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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1421.  M.K.W Bebington
1420.  L.D Ilkeston I feel we need to know more about fibroids and we need more information about what treatment is out there
1419.  P.M Erdington
1418.  S.R Barnstaple I had a full abdominal hysterectomy 2 1/2 yrs ago.As a result of a fibroid the size of a 5 1/2 month baby, I had lots of problems before, but it was not picked up by my doctor, or gynocolagist.Untill I saw another doctor who picked it up straight away, by then it was to large and causing too many problems and the only wat was surgery. So yes a lot more research should be put into finding out more about fibroids.
1417.  V.A Newtongrange Dalkeith I have suffered /put up with the symptoms of fibroids for years,unable to function and loosing my quality of life for at least a week every month.I have visited doctors and undergone a few unsuccessful procedures.It would seem that the only option left is to have a hysterectomy or is it ? !
1416.  C.H York
1415.  J.C Didcot
1414.  D.O Bromley
1413.  S.W Llanvetherine
1412.  B.D.L Edinburgh
1411.  R Bristol
1410.  E.C Aldbourne Having very recently been diagnosed with symptomatic fibroids, 18 months after being told 'not to worry' about the large one that had been found, and understanding that it's so common, why is more not done to understand whether there is a simple test for screening for them. To be in your 30s and facing the prospect of having a hysterectomy is quite frankly shocking and frightening. Just because this isn't cancer, doesn't mean it's not life altering and more should be done to find ways of treating it.
1409.  Z.S Algeria
1408.  N.C Stoke-On-Trent More women need to be given ALL the options for fibroid treatment at the earliest stage, not just told \\\"oh they are common, don\\\'t worry about it\\\" Hysterectomy should not be pushed as the only way to treat them. Doctors and gynaecologists need to learn more about fibroids and their treatment. The dismissive attitude toward women and their fibroids needs to stop.
1407.  M.S.A Ely
1406.  B Humphris st warwick It just a very debilitating condition that can affect your system both physically and mentally.low iron level,short of breath,extreme fatigue it also the expense of the strongest pads ,extra washing,ruining clothes and the social becoming unsocial. Please make life more acceptable for women of my age with my condition
1405.  S.C Ruislip I have just been told i need to my fibroid removed. Its 26 weeks in size. I has never bothered me but ive been told of implications. im 43 and fearing there could be complications.Ive read about different methods in US. Doesnt seem to apply here.
1404.  C.N Chorley I have been diagnosed with a 9cm fibroid. Unbeknown to me, I now realise it could have caused the 6 miscarriages I have suffered over the years. Because not a lot was known about the link, and no further investigations were carried out, I lost several babies. Looking back now, if more had been known about the links between fibroids and miscarriages, I need not have suffered so much losing all my babies. Also, after trying to donate blood in August 2012, it was discovered that I had this fibroid. It made me so Anaemic I was unable to climb more than 4 stairs without getting breathless. I felt like I was 90 years old - I was 45 years old. It affected my whole life and continues to do so.
1403.  B Shaftesbury I have had fibroids for years but only in the last year have I realised that it could be what has caused my increasing back pain, urinary leaks, depression, lack of motivation and energy, dizziness and bowel problems. After gently persuading my GP (who did seem a little naive - which I put down to age and experience) that I needed to see a specialist I am now having a hysterectomy and I am extremely pleased. The specialist was wonderful, considered my situation & options very carefully and we came to the same agreement very swiftly. I can say that I feel very well care for under the NHS and I know that I am in good hands and feel positive about the future. I believe that study into any part of how our bodies work and why they do what they do is essential and I would be happy to have explored an alternative, but knowing my situation I am pleased to be in the hands of a very good surgeon.
1402.  S.C Amesbury I recently needed a blood transfusion due to heavy bleeding as a result of fibroids. I have suffered for years but have only recently been told about fibroids following an ultrasound. I am now waiting for a hysterectomy to put an end to the misery caused by fibroids. More research is needed to ensure future generations are not put through unnecessary pain and anguish caused by fibroids.
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