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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
661.  J.S Milton keynes
660.  J.S Kempsey Research into awareness, scanning, diagnosis and treatment requires urgent funding. I had years of pain and misery, completely unaware of what could be wrong and was only scanned after breast cancer diagnosis so too late to have children now. The Dr was hoping Tamoxifen would shrink the fibroids but they are still growing, pressing on my bladder and making my stomach look bloated. Please consider allocating funds to raise awareness of and to research this debilitating condition. Thank you for reading this.
659.  S.J Mitcham, Surrey
658.  A.F Maghull
657.  V.H Ipswich
656.  W.B Duxford
655.  M.S Enfield middx Much more research is needed, i have been suffering for over twenty years. doctors are too quick to recommend hysterectomy.
654.  C.B Thelwall Reading all the stories on the site, tells me that I am one of the lucky one who was not let down by her GP. However, my referral to the wonderful surgeon who gave me my life back took 18 months, during which I was admitted to A&E for blood transfusion on several occasions. Why does it take that long?? This creepling condition has to be taken seriously right from the beginning!
653.  L.A Crawley
652.  F London I have suffered for over 18 years, passing out from chronic pain, heavy periods, miscarriages, passing blood clots, total incapacitation where i can not move or do anything for myself... but all i was ever given were pain killers and advice that it will go away sometime, then one night i was taken to A&E, unconcious and when i came to the Dr found out the cause, ordered for my hospital file and booked me in for an emergency myomectomy( my abdomen was equivalent to a seven month pregnancy). this was carried out two days later and was well for some time, but as i was suffering from secondary infertility (been pregnant before but have had no kids because of miscarriages)i somehow had regrowth of the fibroids.i toiled on with pain killers until my Dr eventually refeffered me back to hospital Gynea. consultant arranged US scan, MRI scan then booked me in for an operative laparoscopy this weekend. Fingers crossed, it will help this time as i am fedup of the pain, suffering and all the painkillers. All along i've been told to agree to hysterectomy although i just turned 43 last month (July). Social workers and uni lecturers and many others have all laughed it off as it not being a disabling illness, Alas.. what do they know . More awareness is needed to alert the general public that there are some of us who suffer chronically whereas others ill never even know that they have fibroids- as they will be just like (carriers o a disease- who are never affected by it)..
651.  V.W Nottingham I am 51, this condition began a year ago and it is becoming increasing more pain and uncomfortable. It comes and goes I attend both British Doctors and the USA doctors. I started menopause at47 and my UK doctor says no HRT I only have one more year to go??? So why now with fibroids. I used to get Bio identical Hormones treatment in the USA 33 bottles of bloods taken for a full account of my body and the Bio creams made in Dallas TX, This was requested by a Dr Parker in Virgina Beach VA. BIO IDENTICAL treatment is class as going to a with doctor in the USA they are not proven. The best books around are the Susan Summers books for info. More research is needed with the help of people like Dr Parker. BILL Gates, mother attends his clinic to see him.I just wish the USA an the UK could work together on their client bases, for research.
650.  S.L Rotherhithe Research absolutely essential by dr/gaenocologist who should encourage patient participation & help lobby govt.
649.  T.S London I was diagnosed with fibroids in 2000 and is a condition that is excrutiatingly painful that hinders the quality of life. More research is needed now!
648.  H.M Glasgow
647.  T.G Penarth
646.  A.S London
645.  J.D Doncaster
644.  S.H Harrow Tomorrow I am facing a myomectomy, which I don't want but due to lack of support and Information i feel forced into this option. More Research is needed so more treatment options are available to women
643.  M.A Entebbe
642.  L.O Milton keynes
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