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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
306.  E.A Oxford
304.  M.S.K Bury My fibroid was dismissed by various bodies for 2-3 years and through my persistence was removed last week- wth near tragic results. It had gotten so big it was a major op and then I had internal bleding and and had tobe re-operated on.
303.  O.A London
302.  J.V Crumpsall We need more research as there is only western women who are able to obtain the information on the subject. If research was widend and more money put into it this may help some of the women in the rest of the world. I am sure ohters feel that there is nothing that can be done but with research they may just be able to stop the Fibroids in the first place, and stop sufferes world wide.
301.  E.G Chorleywood
300.  W.H Middleton St George
299.  J.H Streatham, London, I found the only way to access information about fibroids is from the internet itself.i would also like to know what other treatments there are for women with fibroids.
298.  K.D Ellesmere port
297.  M.G Grantham Yes - more research needed.
296.  R.H London My mother is suffering from fibroids but she is so scared to speak with doctors and do something about it. I want to find an alternative method of reducing the fibroids and would like more campaigns to be done for women to have fibroids investigated at the earliest opportunity
295.  D.H Teynham
294.  A.B Liverpool Just been told that have fibroids more test to undergo very scared at the moment
293.  J.L Farnborough A better understanding of fibroids is required, including their causes and effective treatments. After almost two years of period misery (up to one week of pain severe enough to interfere with normal day to day life and up to two weeks of heavy bleeding), I was diagnosed with fibroids. The (female) docctor I am now working with is excellent and has given me several options on treatment. However, the only reason I was assigned to her was because I stood my ground and refused to see the male doctor I had originally been assigned. Suffice it to say that he had no empathy for my situation; treated me as though I did not have a brain (dismissing my questions about the procedure he wanted to do - no choice offered and no full explanation of the process offered). The only way I can described his examination was that it was not dissimilar to the way the vet used to examine cows on my father's farm. There is clearly a need for more female doctors in this area and/or for more empathtic male doctors as this is a highly sensitive issue: you are already worried and feeling vulnerable; the last thing you need is for somebody to dismiss your concerns about future fertility as trivial. If you have similar issues, I'd recommend standing your ground until you get the doctor and choices you deserve as a customer of the NHS.
292.  J.A Aberdeen
291.  T London There needs to be a routine check on all ethnic women, because some people do not know they have it.
290.  C.R Northampton Research needs to be done. It makes my life unbearable and resulted in an extremeley difficult pregnancy
289.  I.C Folkestone
288.  S.B Barnoldswick I am 28 years old and never heard of fibroids, i now have a very large one blocking my cervix and may have to have a hysterectomy, further education and research is needed as i had my symptoms put down to just having a heavy period!!!!
287.  R.K LIchfield
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