and cure . We need help
2198.  F.G Newport
2197.  J.G KEIGHLEY In my experience, the consultants have different opinions on Fibroids stating the pain is just a cramp & lost of woman have no symptoms! There are lots of woman who do have symptoms & are in pain every day - This needs more research
2196.  C.H Burnley Please do more research into this, having to have a hysterectomy myself because of them and living with them is emotionally draining on your mental well being.
2195.  D.H Earls Barton .Northampton Women need more help and quicker access to treatment
2194.  M.M Bideford As a sufferer of fibroids for over 20 years, this research absolutely is essential!
2193.  T.H Brighton
2192.  H.F Chichester 'Women's Problems' are a joke, something that men laugh about but the reality for many women is far from funny. Very little is known about what causes fibroids yet the quality of many women's lives is severely impacted by them. I've lost a job because of them. More research needs to be done so that women don't suffer unnecessarily.
2191.  E.S Manchester
2190.  A.M Glasgow As a nurse - as a woman - you'd think I'd have known more. Information about the menopause & what is normal perimenopause is so sparse. So when I was tired, I thought perimenopause... When my menstrual flow changed I thought perimenopause. (So did the 1st GP who sent me away without any investigations). It wasn't till I was persuaded to see another GP 2 yrs later that I knew I had a fibroid: at this time my haemoglobin had fallen to dangerously low levels. I am a mother of 5 children... 4 of whom are girls. This situation is not acceptable. Education NEEDS to be better. Research is required as prevention is better (& usually cheaper) than treatment in the long run.
2189.  R.C Stoke-on-Trent 80% of women will suffer from fibroids by the age of 50. That's almost half of the population. Action needs to be taken to develop methods that are less intrusive, with quicker recovery time, and which preserve fertility.
2188.  L.B Newbury I have suffered for several years (a few in silence) and my late twenties were spent in pain, confusion and general difficulty. i don't want this for other women but Parliament has to recognise the dangers in not knowing enough about the 'mysterious' fibroids .
2187.  J.B Greenford Middlesex
2186.  P PALM HARBOIR I have been suffering with fibroid for 16 years, if i had insurance i would everything taken out asap.
2185.  J.M Leeds
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