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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
694.  A.H Basingstoke
693.  M Oswestry I have fibroids and gp's keep assuring me it's nothing!! So i sit back and wait until they grow into a football???? i find the approach unsatisfactury....more reaserch needs to bee done.
692.  S.P Parkstone
691.  S.A Liskeard, Cornwall I have just been diagnosed with having two fibroids.I'm due to see my GP again to discuss my options. I believe I've had them for a while and have suffered with severe pain and depression. It has truly affected my quality of life and wish I had been diagnosed earlier. Treatment options seem some what severe. Further research needs to be carried out. I'm a registered nurse and I've had to completely change my working life in order to cope with my symptoms. It's dibilitating to say the least.
690.  F.W Arnold I am 30 years old and suffering with fibroids. As a result I am now anaemic and my symptoms include passing out, extremely painful periods and bloating which makes me look like I am 3 months pregnant. I have so far been refused a hysterectomy because of my age and because as the hospital put it I may want children in the future even though I have made it quite clear that I don't. I find it quite incredible that if I was 40 or over that would be the only option I would be given and yet at 30 having had enough of suffering and having no life I am not allowed one. I am an intelligent and educated young woman who has explored other options and knows the risks involved. I am blessed with a child already and I don't want anymore, I also don't want for my son to keep witnessing me suffering as it is affecting him too. I just want my life back and it's time the medical profession should listen to women suffering with fibroids and help them instead of continuing to let them suffer!
689.  M.H Sittingbourne
688.  B Freising
687.  T.G St leonards on sea
686.  S.R St austell More awareness and funds are need to help fibroid sufferers this had totally damaged my life
685.  A.T Llanegryn, Tywyn
684.  T.W London
683.  C.O Dagenham Have suffered terribly with symptoms caused by the fibroids. I found that knowledge on fibroids in someone my age (27 at the time) was very limited. My gynaecologist ACTUALLY told me to just go and have children quickly and then have a hysterectomy; she didn't even mention that the fibroids would keep growing. More research and staff education is definitely needed.
682.  B.C London If men had fibroids, we'd know the cause and have much better information flow and treatment for it NOW ! ! Sort it out, boys at the top - would you fancy a huge great blood-fllled balloon inside you? I think not......
681.  R.L London Just diagnosed with large 10 cm by 9cm fibroid after six months of visits to GP with increasingly distressing symptoms. Now being told fertility compromised- am 36 with no children. The whole experience traumatic with unsympathetic doctors and still none the wiser to treatment options.Apparently its perfectly acceptable to walk around carrying a melon sized growth inside you. Exhausted and it has only just begun...... Please more care, more information and educate GP's.RB London
680.  J.N Manchester I m supporting this petition ,i hae tis problem and i feel like there not enough to help woman in my case
679.  S.H Ormskirk
678.  W.E Stackpole, Pembroke
677.  K.K Horwich
676.  R.C Doncaster More fibroid research needs to be undertaken. the NHS does not suggest herbal methods do these work?
675.  C.G Coatbridge
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