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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2027.  D.A Northampton When drs leave you months without doing anything and ur in severe pain
2026.  L.M Enfield Gynaecology Medical sec
2025.  S.S Woking
2024.  P.F Solihull
2023.  K.J Shrewsbury Didn't know anything about this until told during a scan that I had a fibroid can not really find out what caused this think research is needed.
2022.  C.B Northampton Is it the case, that perhaps if men had to suffer this hell every month, would there be more funding for research and real life legislation?? Hmmmm....
2021.  J.D Nottingham
2020.  T Edinburgh Fertility conservation is my only concern when looking at treatment options & worryingly there are very few that don't carry a risk. More research needs to be conducted into medical treatments. Fully support articles such as the following. t_issue/page/5
2019.  D.W West Midlands
2018.  E.M LONDON This is a medical problem that affects so many women. I have probably used up quite abit of your nhs budget from visiting a ne and my gp many many times. And popping non stop iron pills pain killers and many other drugs. And hormones and blood transfusion. I think it would be better for you guys to research into this area to cut these costs. As that's all that can probably persuade you to do any research
2017.  J.P East Goscote Leicester
2016.  J.D Shortstown
2015.  J.M Whitstable
2014.  E.M Cleethorpes
2013.  B.H Dungannon
2012.  K.S Basildon I have just been told I have fibroids for a second time. I had novasure treatment in 2008 .i also have a 14.9 ml thick endometrium. Taking lots of pills iron for anemia and tranexamic acid for bleeding. Have had to stop working, feel tired and useless.women with this condition need help and support.
2011.  R.W Leeds I was diagnosed 5 years ago and never offered any treatment and have lived with the pain and discomfort. The increase in pain over the last year l sought another scan this has not shown any change in my original diagnosis. I feel that I have not been offered all the options or any support from my GP this needs to change so it doesn't have such an impact on women's lives:
2010.  G.T Reigate I believe there is not enough research into fibroids and not enough information available through the NHS. Fibroids and heavy periods can affect women\\\'s working life - heavy periods have affected my ability to be office based at times and I know I am not alone., several friends of mine also have to work from home at times due to this
2009.  D.A Fleckney I've suffered for years with pain thinking that I was just going through 1 St stages of the menopause and that I had to just get on with it. Turns out I had fibroids and polyps only my persistence got me operated on . Very very upset it took so long to be believed and that I wasn't making the whole thing up.
2008.  N.B Horley Following a miscarriage earlier this year, it was discovered that I had a large (13cm) Fibroid. Although i'm told that the Fibroid had nothing to do with the miscarriage (the fibroid will make me uncomfortable and cause me pain during pregnancy, but no reason why I can't carry a baby) The (male) specialist I have seen has been brilliant - clearly explaining my options - at 32 with no children a Myomectomy is not ideal as it may lead to a Hysterectomy. Uterine Embolisation also seems unlikely for me at this as it can make you infertile. I've been told to continue trying for a baby & reassured that I'll be looked after during pregnancy. However, I've been told that within the next 10 years, I will have to have the Fibroid removed. My periods are a nightmare, but have been prescribed medication to reduce the bleeding. Very worried that the Fibroid my hinder me falling pregnant or that I fall pregnant, I miscarry again and the Fibroid continues to grow. Hard to stay positive. I feel awful for those women who have not been given good advice. There definitely needs to be more awareness & a better understanding of Fibroids by Doctors etc.
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