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Petitioner's Opinions To Support For A Call For Fibroid Research & Education Act.
Signature No. Petitioner Locality Opinions
1673.  S London
1672.  M.B Paris, France At 35 I saw a gyneocologist after experiencing continued heavy bleeding during periods with the discovery of a lump around the utérus. He examined me, told me it was fibroids, nothing to worry about off you go. I was very happy to have sought out a second oppinion & I had a myomectomy by a good surgeon who removed 7 fairly large fibroids, I'm almost certain their removal allowed me to conceive later & have a child at the age 39. Women have a right to know their options & be correctly informed of all treatments available to them.
1671.  Z.R Acton
1670.  A.C Hurst There needs to be more research into prevention/causes of fibroids. The only tools doctors seem to have treat the symptoms and not the cause, unless you opt for radical surgery which many women quite rightly resist. My experience with the NHS is ongoing with no resolution in sight, only conflicting opinions which leave me confused. The long waiting times between referral and appointments do not help!
1669.  J.W CANTERBURY One health authority works differently from another. This thing growing inside me is causing me disabling pain.I have a life to lead!I shouldn't have to deal with major surgery!I PRAY YOU DON'T IGNORE US.Thank You.
1668.  N.B Coventry Information and treatment are not readily available .we are made to suffer for years and then surgery is given as an option and medication that has worked like esmya are not readily given.i have been refused this by my Docter even though others have taken and successfully reduced their fibroids!where is the justice in that!!
1667.  J.H Rothwell northants
1666.  H.B New Costessey Norwich
1665.  S.T Manchester We need more research and information so fibroids can be found at a smaller size in order to avoid large surgery and possible problems
1664.  D.B Trowbridge
1663.  N.P PORTISHEAD I had fibroids diagnosed at age 54. My GP said I need do nothing, as they would shrink after menopause. This was very bad and insufficient advice
1662.  M.F London
1661.  H.W Hellifield I have had fibroids for 10 years, they could have been treated when they were smaller, but now one is over 8cm and I have 4 which cause lots of problems. GP's in the main say "oh no they don't cause problems" I know they do!! I'm hoping I can have embolisation as even at 48 I do not want a hysterectomy!!
1660.  P.S Long eaton
1659.  R.E Lancaster
1658.  A.M Caversham Great idea, surgery is costly and not every woman's idea of a solution. More research should be done.
1657.  C London I had enormous fibroids. I had to pee every 30-60mins. They obstructed my bowel, so I was constipated. I had lower back pain and my right would go dead when I tried to walk fast or run. My periods were haemhorrages. By 5pm every day I was totally knackered, to the extent that I would have to take a nap. Perhaps worst of all, I looked like I was nearly a full-term pregnancy and was trying to find a job at the time. Nice. Life was a real struggle. They were growing so fast I was genuinely worried that there might be pre-cancerous cells in there somewhere. I had a myomectomy. The unexpected after effects seriously affected my ability to work at a desk for two years. They were resolved just on time for the new growth I have now. I'm now staring at the same grim set of options again, knowing that the very last thing I want is another myomectomy. If fibroids were common in men or fatal, we would be further along by now.
1656.  J Sheffield I would agree with many of the comments read more research needs to be made on understanding why women get fibroids and ALL the options available not just hysterectomy as the first course of action.
1655.  A.M London Being told my fibroid would shrink after the menopause. Now find myself facing an hysterectomy with know other choice being offered
1654.  J.R Rame Fibroids make a massive impact to women's lives and the attitude that it's something to accept, is not good enough
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