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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
2107.  N.K West Midlands 1st case I had was in 2008 but at the time A&E convinced me it was IBS and sent me home advising I take paracetamol. Looking back I know what it was now as I had a worse experience this 03/16 and found I have loads of fibroids with the largest being 12 x 11cm along with an enlarged womb as a result. I felt under pressure to convince the NHS I felt better when admitted in order to be discharged from their care to avoid a hysterectomy (NHS genuinely provided great care by the way!)I was fortunate enough to go privately instead and have learned far more about my condition and options (private care provides the luxury of time with medical staff). My point is whilst in hospital for that week I was shocked by the volume of women in our boat and having hysterectomies daily of all ages and persuasions!!! I am proud of our NHS and fully support them but more research is definitely needed.
2106.  R.E Boness
2105.  A.S Oxford We need more research on Fibroids
2104.  B.D London We need more research into this area. Words cannot express the excruciating pain,loss of blood,the need of a blood transfusion and copious amounts of medicine I have been taking to control the symptoms. We need more detailed research into this condition.
2103.  L.D Dundee
2102.  L.S Leicester
2101.  J.R Norwich
2100.  L.A.R.A Dromore I'm a tax contributing fulltime worker, looking at repeated absences and a potential 6-8wk recovery time worst case scenario on a hysterectomy. Add to that the hospital etc costs of such an extreme treatment. The costs of research for better diagnosis and earlier less invasive treatment would pay for themselves in the medium to long term.
2099.  K.P Worcester Park I want to know whether I could have avoided getting fibroids when I was younger.
2098.  N.H Watford I have suffered from fibroids for 15 months; first taking esyema but now referred to local hospital and waiting for second appointment; in the meantime, I am told by my doctor that i look about 5 months pregnant but thankfully apart from a hideously bloated stomach there are no other problems so far
2097.  E.T London
2096.  J.B Shrewsbury Affects so many people, there have to be better ways of dealing with this!!
2095.  C.M Wellingborough
2094.  K.E Bath Millions of women are suffering with fibroid, but still the only answer is a hysterectomy, surely in this day and age we can come up with an alternative.Also lets look at progressing Esyma so this can become a viable long term solution.
2093.  J London Yes this definitely an area that needs more research. Many women are suffering and need specialist help and support to overcome this condition.
2092.  I.M London
2091.  N.A Poole As a sufferer I feel there is not enough information or support supplied by the NHS.
2090.  K.S London 14 months of guiding myself through the miasma of NHS - still experiencing terrible bleeding every month. a prisoner 3/4 days a month due to such heavy bleeding. Anaemic, had to have blood transfusion etc. etc.
2089.  G.T Saltcoats Had a fibroid removed when my children were small - 12 weeks to recover was tough going as I was raising them on my own. Suffered from a hernia post surgery which required further surgery to repair - another 12 weeks recovery. Unfortunately the wrong materials were used by a young, inexperienced surgeon and further surgery was required. A further 12 weeks recovery. Now have very fast growing fibroid causing severe pelvic pain. Research and advice would be much appreciated
2088.  N.R Reading I think more research is needed into fibroids as a fibroid suffer recovering from a myomectomy needs to know how to prevent it coming back and why it happened in the first place.
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